Weekend drinking thread [26th-28th April 2019]

Chateau de Beaulieu 2010 tonight - looking forward to it after having consumed my other 5 vintages of this recently


@szaki1974, I had a Batailley 05 magnum at Christmas. Lovely wine, but I’d give it another few years yet if you can. Still seemed pretty young to me.


A very relaxed dinner with friends tonight. Dolcetto and Ximanavro with a chicken and chorizo pasta dish. Tempted to try The Coudoulet but decided to leave it until the Autumn.

Instead we’ll go for a Taylor 10 year old tawny with cheese.


Mine is s half, May be more evolved.


Last bottle of Koyle Costa Pinot Noir 2013.
Fairly dark colour but still slightly transparent. Aromas of raspberry, cherry, cream, and farmyard! More raspberry on the tongue with a bit of freshness and acidity. Waiting for the mushroom pizza to be ready.
I see on the Koyle website it suggests up to 10 years storage. I forget TWS window but I think it was a good bit shorter. Sadly, like every other bottle, once started, soon finished, never to return!

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Much like @jaykay, we were celebrating a significant birthday for Mrs Robertd earlier in the week. Missing both sons, but our daughter is home for the weekend, and helped me cook.

Starter of asparagus and mange tout with sauce maltaise. Ate with Ernest Burn Clos Saint Imer Muscat 2011. Great purity and concentration of fruit and flowers, with a good dose of residual sugar firmly balanced by acidity resulting in something completely satisfying, that we could also drink with dessert.

Followed up with beef Wellington, with Ridge Lytton Springs 2013. We both love this wine. This is the first of our 2013s, and fully matched expectations. Lovely complex nose of stewed dark fruit, leather and tobacco, which follows through on the palate. I opened it well in advance, but there was really no need - smooth tannins straightaway, long and spicy, subtly savoury oak mixing with fruit. It’ll probably last quite a few years, but when it’s drinking this well then why bother?


Great effort on the cooking!!

We opened the same wine last night. Our first experience of this particular Ridge Zin and it went down very well

Marginally less effort on the cooking from us though - this followed a takeaway curry and a beer. You win :slight_smile:

[edit - I tell I lie, it was the 2014 - which is also drinking very well now]


This on Friday, then Saturday night.


Opened about an hour beforehand, not decanted, should maybe have done.
Deep purple in colour, typical N Rhone Syrah nose, with some red and black fruit plus that feral gaminess I associate with Syrah.

A bit disjointed at first on the palate, possibly due to not decanting . Came together better later, and next day it was a much more complete wine - softer on the palate with mix of fruit and spice notes.

Good just now and will keep going for a bit yet.

Also had a glass of this with Coravin.


Very light in colour, like a Volnay or similar.

Gorgeous bouquet of raspberries and then slightly earthier notes.

Fruit too on the palate, evolving into something almost caramelised on the finish. Tannins and acidity present but not over obstrusive, making a pretty balanced wine overall, and not seeming like a 14%+ wine.

Excellent and likely to keep evolving for a bit too.


Didn’t manage the duck last night. Maybe tonight, depending on how late we’re out watching marathon runners.

Instead last night this came out

Very Chenin Blanc. Spry, tart crabapple, persistent. On the expensive side but tastes it. Just the ticket with frozen chicken Kiev and oven chips :joy:


Opened this yesterday and found it immediately too strong with the petroleum-type aromas.

Today,a small glass at lunchtime is much better - Rose’s lime cordial has taken over as the prime aroma and taste; damn it, Janet, this wine’s actually green in colour too!

Can’t be sure about the paraffin aromas suggested - seems more kerosene to me, but not in an overpowering way. There is lots of acidity, (best drunk pretty cool in my opinion), which does suggest a long life ahead - perhaps the petrol nose will change over time? Certainly not really getting any toast or honey notes - perhaps it needs a few years yet…

Went nicely with a smoked salmon sandwich and some salad.


Having this tonight with Nasi Goreng.


A bit late (as two of these bottles are now empty!). But this weekend’s catch is -

A bit of a Pinot Noir theme here (and why not?). The Rully is 2012 by the way - a good buy if Waitrose are having one of their 25% off deals as it is rather less “challenging” than the Society’s PN. The Oregon PN was delicious as expected. The Champagne is from a leading exponent of the Pinot Meunier grape, and is a Blanc de Noirs made on the solera (or more accurately, perpetual cuvée) basis from the 2003 to 2014 vintages. 80% PM, 20% PN according to the back label.


Riesling Trocken, Künstler 2017, Bestsellers - Popular - Offers & Features

Well that was a match made in heaven. The wine is delicious. Pale yellow colour, Melon/Mango?/Apricot on the nose, slight sparkle in the mouth, yellow tropical fruit, lime, good acidity. Overall for the price 5 stars. Well spotted @VinoVeritas


Tonight’s white wine - to quote Toyah’s sweet lisp - was a mysthery.

My notes said: “golden, clear, quite viscous; on the nose: floral notes of honeysuckle, orange or tangerine, pineapple and a touch of herb (fennel? tarragon?), wet stone. On the palate: full bodied and lush, with tangerine and tropical fruit to the fore, followed by honeyed notes. Lovely texture; medium finish with a lively orange zest acidity and a bitter almond kick. Warm at the back of the throat, so probably fairly high alcohol”.

I couldn’t quite home-in on what it was- I thought perhaps a warm-climate Chardonnay, or a white Rhone blend, but it was this one:

Got it very recently in the M&S sales. It’s produced by Boekenhoutskloof (ours is the 2017). Incredible value for money, especially taking the discount into account. Full of flavour, with really fantastic texture (the oak is evident, but not overdone) and a lively mixture of fruit and herb/spice. We’re having this with veal steaks in cream, mushroom and tarragon sauce, and I think it’ll be a lovely match.

Happy Sunday, all! :grinning: :clinking_glasses:


Just back from our long weekend on Jersey and looking forward to this with our last meal of Mr JayKay’s birthday celebrations of salmon and Jersey Royals, what else, from St Helier market


I’ve had a fairly wine light weekend, but will finish off one of the Boekenhoutskloof siblings this evening:


This weekend has consisted of

This on friday night with some fish pie. I really enjoyed the spicy rye bread note on the finish.
Don’t normally drink a lot of Champagne but we were in celebration mode as I got a job promotion.
This last night with a chicken & chorizo pasta dish. Snap @Lincoln
This was so moreish. I could drink loads of this. Need more Mencia in my life. This was 2012.
Tonight, once the terrible 2 year old has gone down, it will be this with rack of lamb and dauphinoise. A good match I suspect. Already decanted and expecting it to be consistently excellent as always.
2009 Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


Congratulations, Alex! :+1::tada:

That Mencia looks right up my street! :heart_eyes:

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@VinoVeritas. Thanks for that. I got some of the Polish Hill recently and was wondering when to try it. Think I’ll wait a good while.

So, so good. Can’t recommend it highly enough.
If you are judging a wine on how quickly it goes from full to empty it scores pretty darn high.

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