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Weekend Drinking Thread [24th-27th May 2019]



Its the weekend again. Starting off with this delicious Muga, paired with Loin of venison, port sauce, jerseys, broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus. :+1::+1: Excellent match.

Enjoy your weekend all.

@szaki1974 please excuse my stupidity


Started the weekend with a mistake, while escorting the good lady in my driving Miss Daisy role to Waitrose yesterday, I was told to go and get my cheese at the deli counter and a couple of bottles of fino, I was not looking for any wine for myself.
On the way to the deli counter I passed one of those end of aisle offers stands and on the top I espied a bottle of Reisling, saw the maker Leitz, saw the label Einz Zwei Dry and said eureka the dry wine from Leitz that is getting a lot of praise is available here, I will pick a bottle up in the drinks section, only there were no bottles, so on the way with the wife to the check out I escaped to the earlier display and took a bottle.
Only when I got home did I look again and see the label actually said Einz Zwei Zero, it was alcohol free !.
So today my first alcohol free wine was opened and drunk on the patio in the sun, was it any good, not bad, a nondescript nose but lemon and lime in the mouth and fresh.
I made the fatal mistake of saying out loud ‘this is not bad’, the reply was you drink to much perhaps you should get a few bottles, I shuffled off to the safety of the greenhouse, would I buy it again, not really, as for me it has no point but in the right place it is perfectly acceptable.


Bought E.P. last year. To be fair, it needs a few more years (decades?) in bottle. Deep, leathery, concentrated but with a bitter edge so not cloying. Would have gone well with that loin of venison… but being Friday night it was 30 day aged beefburger with blue Wensleydale cheese, brioche bun and token vine tomato slices.

Excellent wine - but a single glass is easily enough !


Oooh is this ready to drink do you think ?? I have 6 bottles I’ve stuck away…

:joy::joy:, I used to actively seek these type of bottles out when I was pregnant and didn’t want anyone to know. Worked extremely well :wink:


A warm and sunny, if slightly clammy, day in Sussex had put us in the mood for a light red. So decided to open a bottle of Juliénas which we brought back from France. This isn’t a fancy one – in fact, I think it’s a bottling made for the Auchan hypermarket, but it is rather delicious nonetheless:

It’s got everything we love about a Beaujolais Cru – good structure, balance between the medium plus acidity and the chalky, soft but present tannins, and a combination of ripe red fruit (redcarrant, strawberry and red cherry) with pleasant floral notes (violets). A touch of pepperiness gives it a nice aftertaste too. All in all – a very enjoyable wine, which should go well with veggie chilli.

Happy Bank Holiday! :sunglasses: :wine_glass:


Clearly the weekend has to start with the wine that has caused so much excitement this week. TWS has a challenge to equal or top this for Bin002


@Leah drinkable now and delicious, but will probably be best left for a couple of years. I have quite a few bottles, a dozen at home, so decided to drink one now, and will try them at 6-9 month intervals, purely as a leaning exercise.


After a red period of more than a week I opened the first white, a Rustenberg Chardonnay, and it’s lush! Rich, smooth and creamy, with apricot, peach, and perhaps some melon flavours. Really delicious. Got to cook some salmon, but am struggling to move from my glass and my seat on the sofa - mind you I will have to move for a refill pretty soon!


After a review of the cellar I decided to start the weekend with this.


Mmmm…sounds good. Venison could be a bit rarer though Gordon?


Leaning into the wind? :wink:


Tonight it was this

and this

with bobotie and gnocchi with squash and spinach…and the family home for the weekend…

Both hit the mark! Impressed with the entry level Perrin white again, and the Vacqueyras is drinking beautifully now. Can’t do better than the WS note on it, maybe not the liquorice, which suits me, but it had a lovely savoury, slightly bitter note to it which is maybe close to that. The white stood up really well to the bobotie.


Some Lidl Portal Do Minho Alvarinho e Trajadura 2018 Vinho Verde for £6.99. Nice spritzy simple style VV, but with very good citrus fruit and some length. Surprisingly good for the money.



Was reasonably rare, sauce is dark. First time I had cooked a loin 5mins in a hot pan then 9mins in oven at 180 rested for 10. Where did I go wrong? It was still delicious.

This one is over my head.

Trying to get my hands on some of that.


Ah maybe the sauce was over the rare bits. Timings sound about right. I’m sure it was!

Second one was about your typo for ‘learning’!

The Vacqueyras was fantastic. Well, is actually, as there is still 1/3 of a bottle left plus another 6 in the cabinet. Very different from the 2012 and 2014.


I must have some Vacqueyras again sometime. for the last twelve months or so I’ve been focused on exploring new areas in Rhone and have sadly neglected my old favourites of Vacqueyras and St Joseph.


Finishing the Heimann Kadarka that I Coravinned for the online tasting the other week… nice and light, found it a bit too sweet first, but a slight chill has put things back in order. Perfect for this heat, still available.


Bottle of this, not much to it, smell bit off putting, but pleasant enough to drink with a burger, not just any Burger but a …


11c and raining here…grrr!


Greetings from a very wet and not too warm Sardinia. Given the weather the Vermentino has stayed in the fridge and I’ve opened this:

Potent, black fruit, plums, herbs and spices. Quite savoury, balanced tannins and good length. No idea whether this cantina exports but this is good stuff with serious intent (diam cork included), would pass for decent Priorat or eastern hill cru southern Rhône. 14 euros.