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Weekend Drinking Thread (25th - 27th June)

First drink of the week! :smiley:
Very pretty nose, really lovely colour and very lively tannins!
Let’s see how it goes with pasta and the evolution over the afternoon/ evening
Happy Friday !


It’s this wine, I am envious.


Three of those in my reserves I think, look forward to hearing how it goes!

Bottle 2 of 12 of this for us tonight:

I treated the first bottle very badly, getting it out at the tail end of an evening with the neighbours, popped and poured with just a few bits of cheese to go with it. Impressions were few and fuzzy. Going to pay more attention this time.



Saves me taking a photo, same vintage, despite the obvious promo, he is pretty on the button with his description of this that was drunk last night, in one of the last mixed cases sent by my oldest friend in Adelaide before dementia kicked in and ended a decades long annual treat.

This has all that you would expect in a top Aussie Shiraz, powerful full on but balanced, nothing is to overpowering long finish and perfect acidity, not easy to get Glaetzers wines here which is a shame, this is his top bottle, no idea what it costs now as all these top Aussie wines seem to be heading skywards, this matches any Rhone I have ever drunk even allowing for the difference in style, anyway never mind the wallet, a raised glass to my old mate who sent it over.


Amon Ra 2016 was £40 in bond on release at L&W two years ago.

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Nice. Not quite on that level, but I have some of the 2012 Bishop’s Shiraz in Stevenage, so good to know this was such a great vintage.

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Thanks for that, I had no idea as I used to give him a sum for a case with suggestions and he would make it up so never really knew what any single bottle cost, if that L&W price is an indication this earlier vintage was a steal.

@Rafa Had that Xino with a Parmegiana di Melanzane last night. Very impressive wine for the money.

Tonight we had this:

Riesling freshening up the Pinot Gris element. Soft, simple, summer, sipping.
Good value again from Cattin.


I’m on my own this weekend so opening bottles previously coravined! Starting with this one… Earth and Sky Naoussa

Juicy, sweet cherries for me. Whilst it’s very nice I’m not sure it’s the value for money compared to his other wines.

Happy Friday everyone


There is a school of thought that tends to treat Beaujolais as a loose extension of Burgundy. True, there is a geographical proximity and Burgundy domaines have bought land in the region. However the pink granite soils have more in common with Northern Rhone. The summers are a touch warmer than Burgundy. It also catches the Mistral. And the cru hilltops are higher than Burgundy. Chiroubles rises to 450 mtrs.
This Fleurie from dom. La Grosse st Pierre is an excellent example of a complex but fruity wine. Soft texture, ultra fine tannins, not a trace of oak. Matured for 11 months in concrete. Cold maceration, natural yeasts, no sulpur until bottling. About £15 a bottle. Lovely long elegant finish. Delightful


Tucking into orzo with ham, peas and courgette. Needed a wine full of fruit and with acidity to cut through the food. Sylvain Pataille’s basic burgundy was a great match - great fruit and balanced acidity.

Medium plus red centre with red rim. Perfumed nose. Medium plus intensity. Cherry. Red currant. Bramble. Hint of mushroom. Earthy notes. Medium plus palate. Fresh acidity. Soft tannins. Ripe, silky fruit. Red cherry, raspberry, ripe strawberry. Increasing concentrated fruit with air. Long finish. Lovely Pinot Noir.


@NickFoster agree.
As soon as I poured the first glass I was “wow” and then first sip “bang”
It’s clearly a well made wine that will reward even more in a few years down the line


This orange Bacchus tonight at TWS English wine online garden party.

Rose gold colour. Elderflower, fennel and apricot on the nose. Astringent and light tannins and long finish. Great fruit. A very nice wine indeed. Thank goodness we have another bottle.


Some super-fresh Dover soles at the fishmonger’s this morning needed simple treatment, so I cooked them à la meunière and served with a bottle of Jean-Marc Vincent Montagny Premier Cru 2015.

While TWS notes say that the oak is not marked too highly, it’s definitely present - I noticed it more on the nose; Mrs Robertd more on the palate. I thought that it was nicely done though, and doesn’t overpower the fruit. The acidity is quite bright, too, with lemons, peaches and quince complemented well by toast and brioche notes from the oak. Medium length, and certainly value for the price (£22.50).

Our wine group get-togethers are coming thick and fast - various commitments in July mean that we’re following up last week’s meeting with our annual (last year excepted) BBQ at our house tomorrow evening. A day preparing in the kitchen beckons, followed by lots of food and wine :yum: Hoping that the weather holds - the forecast has been oscillating between good and bad all week :crossed_fingers:

Happy Weekend!


Happy weekend!

Really enjoyed this - Jean Claude Lapalu Eau Forte. Although he produces several crus Beaujolais, this is labeled simple Vin de France. Not sure if there’s something about the grapes or vinification, or if it’s a stylistic choice. His other wines I’ve tried tend to be in the serious side of Beaujolais, concentrated, age worthy, savoury and complex. This was classic glou glou nature - murky in the glass, a touch of lively effervescence, juicy fruit to the fore and ending with something a bit like stems. A little off centre, yet easy and delicious.


Thank (deity of your choice) it’s Friday.

With garlic, bacon and chilli pasta (listed in order of quantity). It’s been a long week, but this remains an extremely quaffable solution to all of life’s problems. It’s a slightly odd wine in that I agree with TWS “we do not have any notes for this product” statement - it’s not exceptional and doesn’t demand detailed examination, it’s just a lovely bottle of wine for when you don’t want to think too much.


The wine is a blend of Beaujolais Villages and Cote de Brouilly. I am not sure what the proportions are but the blend means it cannot be labelled as an AC wine so is declassified to Vin de France. From recollection to be labelled AC Beaujolais Village or AC Brouilly there have to be 85% grapes from the AC. I will check that point.
Eau Forte is produced by Carbonic maceration; bunches put is sealed tank and CO2 added, fermentations starts naturally and when must reaches 2-3% abv the must is pressed and juice fermented off the skins. The net result is a pale coloured low tannin wine with aromas of candied fruit, red cherry, bubble gum and kirsch. These aromas are typical of wines that have undergone Carbonic Maceration.


Virtual pub yesterday evening, so the other half suggested we open something she recently got for her birthday:

Fizzily young, lip-smackingly fresh but the breadiness was there too.

Like a granny smith sandwich :clinking_glasses:


Thank you for sharing this! Great information, how did you acquire it? Sounds like the slight spritz might have come from bottling with CO2. It had a lovely fresh quality and more life than your standard carbonic maceration bojo.

I really enjoyed the wine and is a nice complement to the others in his portfolio I’ve tried.


Picnic lunch and the 2017 Marco Sara Colli Orientali del Friuli Schioppettino today. Lovely, light and lively, just as CT suggests.