Weekend Drinking Thread [24 Mar]

Am I too late? Have you already started without me? Hold on …

So, what’s the plan for the weekend? The sun is (almost) out, and the clocks go forward (don’t forget), but there’s still plenty time to enjoy a nice glass of something suitable.

Still working out what to have @robert_mcintosh, just started a thread on the hunt for a Red Burgundy alternative:

I think I have a bottle of this at home which I might open instead - depends on what we have to eat really :slight_smile:


As I will be in Guildford tomorrow for Love Wine my wine(s) this weekend will permed from the 12 we are showing, but I’ll just mention four of them - a sparkling, a white, a red and a sweet:

I do love that Greek red :slight_smile:


This evening I am going to a blind tasting with friends at the Epping Wine group. The topic tonight is be “Cheap or classy?” – tasting everyday supermarket wines and more sophisticated offerings blind, to see what we prefer! So that will be interesting but I have no idea what will be on offer. Saturday and Sunday will be celebrating an old friend’s birthday (we are old friends in both senses - both celebrating our 70th this year but old friends in the sense we first met at school in 1959!) Drinks unknown and might involve beer rather than wine as dinner will be at an Indian restaurant in Leeds - I have no idea what they have on offer. I think I’ll be tempted to open a bottle of decent claret when we return home on Monday!


I assume you saw this in the thread called: Taste the difference

Last night I opened a bottle of this intriguing red:

Despite a failed screwcap (I can’t get my head around how when the WHOLE capsule comes off instead of breaking at the cap, the wine is still fine, but it was) the wine is very tasty and surprisingly complex for something at this price.

I sipped it late in the evening so I look forward to trying it tonight after some air and with some rich food.


Away tomorrow for a friends stag night in Leeds, but tonight I’ll probably have a glass or 2 of the samples I crammed in my bag after the tasting yesterday, namely Madame Chateau de Pitray 2009, and Morellino di Scansano Podere 414 2016.


I really like that cava

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Tonight will be a Cabernet Franc from Languedoc-Rousillon:

We’ll have this with a Moroccan-inspired veggie dish of aubergines and chickpeas and other such Middle Eastern delights.
Tomorrow we’ll open an Alicante Bouschet single varietal from Portugal. Never had this grape on its own, so quite excited and curious!

I think we’ll have a Pork Peri-Peri with it. Might finish off that damn fine eiswein too!
Roll on the weekend! :grinning:


The Cava’s very good. unlike most others, IMO

We’ve still got two-thirds of this left from last night…

…but it turns out to be rather big, ripe and oaky. Which is fine, but it means that if we’re also going to drink something else tonight, the something else will probably need to come first, despite being an unopened bottle, otherwise the something else will end up tasting all thin and weedy in comparison to the already opened bottle of the above.

Why oh why do I overcomplicate my life…?


Love this wine - regular magnum purchase for us for special events (buy, hold on to for a couple of years, then savour).


I’ve got a single magnum of the 2014 for just that reason!

Well, I’ll probably open it in August for Thing #1 and Thing #2’s birthdays, as it’s their birth year and that’s as good an excuse as any I can think of.

Might have to get a magnum or two of the 2015 now…

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Making Polpette sadly not rose veal, but enjoying this rose wine.


There’s the winner of Label Of The Week right there…!

I’ve decided to kick things off with this:

Just right.

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Steak tonight. Gigondas, mas champart st chinian, or cavas de weinert. Cant decide - any views?

Slow roasted belly of pork with apple sauce tonight with this:


St Chinian wins it for me :wink::+1:

Waitrose own label Palo Cortado, bottled by Lustau. Savory, complex, quite dry. Easily mistakable for an amontillado. Good with Waitrose bellota jamon, on offer. Hope the advert is allowed.