Weekend Drinking Thread [26 Jan]

Starting the thread early so I can run a poll.

No tipples being consumed this week and last weekend was beer or margaritas, no wine. My gf is heading down to see her family before the weekend so I’ve got Friday night in on my own. I’m going to make a portion of fresh tagliatelle and pull a ragù out of the freezer, this particular batch containing beef, pork and more than a hint of chicken liver. There will be red wine, the question is which one.

  • Italian food, Italian wine, obviously.
  • With all this talk of Rhone 2016 on the Community, how could you open anything but?
  • Go on, treat yourself. And make it New World while you’re at it.

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Is it very wrong of me to suggest Italian wine with the meal, Concha Y Toro after it? :laughing: Not the whole bottle of each, obvz! But if you are going to treat yourself you might as well get two bottles…

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So far (by a factor of 2:1) it’s looking like I’ll be enjoying a rustic Italian red tonight …

What’s everyone else looking forward to this weekend?

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Off to see a dear old friend tonight and we’re going to enjoy some of this:

One of my favourite Portuguese wines, and brings back happy memories of getting my feet dirty for the cause back in 2016!


I shall be cracking open this for myself and the housemates tonight…

A pinot noir from leventhorpe vineyard, yorkshire. Tasted more like a gamay during sampling bug something light to begin with




I am looking forward to these two over the weekend…

opened yesterday and decanted half to a smaller container


I think it is ready

I have heard so many good things about this vineyard and the wines they produce ! Would love to hear your feedback on this Pinot Noir ?

I’ll be opening this tonight ! It’s big and bold with libel aromatics of black fruit and chocolate ! Looking forward to it already :wink:!

Look forward to reading your thoughts on the Tonel Malbec. My 6 are still in storage.

Same here - 6 bottles in the cellar - we’re thinking trying the first in the autumn.

I’m planning on opening a Two Paddocks Pinot Noir 2014 tomorrow evening. A relative brought it back from NZ a couple of years ago. On the few occasions I have thought about opening it, I ended up having a cold and didn’t want to waste it! The majority of bottles I drink are sub £10, so hope it’ll be worth the wait!

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A mixed bag…the whites are wildly acidic to the point where you wonder how they are still in business. The pinot is pale, ruby tinted, also very acidic, light bodied, subtle on the nose, raspberry and cherry fruit, very low tannin but drinkable. A tenner is spent better at tws.

The traditional method rose sparkling is a thing of beauty. I seriously couldn’t believe the difference! That really is worth buying.

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Italian it is, and couldn’t have been more perfect. There’s a minerality that compliments the chicken liver, fruit to offset it, and good grip. It’s rustic, playful and stands up to the slow cooked ragù. Salud.

Edit: Really dry and definitely wants to be drunk with a meal…

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Thanks @Nowt_in_my_glass, I’ll try some of the sparkling rose then ! Good to get actual feedback :+1:

I retract my comment about the pinot noir…it’s opened up nicely and well worth a purchase

I keep my comment about the whites.

You have to get the sparkling rose into your life!

Haha ! I will do and also the Pinot Noir now ! How long did you leave it before the phonelics opened up ?

Oooo about an hour :slight_smile:

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Now, this might be controversial, but the

slightly chilled will knock your socks off

I can see his bourgogne rouge from the same vintage is available now…


I went the Rhone route, opened a bottle of this:

Sadly, a bit of cork taint…I seem a bit jinxed at present. Not as bad as the CNdP a month ago - there was some fruit there, and the bouquet was trying to fight its way through the mustiness . I have had two other bottles of it in the last year and they were both fine.

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This was the first of my six and it is gorgeus, plenty of fruit and a sweet finish (from extensive barrel aging mayhaps). There is some bitter chocolate notes in the background I am enjoying it Just to note that the bottle was already Coravinned. I think I will wait till autumn with the next bottle.