Weekend Drinking Thread [24 to 26 April 2020]

I’ve just chosen the wines for this weekend, so let me kick this one off.
Fish on Friday and chicken goujons (supermarket replacement delivery) on Saturday with these wines.

The Waitrose one is a substitute from what was ordered and I wouldn’t have picked it myself as it’s anonymous & bulk-shipped, but since Waitrose have put their name on it, I should get through today without being poisoned.

2019 Waitrose Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand, Marlborough)

I posted a link to Fairview’s Goat Tower live- cam earlier today. This wine is from their Broken Barrel series, a different - one only - blend, after which the barrel is broken! 2017 vintage is a blend of Pinotage and Petite Sirah (aka Durif) and the two people responsible for them are pictured on the label - Abraham I Perold and Francois Durif.

2017 Fairview Broken Barrel (South Africa, Paarl)

For Sunday we have roast beef and all the trimmings - including plenty of carrots as we got three large bags of them when Mrs M thought she’d ordered just 3 single carrots.

The aperitif is
2015 Gratien & Meyer Crémant de Loire The Society’s Celebration (France, Crémant de Loire)

and after Joel Peterson’s super Zoom Zinfandel Society masterclass this week I wanted a Zin, but as I have (currently) only one Once & Future Zin, I am having his son Morgan’s

2015 Bedrock Wine Co. Zinfandel Old Vine (USA, California) also from TWS.



This has been a very classic Napa Chardonnay and will go well with some smoked salmon snacks.
I will be making some burgers for the BBQ using belted Galloway beef mince and garlic pizza in the wood oven.
The Homtini 2016 from Fairview came as part of a VCP and will be the accompaniment - a blend of Sangiovese, CS, Merlot and Shiraz.


That pizza looks fab.

BBQ here and an ABC Pinot to accompany a simple sirloin delivered in a meat box by our local butcher.

I’ve also snapped my single favourite wine related “accessory” in its loosest term. Worn every day out walking the dog and I would be bereft without it!

Happy weekend all.


Fairview has ‘trended’ today on the forum. I’ve never had Homtini, but Platter rates highly the 2016 so I must look out for it


Went out to get some nappies last night and came back with 10 bottles from Aldi most of which I hadn’t tried before so here goes.

These two to start with tonight

Love the Portuguese Animus, can’t find a better bottle for under £5! Very Jammy, full bodied and very easy drinking. Just delicious. Could have this more often!

Chilean Carignan, also under £5. Lots of blueberry and not much else. Can’t decide how much I like this yet, very easy drinking, might be better with a BBQ later


I realise this looks bad (the emptiness of the bottles) but, in my defence:

  1. we started the Louis Sipp yesterday, as Thursday is clearly part of the weekend;
  2. I’ve decanted the Isole as it’s still on the young side (it’s going to accompany baked Winslade cheese with crusty sourdough); and
  3. my goodness, has anyone else tried Ochota Barrels’ Fugazi Grenache…? It’s pretty special (97/100 on Decanter).


My father in law’s 75th so we are “Zooming” with family tonight. Something special that we probably will never be able to buy again. Last of a mixed Greek 6 which was bought a couple of years back… wish we had a case especially after the tragic loss of Haridimos Hatzidakis.


Love that wine!

Beer and curry tonight. Thereafter we are celebrating Mr JayKay’s birthday this weekend and this is what I have put aside for his consideration


Bah humbug. Who needs Barolo anyway…

As good as ever, and for a change the cork didn’t deteriorate. Soft red fruit and a hint of vanilla, fully mature (I state I doubt I’ll ever reach :grinning:).


Will be interested to hear about this, as i have a single bottle of the 2016. Very young, I’d imagine - I’d try to make sure there’s a glass or two left for tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I realised recently that my new year resolution to drink more bubbly had gone way off track. Perhaps not too surprising as the year has not produced that much to celebrate so far, but nevertheless a resolution is a resolution.
So tonight I’ve opened a Moët & C Brut Impérial which I think somebody gave me quite a while ago. Opened with apple and toasty aromas, and a colour which, please excuse me, strikes me as best described as well-hydrated urine, in the nicest possible way! Dry, but without much acidity, quite yeasty, soft, fruity and pleasant enough to drink, but without stirring any strong feelings.
One step nearer to achieving my goal for the year!


So expanding on a couple of themes already referenced on the thread…
Today was Italian theme day at our house to cheer up the kiddies. Italian wine is a major hole in my knowledge/store but inherited this barolo from friends and it was really delicious. Full of cherries and finished with a pleasant long puff of cedar and tobacco. The purists out there would probably say touch oaked but for me the creaminess kept it away from the tartness that has generally put me off Italian reds (sorry that was an uncalled for sledge :wink: grateful for any IT wine tips from all of you for a bdx lover)


Love the Italian theme. If you don’t go for tartness, how about trying Dolcetto? Same region as Barolo but much easier on the palate and the wallet. Otherwise trusting the WS Chianti Classico will ensure you aren’t let down. Noted your photo got almost everything in apart from the watering can??


This tonight which was just lovely


I think it was ready, although no need to rush at all. Sublime wine, best bottle so far of 2020. The barrel aging lends a lot of texture and as well as the intense volcanic element you’d expect there are nice floral things going on.

If anyone can get hold of any stock of this wine I’d say buy even at a much steeper price I paid for it in 2017 (£29)


Cool hat, how’s the wine?

Yeah, i expected this to be a truly world class wine, hence my interest! Glad it was drinking well already. Think i paid 30 something for it early last year.

The wine was drinking well. No great complexity on show but lovely juicy red berry fruit flavours and taut tannins elevated it above a simple glugger.

May be better value out there but it put a smile on my face and didn’t seem to hang around long!