Weekend drinking thread [25-27 September 2020]

As soon as I saw that cobbler in the magazine I immediately wanted to try it.

Great to hear the recipe works but I don’t think it will serve six here !

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I feel a bit of hat-doffing is in order for your beef fillet. That is one perfectly rested piece of cow!


Yes, we had to adjust it too - but it was oh so good… :yum:

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Cheese and wine last night. And what a delicious wine to open:


Part of the Piedmont mixed case offered recently. I only wish I’d bought a hatful of these! The palest red I’ve ever drunk - like raspberry squash when your parents are trying to skimp on the juice. But still 14%: we spent ages trying to work out how something with so little colour could pack so much flavour. Soft cherry and strawberry, but with enough grip to stand up to manchego and a sheep’s cheese. This was our first foray into grignolino, but gosh, I’d like me some more bottles of these.

Anyone got recommendations for similar wines that are actually in stock?


I had another grignolino from TWS about 3 years ago, but there’s nothing really similar. You might find a ruché enjoyable, but again, nothing from TWS on that front.


Me too - opened on Saturday and finished last night…


…and I’m left scratching my head.

It didn’t smell or taste faulty in any obvious way, but it was just really unpleasant. No fruit, but nothing in its place either: just woody and dull with an astringent bitterness that just wouldn’t shift. No change on day two.

I’ve only ever invoked the money-back promise for a clear fault, but I’m wondering whether to write off the rest of the case. I’ve got two more bottles at home and three still in reserves.

Maybe I should try another bottle first…? What does everyone think?


Thanks. I clearly need to jump on the next one I see!


The entry level GV was enjoyable if a little short. Lovely nose of fruit and a little spice. It tasted less exciting than it smelled and a little short on the finish. Nice peppery notes. I think it is a bit young so will try to keep back the other two.

The 2008 La Lagune. Oh dear, a serious disappointment. The smell of the cork (all leather, tobacco and mint) had lulled me into hopeful expectation. I decanted it only to get rid of the sediment, pouring it back into the bottle. Not much on the nose, in the mouth dry, fruitless and tannic. 24 hours later the second half was no better. I can’t decide if it was too young, too old or just a bad bottle. Hoping it is the latter otherwise we have 11 bottles of expensive cooking wine.


I’d do both. Seek a refund on bottle one, in parallel try bottle two and if that’s a duffer as well then return the case.


I agree with @Alchemist on the refund of bottle 1. However, if bottle 2 tastes the same to you, I’d suck it up but return the others for a credit. It might not be faulty, but if that’s your experience of this wine, you certainly don’t want any more of them.


I’ve only ever had Musar a few times, and only hold a few bottles, and each time I drink one I always get the impression that the wine could live pretty much forever.

On that basis, I changed all the drink dates on CT to my own dates (apart from the odd John Gilman one, he has the '05 going until 2065 for example). I guessed 2035 as the end date for the '03 - which I thought sounded about right until I read your experience. Maybe I should change it to 2135? :smiley:


I had similar thoughts about the bottle I tried of this. I’ve just given bottle 2 to people I’m actually quite fond of, though, so am now worrying that it’s a bad wine rather than a matter of personal taste.

I’ll have to give them another, more reliable bottle.

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Was this grignolino (2 vintages apparently)

Ruche is fuller in colour, but quite delicate. I’ve enjoyed these two previously


The 2009 was decent oaky Tempranillo. Not exactly my style but perfectly good wine. Perhaps there’s a bad batch of 2010


That’s great. I don’t know anything abut Ruché so will have a hunt around. Thank you :smiley:

The Chateau Musar book has a brief review (from Serge and various other critics) on every vintage up to 2013. The review (from Jancis Robinson) on the 2003 was drinking to 2035.

I opened a '97 Musar last night and it was terrible. First time I’ve had this with a Musar. I shall try again tonight to see if it has settled down. I do know that '97 was slightly odd harvest and has high volatile acidity. Certainly this seemed extremely acidic to me. It may be that it is past it (very brown brickish colour), some online resources seem to think so. I have one more bottle so I’ll have to try that sometime. Disappointing but I’ll hold judgement until tonight.


I remember it being praised here some time ago and put it on my order but when I got around to checking out it was marked as ‘out of stock’.

I didn’t hang around this time - two bottles bought so I can taste it for myself.

That’s a real pity as we enjoyed our bottle immensely.
If you think it’s a rogue bottle I would chat quickly with customer services and try another soon before deciding to return the balance

I had a similar experience in July with the CVNE Rioja Crianza. It just fell flat and after consuming 3 of the 6 TWS agreed to credit the balance of 3 which their van collected. Worked well and account credited within 2 weeks.


I had a similar experience with a white wine recently from a usually reliable producer. It was completely stripped of fruit and all that remained was oak toast and acidity. I didn’t have another bottle to compare with it so I put it down to low level cork taint which I believe can strip a wine of its fruit, but leave the other components intact, without leaving any obviously faulty notes on the nose or palate.

With regard to the other bottles you have, I agree with what everyone else has said.

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I’ve been wondering that myself.

Well anyway, I spoke to a lovely chap in Member Services and he’s going to process a refund for that bottle, and after a short chat we agreed what you were all suggesting: try another bottle before pulling any more triggers. He’s put a filenote on the system so the next person knows the story so far, but I told him that no news will be good news.

I’ll make the next bottle a Bohórquez, probably later this week :+1: