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Weekend Drinking Thread [24 November]



Hurrah! The time has come to talk openly about the wines we’ve been dreaming to open all week.

Have you any interesting plans? Has your Christmas shopping and meal planning made you just a little thirsty?


I’m hoping to open one of these I bought as a result of a recommendation here in the community


I am expecting to find a box full of wine (and beer) on my doorstep when I get home. Will try this bottle over the weekend.

My brother is visiting, so will crack this one open from his birth year:


I don’t need an excuse to be thirsty!
This evening’s bottle. Decant at sunset, drink… when I can wait no longer.


Nice! I’ve got 5 left off the 2004 myself. Had one recently and it was delicious (though surprisingly youthful even for Lopez Heredia)


All about 2010 Bordeaux blends for us this weekend. Hosting a wine and cheese party on Saturday and will be opening a magnum of this to start things off:

On Sunday we have family coming over for a celebration lunch, and will be opening a couple of bottles of this:


Tonight its going to be this fantastic 2015 Juliénas. Shame it has run out. New wines arrive tomorrow, out shopping to find some suitable food to match something for Saturday and Sunday.


Alex, a friend once told me ’ Improve your wine and cheese evening by having no cheese or guests.’


Sounds to me like a very wise friend!


I have 6 bottles of the 2010 Rubicon in storage, so will be very interested how you find it.


I’ve not drunk the 04 for a year, probably early still but want to compare it against the 05 and decide which is best as a gift. I’ve got a decent stock of each. The 2005 is reportedly ahead of the 2004, but I’ll reserva (sic:blush:) judgement.

2004 is out of the bottle, virtually no sediment, nice colour and nose :+1:


Thai chicken curry for dinner this evening, so I am hoping this will do exactly what it says and be the perfect match…


I love this wine, enjoy. luckily I was able to stash a full case in society reserves before it ran out.


We’ve got fish and we’ll be drinking this: Big fan of Guigal, but not tried this one so looking forward to it…


I’m committed to wine tonight…watching ‘sour grapes’ documentary concerning the fraud in burgundian wine with this:

Not burgundian but just nice and fresh, lots of crisp green fruit. Something simple before another (and last) mass tasting of the year.


Picked this up in M&S at London Bridge this evening as we had a Thai meal for dinner and I didn’t want to waste a Chablis:

It’s… ok. Nothing wrong with it but also nothing noteworthy either. Wouldn’t bother again.


We’re off to Birmingham for my neice’s birthday in the morning. I’m sure the wine will come out in the afternoon, and I expect it will be big and red. My brother in law is a society member who will likely have some Weinert Cabernet, but is generally an Aussie Shiraz type of chap. He recently had a birthday and I’ve bought him a bottle of this to mix it up a bit:

It’s also recently been my sister’s birthday, and I chose this for her:

When it was delivered I was surprised to find it came with a stick of rock as the suggested garnish! I’m not sure I’ll get to give it a try, but I live in hope.


I’m about to put myself through the trauma of jeans/Christmas shopping :weary: so am dreaming of getting this opened and stuck into this evening (let’s be realistic, late afternoon!)


During a recent visit to Vina Tondonia, it coincided with an annual event when local schoolchildren are invited along to “make wine”, lots of stained little hands but all enjoyed the day , the gentleman in middle of them is the owner, he was introduced to winemaking at an early age this way hence the annual event for the kids._MG_0985-104


What a wonderful idea