Weekend drinking thread [26th-28th April 2019]

FRIDAY!!! Thank goodness. I’m off out to have dinner with some friends in a bit when Mr. Leah gets back from the gym. I’m having a pre-dinner drink of this:

Not a typical torrontes, lots of grapefruit but very fresh and easy drinking.
I’ll be bringing along a bottle of this with me along with my own dinner as they are serving pasta and …. well……I’m now allergic to it .

This is always a crowd pleaser and I’m sure my MIL has probably drunk at least 20 bottles of it from our cellar :thinking:.
What has everyone else got planned over the weekend??


Just finished the last splosh of last night’s 2017. Will do the same to the 2014 when the little ones stop bashing away on the toy musical instruments, marching up and down the landing in a troupe, and finally go to bed :sleeping:


God, I do love the Pegões! One of the only wines we repeatedly order. How do they make such a pleasurable yet fairly complex wine at this price is a mystery I don’t intend to solve. So versatile with food, too! :heart_eyes:

We’ll be finishing the 2017 Beaujolais tomorrow night (dry night tonight), then Mr Johnson will choose a white for me to taste blind on Sunday.

Happy weekend! :grinning::wine_glass:



Will be opening this for when my partner returns…
Feudi di San Gregorio Albente Falanghina picked up for £7.99 in Lidl. Have enjoyed this in the past but its been ages since I tried it and the price seems good


We are in St Helier, Jersey this weekend celebrating a special birthday for Mr JayKay. I’m taking him out to a restaurant called Bohemia tonight so expecting a big wine bill. Still, having checked out both the menu and wine list before I booked, I know what to expect and there are some decent looking bottles below £40 :smirk::rofl::clinking_glasses::wine_glass:


Finished off the rest of the 2015 Wild Earth Pinot Noir, New Zealand, South Island, Otago, Central Otago . Was better tonight, lots of red fruit, smooth, but at the price I am sure there are better. Would definitely drink again but not buy.

Having this now, seems to be well regarded.

Have a great weekend all.


Have a fantastic time.

Nick - I’m surprised Feudi di San Gregorio are selling wines to Lidl given their reputation and that appears a very good price.

Tonight I’m enjoying my first taste of this:

Good stuff


Thank you @japcraw! It has been a great time so far, and we cycled a fair number of miles today to build up an appetite so fingers crossed for a lovely birthday meal.

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Glad to read your report. We got one in our last order and haven’t tried it yet. But the reports are good.

An appealing start to the weekend! (@Leah)

I’m starting mine with a glass of The Wine Society | Free UK Delivery

Acually the full bottle not the half, and it’s very fruity and refreshing. I have some of the The Wine Society | Free UK Delivery
which I havent tried yet but I suspect must be excellent and
I’m now looking forward even more to trying.

Curious thought. If you take statins you’re supposed to avoid grapefruit. Do grapefruit flavours in wine share any common elements with actual grapefruit, or is it just a taste resemblance? Do I really want to know I wonder?


The most exciting thing that happened today wasthe delivery of a tool sharpener so I can finally sort my lawn edging out :joy:

To spice things up a bit I’ve opened a Brunello with pizza. This one, thankfully not corked this time!


Lovely concentrated fruit, some smoky meat and the tiniest hint of violets. I absolutely love Brunello.


Opened this yesterday, will finish today and tomorrow.

Was very nice yesterday, but even better today!


Cooked Chinese tonight - steamed bream with ginger and spring onion, and some hot and sour prawns.

Drank a bottle of Léon Beyer Réserve Gewurztraminer 2010. Still amazingly fresh at 9 years old, and very much in the inimitable Beyer style. Floral rather than fruity on the nose - I got roses, violets and lavender - then long, dry and spicy. All of the extraneous stuff stripped away, leaving you with the peppery heart of the grape, and just great with food.


Congratulations to Mr JayKay! :tada:
Let us know what wine you ended up ordering… ! :+1::wine_glass:

Well I spent more than intended but the wine was lovely.

I think this is Sassicaia’s third wine. It was delicious and cost £52. Ouch. But as an experience it was worth it. Two courses in and we still hadn’t tasted anything we’d actually ordered. It was a three course meal with two amuses bouches (heavenly) before the starter; a main then a dessert amuse bouche followed by dessert. It was a memorable meal with fantastic wines including two glasses of champagne and a South African semisweet wine from a grape we hadn’t tried before called bukettraube. It was a great match to a duck salad starter. Now slumped on the couch at our apartment with mug of tea :crazy_face::slight_smile:


Making mushroom risotto for lunch today. Would you say 2005 Batailley or 2011 Michel Gros NSG?

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NSG all the way


Hope it’s not to windy…to spoil your celebration

Def the NSG for me too.