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Weekend Drinking Thread [26th - 28th October 2018]



Continuing the discussion from Weekday drinks thread, 22-25th October 2018:


This with pizzas tonight

Feel like I’m lowering the tone given some of the other wines on this weekday drinking slot!

Weekday drinks thread, 22-25th October 2018

Thanks Leah. You are of course correct - I just thought our rather low grade wine with pizza tonight was a bit unimpressive for a weekday drinking thread, let alone kicking off the weekend thread when all bets are off ! :wink::crazy_face:


Wow have not seen that for a while enjoy used to visit Willow Bridge regularly and probably had that vintage when we lived down under


Day two of project Goose here, making a mushroom and smoked mackerel risotto that should go well with this Viognier tonight.


What exactly are you doing to the poor goose, @szaki1974…?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Will start the weekend proceedings off with:

Catena Alta Malbec

…and see where we go from there.


Having spent sometime on the apples and cider thread (Autumn), time to settle down.


The weather is rank in the North East so feel like something quite warming in front of the wood burning stove later on.
It will be this great value Biferno


Tonight a Douro red, Pingo do Torto 2007, which was a curiosity purchase last weekend. I don’t like to damn a wine with faint praise but although it doesn’t possess the overripe notes that I find in many Douro red wines (a good thing from my perspective) it seems to have evolved into a wine which slightly lacks a sufficient level of fruit to be fully balanced - it probably just means I’m being too picky… probably would have been better for me a few years back.


Back to the taxing task of drinking some elderly Australian reds and just opened this

Thought it might be a bit over the hill but it seems fine and the colour is still deep red. Smooth and slightly tarry, chocolate and treacle, black berries and dark fruit. Dry and gently tannic, very long finish. Definitely not past it yet, though this particular bottle won’t last beyond tomorrow. If the Tardis were available I might go back for some more.

It’s now some minutes since my last mouthful and I can still taste it.


I’m not a Sauvignon Blanc expert at all however this one from Iona is lovely. Really chalky if that makes sense. Got a great article written on it by Richard Hemming:



SB from Iona! Wow, never knew it grew s far north :wink:


Haha very good


Today a Samuel Billaud Chablis 2015 with grilled Dover Sole. Classic.

Made up for yesterday’s abortive Castel del Lupo PN which was corked.


This tomorrow with slow cooked pork



Last night le Cigare Volant from Central coast USA
Very much a Rhône lookalike, savoury not sweet. Even a touch of Nail varnish on the nose. Not sure I’d be totally fouled on CNDP but certainly Rhône like and good.


Ooh! Another supporter of one of my favourite wineries. I have just a couple of bottles of this left, waiting for the right moment.
Should I write favorite as it’s in California I wonder? Did you buy it in UK or bring it back with you?


A bottle of Chave Mon Coeur 2013 this evening. Steak pie and chips.
Grivot Bourgogne 2014 with Lamb Shank, mashed potatoes & Vichy carrots (no one was hurt in the production, phew!!:wink:) my own recipe.


Brought it from a local merchant.

As to spelling, never lower yourself :smiley: