Weekend Drinking Thread [24 Mar]

PradoRey from The Society and when I’ve finished that some Beronia GR 09

Excuse the poor quality pic, its my first effort with a tablet :tired_face:

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Inspired by the Pinot thread, I’ve dug this out. The 11th of a case bought from Montreuil in its last week of operation. Lovely, lightly sweet red fruit, minimally oaked and just a dash of spice notes. Recommended.


Me tonight: the wine I am emotionally attached to.


St chinian it is then. Definitely more vin noir than vin rouge and a taste straight out of the bottle - wow - power! Will leave in decanter while i do bedtime

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The L’Orangeraie Cab Franc is going down a storm! What a fabulous wine! Floral like a Loire Cab - but a little smoother, with red fruit on the nose and palate. Silky and moreish! Hubby is hugging (or is it hogging?!) the bottle. Hard to believe it’s a £7.50 wine! :+1::wine_glass:
Hope everyone is enjoying the Friday. Bring on Gardener’s World… :rose::deciduous_tree:


Couple of evenings to myself so Prieure-Lichine 2006 opened tonight will be enjoyed over the course of tonight and tomorrow night:


Didn’t think it would work, but this is successfully washing down the leftovers from last nights Chinese takeaway…


Tell us more. How did it find you? What is it?

It’s basically Aix, Chateau Simone underneath the independent shop tag. It’s totally gorgeous & was my first mutual love at TWS when I just joined in 2014. If you imagine the aroma of Pauillac, remove the heavy weight & add some southern fluidity, you’ll get Palette. I bought several cases, but sadly two of them were broken during 2016 & 2017 Christmas ‘special delivery’ attempts, this is why I say the Fate is sitting on this wine’s shoulder. But there will be no more breakage as I am drinking the last remaining case now…

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I bought this Lambrusco about a year ago, but never found a good time to open it. Tonight we had it with pizza.


I liked it- bubbles aside, it looked, smelled and tasted to me like a fresh Beaujolais. And frothy bubbles are fun. My partner seemed to like the first glass, but then came the damning description ‘fizzy ribena’. Ouch.


Family get together tomorrow. My daughter bought my father a bottle of 1927 Cockburns Vintage Port to celebrate his 90th birthday. So apart from him, my sister and I, daughter in law, 3 grandchildren and their other halves and two great grand daughters are going to seeif it’s still drinkable! One of the great vintages of the 20th C but, 90 years? We’ll see.

Starting with Society’s Chablis followed by some 2010 Nuits St George. Should be an interesting evening wine wise!

Will let you know how it goes.



Tonight is my first experiment with orange wine.

Absolutely loving it, though I don’t think I’m up to the job of describing it properly. (Other than ‘wow, I wasn’t expecting those tannins, sherry aromas…’)


You do know that you are supposed to swallow the tablet :innocent::rose::wine_glass:

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Wife is just exiting a bad dose of Aussie 'flu…so I will be drinking for herSt Eulalie, Plaisir Eulalie…

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Did it go a bit spumante all over the place…? I’ve had a couple of bottles now, and I’ve learned to open them in the sink.

Maybe I was just unlucky.

Maybe it was beginner’s luck and I hadn’t learned to be afraid, but this one opened not with a bang but a whimper, and all stayed put. It was fridge cold when I opened it though, does that help or is it an urban(e?) myth?

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:scream: love to hear how it is!

I knew I was going wrong somewhere!

Thankfully I’m not in France, given the size of this tablet their method of taking tablets wouldn’t be funny.:open_mouth::joy:


Snap @ChrisB the bottle I’ve got to look forward to is also a German Riesling for my pork belly. I’m going rhubarb sauce rather than apple, due to having freezer full of the stuff.

Re-reading the description though, I’m not sure the bottle will be entirely comfortable at the dinner table :thinking:



I hope it works well with your pork…the wine sounds fab…it’s great fun matching wine with food isn’t it. Enjoy!