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Weekend Drinking Thread [24 Feb]



The weekend is starting early! Happy Thursday!

Tonight’s joy:

Textbook weeknight treat!

Then the weekend sees a nice informal tasting for FREE at our new local natural wine shop (ducks) where there is a variety of Chinon Cabernet Franc being sampled with said winemaker.

Then Saturday we are having friends over for a joint beer + wine tasting with rocket fuel special edition Brewdog stouts and IPAs followed by my contribution…



Montes Alpha Colchagua Carmenere, 2014 (Latitude Wines @ £13.50)

followed by some weird wine/chocolate liqueur thing my mother got me for Christmas. It sounds terrible, but hopefully i’m wrong!


Is it not TWSTaste tonight?


Ocio Pinot is great. Doesn’t even taste like new world Pinot to me (although many years since I tasted it). Actually thinking on it i could have posted about it in the wine epiphany thread.



Oh, weekend drinking doesn’t start until Saturday in our house… a bit dull, I know :blush: But when Saturday comes we got TWS Trimbach Pinot Blanc lined up (can’t wait!!):

then we’re heading off to a party- so who knows what we’ll drink there… On Sunday, we got our very first orange wine bottle (for all my ‘I don’t care for natural wine’ protestations!!- but orange wine is a special case, no…? :wink:) This is an M&S Georgian one, and I’m looking forward to giving it a go:

Happy (almost there) weekend, everyone! :slight_smile:


Loving the leftfield selection! :heart_eyes:


Ha ha! 'Tis rather leftfield, I guess! :laughing: We only drink 3 out of 7 nights, so try and keep things interesting!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


YES! It is. It is a busy weekend

Tonight will be the pair from #TWS Taste [22nd February]: Where's the Value?

And Saturday will probably be something special for Open That Bottle Night #OTBN ... 24 Feb 2018 (and to celebrate a Scottish win in the Calcutta Cup)

Still have to squeeze something nice in -between for Friday (last night of my MIL visiting us) … and Sunday to ease into next week


That orange from M&S looks fun! Let us know how it is, might pop into the one near me for a bottle if any good…


We didn’t think much of the orange from MS.


Will sure let you know, though Richard (post above) didn’t think much of it. Maybe the 2015 vintage is better (looks like you had the 2012, Richard?)… the anticipation is half the fun :wink:


We’re going to a Lebanese BYOB restaurant on Saturday. No idea what wine to take. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? (We’ll be eating mostly vegetarian with perhaps just a little meat).


I think the obvious choice is a Lebanese red or rosé. The Chateau Musar second wine (Hochar) is really lovely:

and Château Ksara is a good one too, in my opinion:

But a red from SW France or a nice earthy Dão or Douro Portuguese red would go well too. If you fancy white, something quite citrusy - which goes nicely with aubergines done the Lebanese way- would work well too. Maybe a Sauvignon Blanc…? Or a Greek white?
Hope you have a good meal! I love the cuisine (originally from the Middle East myself)… :grinning:


Yes, I have drunk Musar for many years, but tried the Ksara a coupler of weeks ago and was very impressed. Agree with Inbar’s Portuguese recommendations, the Symington’s Altano is excellent. This weekend will be difficult, am going to Glasgow to see the Scottish Women versus the English Women tonight and tomorrow will be at Murrayfield for the Calcutta Cup. A lot of whisky will be drunk, but, at this stage, have not a clue where I will be eating tonight or tomorrow. On Sunday will be drinking either L’Egerie, a special cuvbee seklection from Chateau Chereau in Lussac

or else Nvajas Crianza from the Society image


I don’t know about where you are, but in this house I believe that it just struck wineo’clock



Thanks @Inbar for all those suggestions for Lebanese food matches. I’m a fan of Musar and Hochar but sadly don’t have any at home at the moment.

The wines I do have that are closest to your suggestions are:

I’ve also got a French sauvignon blanc somewhere, some white rhones, a couple of Bordeaux and a whit rioja.

What do you think? I’m quite tempted by the Pataille rose (and my wife prefers white and pink to red) if that might be a good match?


My favourite manzanilla and a Bandol from TWS.


Wine o’clock here too…

Excellent value Cali Zinfandel that oozes opulent ripe fruit and a nice chocolatey long finish. Stood up well to a chilli con carne!


Had the Hochar over Christmas and really enjoyed it , so another thumbs up over here!


Oh, that’s a lovely selection you got there! :+1::grinning: perhaps think of what you’re likely to eat - if lamb and veggies I would suggest the lovely looking Portuguese. But to be honest, I think a rosé is almost always a safe bet, and this Pataille sounds like it would definitely tick the box, whether you’re going for meat or veg. It’ll probably complement the perfumed/seasoned nature of the cuisine nicely too.
Hope it’s a good meal out! I’m rather envious! :wink:


Marsannay is well known for its excellent Rose. I haven’t tried this particular one but have a few bottles from another producer sitting waiting to be drunk! You’ve inspired me to dig one out for tomorrow evening …:wink: