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Weekend drinking thread 24-26 January 2020


Whilst dinner’s cooking, I’ll kick off with this…

…stone fruit, spice, a nutty / mealy quality and some toasty oak on the nose. Similar sensations on tasting, complex and richly flavoured but with lovely tension and balance. Integrated oak adds depth and grip to the fruit. A long and almost chewy finish to end.

Better cook my fish before I burn the dauphinoise potatoes !

What’s your poison this weekend ?


This lovely straightforward B-V with this quick dish tonight:



Opened this tonight.

Still very youthful. Initial red cherries and then a hint of cola. I think it will be even better in a few years time as secondary flavours will become more apparent. If you like Spatburgunder, you’ll love this.


Tonight, we enjoyed Sea Bass from the Two can Dine for £12 offer at M&S with their Macon Villages unoaked Chardonnay. A good substitute for The Society’s White Burgundy. Waiting for fresh Society supplies to arrive on Monday!


Drinking this with a very uncomplicated plate of mushrooms and puy lentils. Simple food and fairly simple wine; so much lighter in colour than the Chilean PN of a couple of weeks ago. Decent wine but nothing extraordinary.


Whisky tasting tonight. Six Glennfidichs. Interesting rather than sensational although the last two were very good indeed.


In support of these guys. Lost most of their vineyards (Piccadilly at least) in the recent forest fires. On tasting … more than happy to give my support!

(TN: Classic punchy Aussie chardonnay. Lick of lemon. Full mouth feel. Better day 2 - just calmed down a little / acquired some balance to that fruity punch Great with cheese).


Agreed, that’s a beautifully elegant wine. And I must say, in a beautifully elegant glass too.

I’d probably break it at the stem whilst drying though !


Today is day two of this bottle:

Together with the Corte Classico, this is in my opinion one of the best value for money wines from TWS. I still have six bottles of each from 2013 in my cellar, and plan to drink one each year to see how they further develop. For the CS, TWS gives a drinking window until 2022, but on the bottle they actually say until 2025. Shame that I have not seen another CS since the 2013, whereas there is a 2015 of the Corte Classico available:

TWS does have the 2008 CS (£13.95) and the 2007 cuvee (£22). Both are also great value in my opinion. I am a big fan of Weinert!


Finished the Tannats last night, still wowed by the fragrance of the Madiran.

Oh, then a nightcap:

Dark, sweet, raisiny … sizzling acidity. Tasty, but only a small glass required.


I love this, but find it far too moreish to stop at one glass usually :heart_eyes:


What’s the glass?


This tonight with a pork dish

I can see lots of sediment in the bottle so will need a careful decant. This is a very reliable and affordable claret from the Premiers Cotes de Bordeaux area of Entre Deux Mers territory. Owned by Danes, their website is incomprehensible without google translate.


Its a Zalto Burgundy glass. My wife doesn’t like them - feels they are too light !



A glass of this delightful Manzanilla Pasada En Rama to start tonight. Lots of intense yeastyness and length.

The we are eating sweet, sour and spicy crispy cauliflower with jasmine rice (as a nod to Chinese New Year)

Serving this with this bin -ended Nahe Kabinett which I’ve enjoyed previous vintages of:

Finally a nip of good malt to toast Robbie Burns:


My wife refuses to wash them - leaves it to me, so only I’m to blame if it breaks!


We’re finishing off our two tannats from the tasting on Thursday!



Excellent manzanilla.


Aside from my NY resolution to drink more champagne I also have a current goal of trying to drink the bottles which I think are already past, or very close to their ageing limit.

Today I’ve opened a 1996 Penfolds Shiraz, which I was a bit surprised to find. Well, I knew I had it but thought it was from around 2000. This one

I’m very pleased with my temperature controlled, almost underground, garage (temperature controlled by nature that is) as it seems to be doing a great job. After decanting it I’ve been staring at the first glass, trying to decide if it’s fading or not, and I can’t. Maybe it is, but if so it’s very marginal, and to me it still has a lovely dark purple-red colour.

Cherry, plum, liquorice, spice, menthol, chocolate, and more. Still has a nice freshness surprising for its age. Drinking these old wines may not prove too unpleasant at all.


For us this weekend:

With sea bass which was sensational

Nuts, honey, spice, stone fruits

(Left) Saturday / (Right) Sunday will be these with bacon and mushroom risotto / sirloin roast beef respectively