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Weekend Drinking Thread [25th May]


It’s Friday lunch and I can’t believe everybody hasn’t lined up their bottles yet!

I hope everybody has left extra room for Bank Hols! :sunglasses:

This weekend i shall having this at a BYOB Thai place

Then it’s board games and film night at my good friend’s with these…

Then finally it’s my friend’s birthday and he loves anything sort of ‘big’ red so I have treated him to this (+ a white as his lady friend is not so keen)

(From the society but it’s no longer listed)


I don’t drink much rosé champagne or sparkling wine but this is one of the best I’ve tasted:

Opening a bottle on Saturday.


Off on holiday next week, so it’s an extra loooong weekend for me. To keep suitably hydrated and refreshed these will be accompanying me on my journey to the far north…

The first three I’ve mentioned elsewhere as being in honour of English Wine Week. The others are two reds that I’ve wanted to try for some time and are well regarded here, and the 2016 Exhibition Chilean Chardonnay that blew me away in the TWSTaste event recently.


Oh please let me know your thoughts on the sicilia red, I know @ewan raved about it… Loving that line up!


That Camel Valley Rose is very good isn’t it?! I had it (and the Brut) in Cornwall and searched high and low to find some to bring back. Turns out TWS sell it :sunglasses:

In honour of English Wine Week (or more likely, by absolute coincidence) I opened the fridge yesterday to find 2 bottles of Chapel Down Brut that my wife picked up to take to our friends tonight. I’ll back that up with a Barossa Valley Estate Cabernet (the GSM is very good so have to give this a go)

After that we’re off to the Loire so who knows what we’ll be drinking?!*

*me - I know. I’ve planned it meticulously!!


My order only arrived today and I’m only just back from a friend’s funeral :cry:

Will have a quick look to remind myself what I bought (this time) and maybe pick a few

p.s. #ProstateCancerSucks


Bad times, sorry to hear that :frowning:


So sorry to hear that, @robert_mcintosh! :cry:
Was there a wine he particularly liked? Maybe you can drink it in his memory?


The one in the glass in front of him :slight_smile:

He was also a wine writer, photographer and raccounteur … but he did love the wines of Jura and Savoie (where he and his partner have a house and his partner wrote the books on these regions - Wink Lorch)

Here is the lovely man himself, Brett Jones, telling his story at my conference a few years ago (it should jump you to his section at 7:11 - it only lasts a few minutes, but it is worth it - don’t be put off by the full video)


oh… so this is why the book has been delayed :cry:

my condolences


I’m sorry to hear that, my condolences to you Robert.


Thanks all!

Sorry though, didn’t mean to divert the thread from more joyous experiences (I may move these to a private conversation)

About to investigate my order!


Really sorry for your loss! Also its important for men over 45 to get their prostate checked out regularly.


Glad to hear it’s good. We loved their NV one over the last couple of years. Can’t wait to try this soon.


That is very sad Robert, my condolences to you. I’ve just watched the video - what a good speaker. Happily Mr jaykay has been following his advice re the psa test for a few years now.


Back on the business of this weekends drinking, our self imposed exile from alcohol is now over and we are looking forward to some nice wine tonight and over the next few days. Tonight we will go for

Tomorrow as we promised ourselves a few weeks ago we get stuck into the task of making a hole in our case of Chateau Cissac 2005. And with some friends arriving on Sunday we will drink

And possibly this


Cavas de Weinert 2006 with roast beef tonight. Not sure what to expect, think it will be a fairly binary love/loathe response.

Condolences, Robert.


Sorry to hear Robert. I hope you get to raise a glass of something special this weekend in his memory.


By coincidence that’s our favourite wine too! :wink:
@JayKay, we really loved that Valpolicella (had it on Thursday)…hope you enjoy! :grin:
Well, we’re finally off to visit the family in Israel, after not seeing them for two years. God knows what wine we’ll be drinking there, but trust my sister to get something nice. Hubby will stick to beer, I’m sure - always does in the heat.
Hope the weather is good in the UK and that you all have a fab bank holiday! :grin::grin:


Bon voyage @inbar! I’m sure we will enjoy the Ripasso. We tasted it last November and were so impressed we bought a whole case of it in the January sales. Thought it would be a nice one to ease us back into the Wine drinking saddle.