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Weekend Drinking Thread [24th-27th May 2019]



It was The Boy’s birthday party today, in Soft Play Hell, but it was fine because we decamped back to ours with the cousins and what have you for a BBQ, which also meant two of these bad boys…

…plus two of these for topping up glasses:

Everyone left a few hours ago; now we’re just winding down with crisps and telly :+1:


Love this wine, it’s my new favourite cheap and cheerful weekday glugger. And the 2017 is 50p cheaper at the moment!


Arrived in Alsace with most of our wine group for a slightly belated week of properly celebrating Mrs Robertd’s 50th birthday (children may be gone, but Mrs Robertd working as a teacher still ties us to school holidays…) . Looking forward to a week of food, wine, and general fun (and not weighing ourselves)

Kicked off with choucroute, and various wines headed by Dirler-Cadé’s Riesling 2016

I’ve said it before, but I think that Dirler-Cadé make the best classique riesling in Alsace, and the 2016 has done nothing to change that opinion. So mineral and intense, both on the nose and on the palate. Great balance between lemon, lime and citrus goodness, a dry and stony backbone, and really good length. Definitely worth a try if you get the chance, and TWS does stock it from time to time.


Vodka martini to start followed by Puligny Montrachet. Had this with breaded Lemon Sole

Bought in M&S Sale few months ago. Lemon, blossom, good balance. Excellent value in the sale, but wouldn’t pay £ 50 for it!


First bottle of 2015 claret opened last night…

Very dense in colour and mouth feel as would be expected. Verging towards New World in style, with loads of fruit, but then mouth coating tannins, in a good way. Really needs food as might be expected. Hit the mark with grilled lamb chops and spinach. Will get better for a bit I think as these tannins become more integrated and the wine becomes bit smoother.


Trenzado, Suertes del Marques, Valle de la Orotava, Tenerife 2017.

Interesting use of the palomino grape, here called Listan Blanco. From Vin Cognito.


The Giro D’Italia was in Piedmont earlier this weekend which was an ideal excuse to crack open something local !

The 2012 Freisa from Vajra was rich, dense, chewy and delicious. And as serious and ageworthy as many a Barolo.

The Freisa D’Asti will be broached later as a comparison. Hopefully it will be as good, or better, than the impressive 2012 tried last year.

The Bulgarian wine offers an amazing amount of flavour and complexity for £8.25. Characterful and food friendly, its weight, balance, texture brought to mind another wine TWS list, namely, Guillemot-Michel’s wonderful Vire-Clesse Quintaine. That’s £21 however.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone.


Somehow I always seem to return to Pinot Noir… this time from SA, last but one of a mixed case.

Delicious straight from opening. Wonderful ripe PN nose. Not just straight fruit, but also forest floor, mushrooms. Would not keep much longer.

I am sure I will find my way back to Burgundy this bank holiday weekend.


Nasi Goreng tonight, thinking a Riesling will be suitable. Anyone have any other suggestion? @MarkC I will try and keep the rice nice and rare :rofl:

On the Riesling front I have:-

Kreuznacher Krötenpfuhl Riesling Kabinett, Dönnhoff 2015
Riesling Trocken, Künstler 2017
Framingham Marlborough Classic Riesling 2017


Nasi Goreng is generally spicy, so would definitely go for the Kabinett. Had another Donnhoff Kabinett (Oberhauser Leistenberg 2016) with a spicy Chinese meal (I know yours is Indonesian) and it went extremely well with the food, our hosts loved the wine.


Al dente maybe…but not rare if you want to keep your teeth!


Thanks @szaki1974 the Kabinett it is. :+1:


Yes, good choice you will want that bit of sweetness for the Spice.


Suggested to go with Nasi Goreng by @szaki1974. Nose floral, citrus, initially sweetness is a bit much but when eaten with the spicy food it is outstanding. The food brings out the apple, citrus and acidity. With spicy food this is a 5 star wine. I now need a plan to stop me drinking the rest of the case.

Kreuznacher Krötenpfuhl Riesling Kabinett, Dönnhoff 2015


Kabinett is my go to wine with most spicy food, can cope with quite high chilli levels.


Kabinett and Szechuan food is a marriage made in heaven


You have my sympathy. We are on a beautiful stretch of coast in the Basque Country bordering Spain and France - I am sitting in Spain with a view of France. Anyway we are similarly afflicted with disappointing weather. Two days ago it was hot and sunny. Yesterday the weather broke, the temperature has nose dived by quite a bit and it is showery. Forecast is to remain like this until Friday :weary:.


On the plus side we are about to crack open a bottle of Tio Pepe that cost less than £6 in a local supermarket.


Celebrating Mrs W’s Birthday this weekend.

Last night dinner at a local Japanese restaurant accompanied by a bottle of this lovely sake:

This evening a bottle of this to start:

Very delicious - typical champagne notes of apples, pears, biscuits and citrus.

Will be having a bottle of the 2016 vintage of this with seabass for dinner:


Making the most of the good weather today - forecast to get showery for the rest of the week. We went for a vineyard visit and tasting at a local young (aged 27) producer Thomas Klein. The highest altitude vineyards in Alsace.

Lovely guy and very passionate about wine, though he’s still learning the ropes so the wines are a bit variable. But he makes a delicious pinot noir rosé, which was perfect with barbecue duck, guineau fowl, chicken and rabbit kebabs from the butcher in the evening.

(Before anyone says anything, I know that the halloumi was a bit charred. But it still tasted good :wink:)

Wild strawberries and raspberries on the nose and palate, and just the right edge of sweetness to fill out the body while retaining enough acidity to pair with the food. It also gets a nice edge of tannin on the finish - perfect with a BBQ.