Weekend drinking thread [25-27 January 2019}

I am looking forward having a glass of this Bourgogne Rouge tomorrow from the eto. The first glass yesterday made me smile, it was right up my street.

Also have half bottle of this (half of a full bottle decanted in a half bottle kept for a week or so). It is young, but I did like what I was tasting. Tonight with some haggis I think…


What is everyone drinking this weekend.


I bought a bottle of Chateau de Villeneuve Saumur 2016 and a bottle of

At lunch, so its going to be a toss up between one of them tonight. Probably the Cab Franc. Next weekend I am hosting the six nations in my house on Saturday for a group of people. Planning on a beverage selection that covers all 6 nations so I am looking forward to that. The Langhe may make a reappearance if I like it.


Welsh whisky tasting tonight with haggis at our wine club. Tomorrow a roast chicken so the vinous world is our oyster. Havent yet decided…


So it’s Burns night, and haggis neeps and tatties has just been demolished, and splendid it was too.

I opened this to accompany:-

Light purple in colour, something floral, vanilla, black cherry, fuel [I seem to smell fuel in every wine!!!] on the nose, tannins and a little acidity, black wine gum, red sports mixture, black fruit with a peppery warmth to finish. I quite like the fact that the wine is not too alcoholic you can tell when tasting. Turned out to be a pretty good match for the haggis.

Everyone have a great weekend and enjoy whatever you are drinking. G


I’m just about to head off to an Argentierre Burns night to which I am taking a bottle of this:
Which I fully expect to live up to my previous high opinion. And there might just be a bottle of Aberlour A’Bunadh, which just happened to be floating around my van :smiley:

Only real issue is whether I can get the Monconseil up to a reasonable drinking temperature first. I suspect it is currently somewhere around 5 or 6C!


I’ve driven to Glasgow today , then Edinburgh and I’m now sitting at Leith dock waiting for Mr. Leah to get finished up & spend a couple of hours with us before heading across to my friend in Dalgety Bay! The 6 year old has vomited twice and the 3 year old has had a nose bleed, an epic meltdown and is now sobbing ! So tonight I will be drinking ALL the gin and maybe some of the left over Frankovka from last night ! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Continuing my low budget week…

Just cracked the screw cap off and the TWS description is spot on.


Oh the traffic wouldn’t be bad at this time of night, not.

And heeeave, out goes the boat:

Haven’t had a Cornas in years.

@tom’s right - this is delicious. Plenty of classic syrah oomph on the nose, a carnival procession on the palate and a classy finish. This has made my provisional decision to skip the 2017 Rhône a lot harder to cling on to.

I salute your willpower @Leah, better than mine :wine_glass:


I made it to Fife :rofl:! Mr Leah never made it off the ship so I abandoned it :neutral_face:! But tonight looks good with this line up :rofl::+1:!


Is that the Blau Montsant from a year ago or so? I’d love to see that back on the list, great wine.


I bought elsewhere for the latest vintage.


Drink up now Leah interested in your opinion.

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Tonight I’m on my last bottle of this:

More bottle pics to follow on Sunday when we have friends over for lunch…planning for some Pierre Paillard and a nice cab sav from South Africa.


Having this (2010) with a beef shin ragu. The wine is very dry, quite peppery, and rich. Definitely needs food.

Feeling under the weather so good to have strong flavours :relaxed:


I should have come this week clearly!

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Jeez, brings back memories of a journey from Chablis to La Plagne 15 years ago…

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I spy a Blau - lovely stuff.

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A Rick Stein recipe tonight - smoked haddock with a mild potato curry.

We drank a Frédéric Mochel Traenheim 2014 from the northern end of the Alsace vineyards. Mrs Robertd and I visited Mochel last year having seen them listed by the TWS, and were really taken by this blend of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. Dry and fruity, with 9 months aging on lees - ripe pears, quinces, baked apples, a bit smoky, a bit spicy, and drank well with the smoked fish.


Finished this which should really have been in midweek drinking thread…

Not sure that I agree about the depth of fruit - it seemed a bit hollow, Certainly dry and steely. It was better on night 2 so will keep the other bottle a year or so and see.

Then finished this which was started with Coravin a week or so ago.

Roasted, almost burnt, fruits. Seriously alcoholic…

We opened a Morrisons Gewurztraminer as well which was very pleasing. All with Moroccan spiced chicken - a tagine really - with flatbreads and rice.

The German Riesling wasn’t as good as the equivalent Dr. Loosen.