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Weekend drinking thread 24 to 27 August 2018



Last few days at the in-laws and today starting on a 2015 Traminer, with the 2012, 2011 and 2010 from the same producer also lined up for the coming days.

The label says Tramini, which is Hungarian for Traminer (aka Savagnin). Wonderful aromatic white with a delicate scent quite close to Gewürztraminer I think. Dry to off dry drinking really easy with and after a tomato and meatball pasta.

What are you drinking this weekend?


I shall be finishing off the very nice but unexceptional Crozes-Hermitage Cuvée Louis Belle, Domaine Belle, and then probably moving onto:

Slightly mixed reviews on this one (TWS and CT) but most seem to think it’s good.


No drinking tonight, but Gardener’s World will more than compensate. We got 2 episodes to catch up on having been away (we know how to live!) :+1:

Tomorrow we got friends coming over for dinner, neither of whom is fussed about wine. Planning to open this one to go with roast chicken and Dauphinoise potatoes:

On Sunday, planning to open a Chateau Ksara I recently got from M&S (still on discount, I think):

Planning to have it with a lamb hotpot.

Monday is still unclear, though I am considering opening this Dirk Niepoort white:

Happy Bank Holiday one and all! :grinning::clinking_glasses:


Board game and wine/posh beer night at chez nowt.

And the 2015 version of this

Plus a natural alsace riesling and a sturdy looking cabernet franc from lidl.

Also… Giant jenga!


Let us know how the Hungarian Cab Franc is! I got one in the wine fridge awaiting its turn…
The Palette rosé is great, by the way. Had it in the recent Summer Fine Wine Tasting; full of flavour, with lovely texture and moutfeel. Definitely a food wine. Enjoy! :wink:


That Cab Franc is from my home town, one of my current favourite producers. I normally buy their premium stuff though. Where did you get it from @Nowt_in_my_glass?


Well, that’s as good a recommendation as I could get! :smiley:
It comes from Lidl, by the way. £6.99 - one of their ‘Wine Tours’ which is ‘buy whilst stocks last’. I love Cab Franc, so didn’t want to miss the chance to get one.


I ought to go to Lidl. Their top wine is usually bought up by one of the Michelin starred restaurants in Budapest, I normally get that from below the counter. This is the entry level Cab Franc, I expect is good for the price.


Absolutely! This is why i love lidl… The pure random and surprise! I buy the lion’s share from tws but it’s almost like i have no will power when going into my local lidl!


I’ll be having this tonight with some fish

A blend of Treixadura, Albariño, Godello and Loureira from Ribeiro.
Will report back.


I reckon wine is out of the equation for me this weekend.

Three weeks until daughter no. 1’s wedding, which means only one thing - stag do!! London-based, we’re starting at the Meantime Brewery tomorrow after lunch, heading to Hawksmoor Air Street for dinner and then … this 50-something may bow out of the 20-something activities! So it will mainly be beer, I guess.

And then on Sunday @hugofount, @horsleym and I are judging at the Stevenage Old Town Beer and Cider Festival.

(@Inbar, keep an eye out for a classy hen party in Brighton this weekend!)


Michael Karam’s book on Lebanese wines suggests that this is more or less a relabelling of the Réserve du Couvent, in which case it’s a great buy on discount :+1:


Or topple bollocks as it is known by us and our friends after a tipsy game over a New Years Eve gone by :rofl:


Somehow, one Christmas Day about five years ago, we actually completed Jenga which, given the amount we’d had to drink, felt like such a triumph that I’ve never played it since.


Thanks for the heads-up, @herbster! I am not that au fait with Lebanese wines- in fact, it’s a wine area I really ought to delve more into - so it’s good to hear that this is likely to be a good buy.
It only cost £6.66 after the discount. Number of the beast, or what! :crazy_face:


Tomorrow we shall drink a glass of this with scallops

And some of this with chilli meatballs in chilli sauce

And we’ll finish them off on Sunday.:slightly_smiling_face:


No problem! I think I tried nearly everything the shelves had to offer (and took notes) when I was living out there, so if it helps at all, I should be able to give an out-of-date opinion on most of Lebanon’s wines - reds in particular - provided they existed prior to 2011…!


Still discounted but showing as out of stock now :frowning:


Might be still available in the shop, though. It was sold-out on-line when I found one in my local shop a couple weeks ago. Worth a try! :wink:


My nearest M&S (and just about everything else) is 25 miles away :frowning: