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Weekend drinking thread [25th-27th October 2019]


Hi folks, starting the weekend with this wine - came in my first order from the WS: Château Tour La Vérité, Bordeaux 2016


@Drblues, where did you get this from ? Ive been after an envinate wine for ages and cant seem to find them.


Hi Leah,

I bought it from Roberson wines


They’ve got a good selection of American wines as well.


I have no clue what year this is … something ending with a 3 … 1993? , 2003? Who knows … but it did come with a 1999 Vosne romaneé so I’ll pop it open and hope it’s still alive as such :wink:.

Great thanks @Drblues


Opened this tonight, one of the nicest Pinot Noirs I’ve had for some time.


Well, if @NickFoster’s not going to do it, someone has to.

End of the holiday, and time for some red wine, with entrecôte and gratin dauphinois. And how good is this!? It’s moved on even since the six months since my last one - immediately drinkable now, and develops all the way through the bottle. I thought that it might need some time to open out, but from the start there was lots of ripe blackberry and stewed fruit, really juicy acidity, leather, liquorice, some cedar and pencil shavings, and the tannins are so well integrated. Softens a bit by the end of the bottle, when the fruit is really dominating the savouriness. Two bottles left before I move on to the 2013. Gorgeous.

(We also went tasting at Rolly Gassmann today. More about that on the Trip to Alsace thread. But the surroundings have changed A LOT)


Delicious - both food and the wine!!

Out of interest , do you add cheese to your gratin dauphinois?


This tonight.
Super crazy wine. Exotic fruit - super exotic. Loads of guava so your mind thinks “this is going to be flabby and ripe” and then it turns on you with a twist of lime and elderflower and high acidity.
Good, and glad I’ve now had it. But happy that this is my only bottle and there isn’t another 11 to get through.
Edit - this is 2016


vintage might be on the cork, too


Bottle of Stéphane Aviron, Beaujolais Quincié with venison steaks after a long week - absolute steal at the price.


No - layer up slices of potato, garlic between each layer, salt and pepper between alternate layers, cover with 50/50 double cream and milk, dot with butter, then 1 1/2 hours in the oven at 150C. Job done :yum:

Weekend drinking thread 24-26 January 2020

Thanks Robert, will try your recipe soon.


Wasn’t too keen on this. Found it a bit hard and stalky. Feel like i need to open another bottle to redeem the night. My wife loved it, though, and she has much the better palate.


I had the 2014 vintage, was very impressed but even more so the next day. Try and save a glass if you can.


Wow some good stuff being consumed tonight. We had this with beef stroganoff. Opens up beautifully in the glass to a rich, decadent, herb-backed red fruited warmth. Grandeur without weight. Not a wine to hold onto for ages though - bought on the strength of it being reported as dialled back a bit on the power because of the vintage and that’s certainly the case, I would say end 2021 max. First of a case of six, £18.50 ib.


What to drink with lamb tagine? Well, this. What a VFM bottle costing 7.50 UKP as part of a 6 bottle buy from Tesco (until 3/11/2019)


We’re drinking this tonight:

Assyrtiko from Crete, picked up in Majestic for a tenner. Never tried this grape before, but my interest was sparked by this thread:

Was the last bottle of 2017, they appear to have moved on to the 2018 (which I also grabbed one of).

Really enjoyed this, lemony with a mineral edge and long finish with a hint of honey. If this is an entry-level example of this grape, I’d love to try a premium version.


Domaine Maby La Fermade Rouge 2016 on Friday night. Beautiful wine for not very much money (bought in France!).


Its superb value. For various reasons mentioned in the Assyrtiko thread there is a high premium on any wines from Santorini. The Lyrarakis Assyrtiko doesn’t have the volcanic “terroir” of Santorini examples, but its a great wine for the money.

There are also good Assyrtikos to be found on mainland Greece. Look out for Biblia Chora and Kir Yianni examples.


I second that! :+1:

Their 2014 ‘Ovilos’, a blend of Assyrtiko and Semillon using wild yeast, was one of the best whites I had last year. It literally left me speechless!