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Weekend drinking thread [26 to 28 July 2019]



Continuing the discussion from Weekday drinking thread [22-25th July 2019]:

Glass of Cruceiro de Ferreiros 2016 to start the weekend and also looking forward to the main wine of the weekend.

In the fridge, will be interesting to see how it develops over 3 days.


Old school friend staying for the weekend (Old in both senses - known each other since school and we are now both 71!)
Lamb is on for the main course for tonight’s dinner so I will raid my wine rack for some decent claret.

Maybe followed by a Muscat de St Jean de Minervois with the cheese board


I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts; I’ve not tried the Fourcas-Borie yet but I have a bottle laid down that I was planning on for next year. I have rather neglected Listrac over the years!


Now the heat has calmed somewhat I’m making a sausage casserole with a bottle of this (one of 3 I snaffled for £3.99 each at Lidl, together with 2 50cls of Tokaji Beres Tokaji Szamorodni also at £3.99 each!)



I do love it when Lidl have one of their clearances!


I managed to pick up the Julienas from Lidl too. Not at your sale price, but even the 6 or 7 quid I paid is money well spent if it’s half decent.


Yes I was at your price rather than @NickFoster’s :frowning: Even so I’m not unhappy with the price I paid. Though I’ve not tried it yet so that statement still comes with reservations! :wink:


I was in Tesco earlier today (yes!) and noticed a Tesco Finest Saint Mont, which I hadn’t noticed before. I felt obliged to pick up a bottle. Made from Manseng, Petit Corbu, and Arrufiac so I’m hoping with perhaps great optimism it will remind me of the Cauhaupé. If it does I’ll be sure not to tell anyone.


I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, @Andy999! It’s not as complex as Cauhaupé, but excellent value for money (still £7?) in terms of flavours and pleasure. :+1:


£6.50 in fact.


Wowzers! Even better.
Decanter lady also liked it…



It is our 35th wedding anniversary on Sunday so tomorrow we are off to the Isle of Wight on our bikes to celebrate. As it is the start of Cowes week (we didn’t know when we booked!) we have reserved tables for meals already. An Italian tomorrow evening then a Spanish restaurant called Basque Kitchen on the Sunday. We really like Basque food and pintxos in particular.

Not expecting any fancy wines - the Spanish restaurant didn’t even have a wine list online but it did have a gin list! So looking forward to trying Mermaid Gin, the IoW’s own brew.

We will kick off the weekend soon with a cocktail followed by the lovely Chinon we opened on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend all :clinking_glasses:


NZ Dry River Riesling Craighall 2008. Quite weighty, more Alsace than Mosel but a clean and fresh mid-weight example. No rush to drink the rest of the case but based on this bottle any tertiary development will take a decade or more.


Starting the weekend with a German and Argentine wines. I am really enjoying Willi Haag’s 2015 Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Kabinett

on these warm summer evenings whilst the Colome Late Especial Malbec 2014

is something I bought back from Argentina with me on this trip home. The latter comes from the Valle Calchaqui in Salta from vineyards at 1700m, displaying all of the purity and freshness you get from wines grown at that height.
My notes were:

Haag - Clear and bright. Clear rim, green, gold hue. Clean nose. Intense nose. Lemons and limes. Hints of honey and petrol. Clean palate. High acidity. Off dry. Intense palate. Honeyed limes. Citrus. Medium finish. Great on a warm summer evening.

Colome - Clean and bright. Opaque centre, red/purple rim. Good legs. Clean nose. Intense nose. Chocolate, leather, black fruits. Hints of pepper and spice. Clean palate. Dry. Tannins balance by acidity and fruit. Rich, deep black fruit. Chocolate and leather. Intense. Long finish. Lovely wine.


Shared a bottle of 7 Fuentes with my dad - what a fascinating wine! Spicy, mineral, reductive red wine from Tenerife.


Drinking the Society Picpoul de Pinet, which was accompanying cod loin and salad. Finding it a slightly strange experience. The wine is fine, fresh, fruity, and with the slightly salty tang I associate with Picpoul. But, it just seems like something is missing, though I can’ t say what. It goes down easily enough and I’ve now had a few glasses, but “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.
At the moment if I were looking for more Picpoul this wouldn’t top the list.


Pan-fried sea bream with prawn risotto tonight.

And drinking a Bruno Sorg riesling Grand Cru Florimont 2014. The wine is just in a great place. We’ve always found it ages well but drinks early, and this is exceptional at the moment. A lovely floral tinge to the nose, together with lime zest and flint, and then the perfect balance in the mouth between intense citrus fruit and acidity, with a steely backbone and long finish. Archetypal Alsace riesling, really. It’s all lifted by just a touch of residual sugar to fill out the body. And this is just the first of six :smile:


And the award for most disappointing wine of the year goes to… M&S chambolle-musigny 2015. Bought for £26 in the wine festival which is apparently a third off - golly you’d be upset if you paid £40 for this. On the first day it was very sweet, polished and one dimensional - into the eto and the fridge for 24 hours and what emerged tasted tired and thin. Maybe it’s light-struck but then, with the way M&S display their wines most bottles will be. This has reminded me why I largely steer clear of red burgundy.


Oh man, I hate it when that happens.

Did it say on the bottle who made it?


Having something from a producer who has been topical on the community this week:


Les caves de la colombe