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Weekend drinking thread 23rd-25th Sept 2022

Life with a toddler means the eating (and drinking…) starts early these days.

Friday night is Pizza night chez Barleycorn but I’m posting this with some trepidation as I think I may fall foul of the pizza police with this one (is it less heretical if I call it a topped flatbread?). Inspired by Lee Tiernan and Back Axe Mangal, I cooked a Reuben Pizza (Mozz, Swiss cheese, pastrami, Russian Dressing: Sauerkraut added after it came out of the oven). Accompanied by our go to pizza wine, Baccolo Rosso Veneto, which coped admirably with the task in hand.


We are an hour ahead here so already a bit late getting the weekend started. Local line up

We didn’t appreciate that Crémant de Bordeaux was a thing but here we are sipping a Blancs de Blanc Chardonnay sparkler. Not a stunner but a lovely refreshing mouthful smelling and tasting of ripe apples, maybe apple strudel. Great start to the weekend! Santé á tous.


Man, that looks absolutely lush, serious envy going on here, my mouth’s watering just reading your description!


FRIDAY. I hate Fridays, typically I’m cabbaged by the week’s work yet still imagine I can create a marvellous yet simple end of week supper with a suitable wine.

So tonight what could be more simple: Chicken and chips. Chicken already cooked the night before (will be served cold) - chips from potatoes from the garden (pink-fir-apple) in an air fryer. Foolishly I added Labneh to the mix.

With Chiroubles Beaujolais.

Chicken: Fine. I can cook chicken.

Chips: OH MY GOD these air fryers or whatever PC name they go by now are so complicated! and the end result is leathery chips, not crispy. That machine is heading for landfill fairly soon. Had to resort to the instruction book simply to reset it.

Labneh… should be simple, its been made for thousands of years. I need to work on it.

Chiroubles: Thank goodness I simply need to remove a cork and pour into a glass. VERY dark for a Beaujolais, rich almost too rich - this is heading towards a medium Amerone (without the bitterness) - I think Andrew Jefford wrote a piece in ‘The New France’ about BJL which went in another direction?

Don’t get me wrong, its a very enjoyable wine but no longer a stereotypical Beaujolais.



Needs no introduction here. Mussels tonight. The best bottle of the case so far.


Here it’s the opposite, we eat after they are in bed.
The burgundy is a delightful way into the appellation and needs no intro. Superb value at £15 when released. The steak is not bad either. The salmon will be the Sunday gravlax after curing for 48h


Spot on - a superb wine.

I’ve just started into the 2019 Grands Terroirs… it’s as good, perhaps more mineral & deeper. Sadly my 2017’s are finished - they were absolutely top drawer.

VERY much looking forward to the next E.P.

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Tough week at work, couldn’t decide what to drink this evening so went off to do the weekly shop this evening and came back with a cheap red from Aldi. Not seen this in the store before but then again our local hasn’t had a great variety before. Simple Zin, nothing spectacular but also both nothing wrong with it. Dark fruits, blackberry on the palate, would’ve preferred a little more spice with this one but I’m comparing it to a Brazin. It’s disappearing rather quick so it can’t be that bad or perhaps the week was harder than I thought!!! Happy Friday everyone!


As per @lapin_rouge a Beaujolais Cru here tonight with a slow roasted duck leg, Puy Lentils and roast shallots, smoked garlic and tomatoes…

a Cote de Brouilly ‘Les Sept Vignes’ 2017 from Chateau Thivin. Apologies for the musings that follow, and for some over generalisation, about the styles of Beaujolais one might encounter. Which to my mind, at least, can fall into four categories.

  1. The banana and bubble-gum aromas and flavours often found in carbonic maceration wines.
  2. Supple red fruited wines which, if you’re lucky, can also have a savoury and mineral edge to them too.
  3. More robust black fruited wines which again, if well chosen, will have a similar savoury / mineral quality and, perhaps, greater longevity than those in category two.
  4. A distinctly ‘sauvage’ style of wine usually found in low intervention / low sulphur styles made by, ahem, artisanal producers. Usually with a premium price but which can often be a bit hit or miss quality-wise.

Anyway, enough of my blather, mine tonight is very much in category three above. TWS notes describe it as displaying a concentrated bramble fruit character with good balance and a mineral edge on the (lengthy) finish. All of which I’d agree with, it also has a ripe tannic structure and a supple. slippery, texture that made it all too easy to drink.

Have a good weekend everyone !


I wasn’t sure either but came across a Grès du Trias Viognier in the fridge and thought it deserved to fulfil its destiny sooner rather than later.


Probably too cold straight out of the fridge and had quite a bitter taste initially. As it warms it’s definitely getting rounder and fruitier, though it retains a certain edge. I’m more intrigued by the Nomacorc “cork”. Looks quite corky but clearly isn’t. Seems to provide a very tight fit, but also very easy to extract. On this showing it’s doing a good job.

I’m not yet so convinced about the wine, though I’m not sure yet. Right now I’d rather spend a bit more on Domaine de Montine for instance.


Evening and happy weekend all. Friday is often pie night in this house and tonight was gluten free beef pie with a mountain of veg. This is good but punchy at 14.5%. I think slightly out of balance but still enjoyable.



I started on a 2018 Zind-Humbrecht Riesling Roche Roulée late last night once home from work, and I’m continuing with it this evening.

This is my second of a case of 6, with the first one really enjoyed last summer [2021].

To my mind, this has matured quite a lot since then, and is heavier, sweeter & lusher than I remember it being. This, however, may say as much about - as wife frequently reminds me - my pi$$-poor memory as anything else.

Regardless, it was certainly not a fine match for sushi last night, and rather overwhelmed it. Mea culpa, and a bit of an anti-climax as I’d been looking forward to the combo all day while slogging thru 3 x 3-hour chalkface sessions at work and then a delayed train home. Ho-hum.

This evening however, with a more robust dinner - Korean bibimbap - it showed much better; lots of yellow plum fruit, a spot of honey, a waft of kerosene, a hint of peaches / nectarines; something almost like eucalyptus towards the end. Still quite sweet to my tastes too.

Overall, certainly a very good wine and I’m certainly glad I’ve got 4 more to go. I can’t help thinking that for my tastes, or perhaps simply for what I wanted last night, it’s just a wee bit out-of-balance just now though, perhaps just a bit intense. So the remaining bottles will sit it out for a while yet I think. The WS date is 2030, so a long time to go for this wine yet I feel.


A 2008 Bordeaux tasting coming up in a few weeks time. Some Haut Brion and Angelus lined up. Should be educational!

Back to earth a little bit. Some French supermarket Bordeaux from 2015

A touch more savoury than I would have liked but very well made and a good drop. Good concentration. Black fruits, pencil shavings etc.

Happy weekend all!


A pre-dinner Timeless Classic©️ here, with Palo Cortado and Twiglets. And then I cooked fillets of wild sea bass, with wilted radicchio, clams, a lime beurre blanc, and homemade sourdough poppy seed rolls. We drank Dirler-Cadé Riesling Grand Cru Kitterlé 2014.

On the one hand, there’s still an amazing freshness to the acidity, and lots of ripe lime and grapefruit flavours - starting to become a bit confit. On the other hand, there is some rich aged character coming through - not really petrolic, but a roundness to the minerality without losing the salinity of the finish. Really hitting its sweet spot, but I’ve got a feeling that its sweet spot is going to last a long time. Good thing I’ve still got another bottle from this vintage :slight_smile:

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Looks fantastic :star_struck:, pizza AND wine :wine_glass: :+1::+1:

We have always done this too, we’ve always eat late … I spent time living in other countries and continents where that is the norm and it’s a good fit for us !

My last bottle of 6 tonight , all of which have been really good , Verdict on this … tomorrow :star_struck:!


Have been enjoying this over the last couple of nights.

Unglamorous village wines like this are at the modest end of the Burgundy hierarchy but I generally like them. Somehow they hit a spot for me that similarly-priced Pinot Noirs from elsewhere in Europe or the southern hemisphere don’t reach, however nice they are in their own right. Think it’s the slight ethereal earthiness I love that’s beginning to emerge, even in a cheaper bottle like this.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Opened this last night to accompany Toad-in-the-Hole. (This was our eldest boys request before we take him off to Uni today……)

This is bottle 3 of 6 and it was really good. Bold aromas of blackberries, black cherry, lavender and leather. Tart cherry on the palate with more floral/herbaceous notes. Touch of pepper also on the medium long finish. Tannins now well integrated.
Most definitely re purchase material.


I’d add a 5th: a Beaujolais aspiring to be a Burgundy.


Crémant de Bordeaux is a thing, but the bottle shown isn’t a Crémant de Bordeaux which must be made from Bordeaux varieties. I’m guessing they bought in Chardonnay grapes/juice to make this fizz which is why it has Vin de Mousseux on the label instead of an appellation.


Snap (accept mine was 2919)I opened my 1st of 6 last night.

Really nice and accessible already.

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