Weekend drinking thread [26th-28th April 2019]

Last night at an Italian restaurant in the Peak District we had a Bardolino Chiaretto. Not a stunning wine but it fit the bill perfectly. One odd thing and something I haven’t come across before. It had a screwcap but with a capsule on top (picture below). Is this rare or am I just so sheltered in my drinking choices?

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If I knew what NSG was I could maybe comment :confused:

That got me intrigued!

Looks like it’s another one of those German crosses- Sylvaner and Schiava Grossa- also called Sylvaner Musqué… You never cease to learn in Wine World! :face_with_monocle:

Sounds like you had a wonderful meal, and fabulous wines! A proper celebration! :ok_hand::wine_glass:

Nuits-St-George, I believe…? But might be completey wrong.

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Right. Apologies for the code @japcraw

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No apologies needed @szaki1974 , I now know what it is, every day is a school day.:+1: Thanks @Inbar


Looking forward to trying this tonight, 5 star rated on reviews.


I was leaning to NSG, to be honest, but decided for a third wine now… a glass in the cooking, rest on the table.


What would people suggest I serve with Saturday evening’s supper chez Chateau Lapin: Confit de Canard, pommes de terre à la sarladaise, green salad.

I have something of everything in the cellar (garage) - and a decent indy wine shop up the road - around the £18 mark seems fair - and pretty much rules out Burgundy. I prefer old world but open minded.


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Drank this last night, bit dull at first but once it got some air it was a very enjoyable Cabernet, punching way above its downright cheap pricetag:

It’s given me a bit of a headache though which i often find with cheaper wine. Not sure if sulphates or something to do with production or all in my head?

Eyeing up this for tonight:

With duck I quite like a light acidic red - and this one was a lovely combo a few months’ back (way below your budget, though):

Alternatively, a Madiran would work too (‘grows together goes together’ etc.):

This Bojo might also work:

A Bierzo Mencia or Austrian Zweigelt also good options, methinks…


I’d be boring and go for a bordeaux. Maybe a st emilion.

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I’m having duck breast a l’orange tonight, with either the Martin Waßmer PN or Dom de la Cote Sta Rita Hills PN … leaning towards the latter but also happy to receive advice

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All good suggestions… The Marcillac I have never tried - so that goes onto my next order.

Beaujolais is a definite maybe, and a bottle of the 2014 Roilette beckons:
The Wine Society | Free UK Delivery

St Emillion yes… excellent suggestion. Have to see what is in the garage. There might be a Leon Beyer Gewurtz as a curve ball. Will report back…


Duck a L’orange: Depends how sweet or bitter the sauce is I guess. One of my favourites. - and a definite New World P.N. (or perhaps a Chianti Classico).


Dug this out to have with roast shoulder of pork last night, quite acidic so thought it would go well.

wine by Gianni Masciarelli 2010 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, these artisan Montepulcianos are inclined to be a bit rustic and variable by the bottle, rather like some Cornas, the acidity was there as was to much alcohol, plenty of dry fruit and old world tar, I gave it knowing what it was likely to be like a long decant but it still came up a bit harsh, I have managed over the years to get my hands on most of the names in this region as we spent a fair amount of time there and to be honest it was a quest in vain, maybe I was unlucky with the bottle variation or maybe not, and still have a different cru from the same winemaker, others may well like it, but overall to rustic and harsh for me.


Here is my review of Aglianico del Vulture Alvolo, Alovini 2015, Bestsellers - Popular - Offers & Features

Very good but just fails to make 5 stars for me. Dark red/purple colour, liquorice, marker pen on the nose, lots of dark fruit, silky tannins the longer in the glass the silkier it got, and also sweeter. There is some acidity hence my view that this needs a year or two more, but will definitely be a 5 star wine then. Well recommended.


Not bad yesterday. Today it is a bitterly cold wind with occasional heavy showers. Enjoyed an indoors morning at the Maritime museum then got rather cold watching the Jersey Reds vs Coventry RFU. Good fun and very good rugby. Glad to be back inside now though!

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Its grapes makes lovely floral aromatic wines but it’s fallen out of favour and as of now there is only one winery in the Cape making it and I’m guessing the wine you had came from the Cederburg winery, from where I’ve had my examples.

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This weekend we had/are having the following

2017 Invivo Sauvignon Blanc - Awatere Valley, Marlborough, NZ
(with grilled plaice fillet, new potatoes, runner beans/peas and mixed salad)

2005 Kanonkop Estate Pinotage - Simonsberg-Stellenbosch, South Africa
(with chicken breast, new potatoes, and home made baked beans)

N.V. Fresne Ducret Champagne Le Chemin du Chemin Premiere Cru Brut, France
(1/2 bottle - aperitif)
2014 Craggy Range The Wine Society’s Exhibition Hawkes Bay Red - Hawkes Bay, NZ
This is a Bdx blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc.
(with roast lamb, roasted potatoes & parsnip, cauliflower, carrots and savoy cabbage)

2014 Exhibition is all sold, but the following vintage is available