Weekend Drinking Thread [26th - 28th March 2021]

Happy weekend all! One advantage of working from home is the extremely short commute to the fridge; from which I’ve just retrieved a bottle of this:

Straight-down-the-line crisp and refreshing Fino made by the mega-bodega of Jose Estevez and the best way to spend £4.85 I can think of.


Oooh. As a huge fan of nearly every own label fino, I’ve not tried the Morrisons.

I’ve currently got a Maison Yorkshire Gin and Fevertree Mediterranean on the go. This is my first GnT since I had to stop drinking.


This is going down well. An exercise in balance. Toffee apples and sherbert lemons.


Onto a smashing red from Victoria Torres Pecis
Light elegant, spiced red fruit perfume. BUT NO MINERAL NOTES!!!


Fairly standard Malbec for pizza Friday, but I might open this for research purposes later on :wink:


Loving this mature Riesling with some takeaway pad Thai. Note so self buy more Riesling.


If you give it a go I’d be interested in what you think, I haven’t done any side-by-side comparisons but I do think it’s really rather good; and its pleasure:price ratio is pretty unbeatable.

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This tonight in my quest to find if forgetting about wines I had in storage at the Society has a serious downside. Courbis Sabarottes Cornas 1999.

Peppery, spicy, lots of dark fruit and a smoky character to the aroma and very brisk acidity. No mineral notes here either… :grinning:

Seems to me only just mature (often I get bitterness on some young N Rhône’s).


Continuing our learning about South African Chenin…this was on sale late last year so tonight with a fish pie.
Initially quite sharp, hints of fizz and fresh fruit…happy so far.

Tough to beat the Schist…for vfm


Start of birthday weekend with this. Have been excited for this for a while - let’s see how it goes!

Red Burgundy tomorrow following @Andrew1990’s instructions.


I’m not sure where my nearest Morrisons is. I’ve got a couple of weeks off, so I can go in search!


Which wine is this from VTP?

An anti pasta night matched with Puiatti’s Ribolla 2019 and the Rioja made by La Rioja Alta for TWS.

The Ribolla Gialla: Very pale, almost colourless. Hints of green. Perfumed nose. Greengage, pear drops, apple. Herbaceous notes. Medium plus palate. Rose, apricot, peach and ripe pear. Lovely buttery notes. Medium finish.

The Rioja: Red centre, red rim with signs of amber. Intense nose. Rich vanilla and chocolate. Cedar. Ripe black plum. Brambles. Medium plus palate. Ripe tannins and balancing acidity. Ripe, cedar fruit. Brambles, raspberry and strawberry. Vanilla. Long finish.


1995 Sandrone Cannubi Boschis Barolo. Thought I should try a mature Barolo. This is one of two, a lovely present from a good friend some years ago. Lovely wine, some bricking, but bright and clear. Decanted a couple of hours ahead of dinner. Not particularly fragrant, definitely some tar, maybe rose petals, no liquorice. Improved over a couple of hours. Lovely flavour, a touch of tannin. The acidity was lovely with the pork chops. Very good to Excellent. Ready


Thanks for the tip @JohnBarleycorn , I had a half bottle of their Palo Cotado which was on offer after Christmas (not the most complex, but pretty good and ridiculous value), but haven’t tried this Will be adding one to my next order.

Pizza night tonight, with this superior Dolcetto which was an immediate re-order when I spotted it discounted just before Christmas. Plenty of red and a touch of dark fruit, a bit of tannic bite and more complexity than you usually get with this grape. Excellent.


This went very nicely with sea bream, with a (slightly too heavy) creamy lemon sauce. Weightier than I was expecting, orange pith, long, and delicious.


One from the recent 25% off Waitrose offer…

Lots of black fruit, mocha, a slight pepperiness and that smokiness from SA Syrah and a long finish. Lovely stuff.


Tonight’s wine with sirloin steaks. Recently came from a mystery case.


We have bin series 6, 7 and 8 but the first two are in reserves due to lack of space. So this is our first foray! Unusual one this. Great nose of fruit and spice but juicy followed by tannin overload. Interesting for sure and will be interested to see the progression of this grape over time if it’s grown more often.


It is Las Rosas
Grape: Listãn Negro

It is produced and bottled by her.
Vines 80 years old
Volcanic soils. Basaltic rock.
From La Palma region.
From what I can gather this wine is made from grapes grown on a rented site rather than family owned
I hope that answers your question?