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Weekend Drinking Thread [24 to 26 September 2021]

A first post on a weekend drinking thread and no wine in sight, instead a wee dram of Aberfeldy 12yr old malt which was purchased today…

Of course, there’s still time for wine to feature first. What bottles are in your immediate future?


The sproglet has survived her first day of school, the sun is shining and I’m on a half day. Going to road-test one of these shortly with my folks, who are up for the weekend:

Happy Friday everyone!


A superb start to the weekend! Close my eyes and I could be in France. Sunny afternoon and an incredible Beaujolais Cru from Fleurie 2018. What’s more to like. Have a great weekend everyone!


Actually kicked off with this first.

Do Burlotto make any duffers? Not on this evidence…

Fruit, acidity and tannins all in harmony in a just ripe cherry kind of way.


Funny stuff wine innit. And always amusing to conduct a totally illogical taste-off; for this late lunch of home made beetroot and horseradish pie, garden salad and spuds. Last night’s left over claret vs. an impromptu delve into the Cypriots which landed with me last week.

Turns out it’s not even a fair competition. The Charmail was from a TWS EP mixed case, oh, years ago and I’m starting to open the 2009s this year, was, well, a safe bet. Perfectly nice, pleasant, dull, unexciting actually. It was an OK claret; nuff said. The Cypriot - much more lively, zingy, alive, crunchy cherry give-me-another slug quaffable.

Yes the cépages and vintages couldn’t be more contrasting, but I think you’ll know which one got my vote.


Undurraga’s Candelabro cinsault from the Itata valley. It’s very pale in colour and light in flavour. It’s got a kind of dried cranberry kind of thing going on, with a nice acidic bite. It also has a slight rubbery whiff, however, this dissipated by the second glass, where it was a bit more minerally. But to be honest, if some one handed me a glass and told me it was a basic Beaujolais, I would believe them entirely. A summer wine, to have chilled, not really suited to a day that threatens autumn. Decent enough, without worth raving about.


Blogged this the other day and liked it at the online price (£18) though I hear it is more in the shops.


A 2020 Christmas present from my 92 year old father-in-law who died on Wednesday. Good, honest old-school Rioja. From Laithwaites, I think.


I haven’t posted for a while, thanks to a filthy cold that took away my sense of smell, gave a hacking cough and made it hard to breathe. Hmm - PCR said negative, though.

3 weeks later, and after recalibrating things with a few bottles of wines I know well, tonight’s wine is this:

Fabulous nose - very Northern Rhone with dark fruit and a strong savoury side. To taste, the sort of wine that prompts words like mineral and elegant, and that makes you imagine licking slate.

Sausages later on. I refuse to believe we aren’t in Autumn now, despite the belated sun.

Edit: I completely forgot the hilarious joke I’d planned for this one. Ahem: It’s Sauron’s favourite wine. Geddit? :upside_down_face:


Yes - £18 via website, delivered with my groceries yesterday. Pretty sure it used to be £25 though?

I thought it was excellent - and it went down well with the family. I wouldn’t have guessed ESW if I had tasted blind. Well balanced, fresh but with a nice bit of richness, perhaps a little short on the finish, but decent complexity and superb value at this price.

Worst thing about it is the bottle design.


Just opened this Pecorino 2020 from Abruzzo, which was part of the recent supplier supported offer on discounted cases. Very pleasant aperitif wine.

Pale lemon, gold. Medium nose. Lime and lemon. Pear drops. Melon. Hint of beeswax. Light palate. High acidity. Lemon, green apple. Hint of apricot. Wet stone. Shortish finish.


This Macon Chardonnay is delicious, rich, buttery, toasty, with fine ripe citrus fruit.lots of depth and concentration. Up there with a village Chassagne. Acidity is refreshing. Good complexity.


Glad I read your edit before I embarrassed myself😉


A cocktail from the current Waitrose magazine that I read at a friend’s and took a photo of. A low and slow sour. A delicious combination of bourbon, Islay whisky, lemon juice, maple syrup, cloudy apple juice and angostura bitters. Won’t be worrying about wine after that concoction, but was lovely. If you are interested the quantities in ml in order of ingredients above are 40; 10; 20; 20; 50; dash. Shaken with ice, poured into tumblers filled with ice. Garnish with slice of apple if you can be bothered - we didn’t.


Oooh sounds fabulous, I’m going “out out” tomorrow eve so will make one while getting ready ! Thanks @JayKay


Happy weekend! Many thanks for the JS Maremma tip. Have just enjoyed one and it’s certainly v good at the double discount. We have a couple of the Ventoux too. Have you ever kept either of these and, if so, do they develop at all . . even over a few months?

We often play a game which starts with the ever decisive me plonking down several bottles on my other Half’s desk, and say ‘pick one’.

She quite rightly pointed out we’re going to Greece in a few days, so the Xinomavro and Naoussa were out. The Society’s Langhe Nebbiolo bit the dust, because again it needs appropriate accompaniment (no matter how nice the burger, it is still a burger).

So… Pinot Noir -or more correctly Spätburgunder - it was:

Nice enough, but as the OH pointed out, ok, but lacking a certain va-va voom, and quite short on the finish.

‘Worth it at £24?’ I asked. No, came the reply, but then PN never is. Why do you keep buying it? (And therein lies the dissertation question!).


Your other half sounds very sensible to me.


A taste of the west this evening….delicious.

Many happy memories of Margs and this winery and it’s summer film nights when we lived down under

Looking forward to the Xanadu EP offer - a winery on the up their 2010 Cabernet was one of Ray Jordan’s wine of the year on release. So eagerly awaiting this one.


A bottle of this for us [me] tonight - a 2019 Chateau de la Negly ‘La Brise Marine’, Languedoc La Clape.

And very nice indeed it is too - rich, luscious & sumptuous etc as you’d expect [a blend of Bourboulenc, Marsanne & Rousanne], but with a slightly cleaner & leaner cut to it than some similar wines and nicely not “blousy”.

Went strangely well with scallops with XO sauce, somewhat to my surprise. One of these that I had a few months back seemed rather flat and dull in comparison, and in hindsight not knowing the wine then, it may have been an imperfect bottle. Or perhaps the XO sauce brought out the flavours better this time. Either way, this one very good though and just what I’d hoped for.