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Weekend Drinking Thread [23rd - 25th Nov 2018]


Spending a long weekend with family this weekend, and these are a few bottles likely to feature at some point…

How about you?


Another bottle of

…to wash my spicy pizza down whilst watching the mighty Bath beat The Falcons :crossed_fingers:. Should do the job nicely. Beyond that I’ve yet to decide.

I’ve had the above J-P Moueix BDX on a couple of occasions, I’ll be interested to read you thoughts. :male_detective:


Enjoy whatever you are drinking everyone.


Its been a long but rewarding week.

Work finished, dog walked, Fire lit, cork popped, feet up.


Curry with this for tonight:


One of those wonderful Fridays where it seems a number of things have come together imperiously. @Inbar spiced nuts, this Luberon beauty and a roaring fire - they are wonderfully complementary.
Bring on the evenings movie…




It’s a gift that keeps on giving…
A bit like those spiced nuts… how do you stop eating them once you’ve started? I mean, 0.5kg just seems too much :yum::yum:


2006 Meursault Charmes

No hint of oxidation, indeed if anything only just developing secondary character. 2006 allegedly a lower acidity white burgundy vintage but this must have been picked earlier as it shows very a fresh almost tart character. Clean finish and cries out for rich food, possibly in a creamy sauce.


Quick simple pasta dish with spicy tomato sauce. Nice fruity, simple Rufina. Something smarter tomorrow perhaps?


Just drinking my last one from 2015

Haven’t had one for a while and perhaps I’ve forgotten how good it is. It seems to have retained all its virtues at same the time as mellowing and softening a bit. Always love it and this one perhaps a little more. An element of auto-schadenfreude?


Hope the wine delivered :wink:


Third night open, with steak and blue cheese. Lovely spicy mature grenache and mourvedre notes, with a chocolate finish. Closer to priorat than CNDP. Years left on the clock.


Evening all…

Now this is very swish. A gloriously boozy glassful of fruit pie, to be poured directly into the mouth at any self-respecting bacchanalia.



Had this Dirler-Cadé 2014 riesling with grilled Dover Sole. TWS have sold it in the past, but seemingly not available at the moment - we bought it cellar door, and for my money it’s one of the best value rieslings around. Dry, great citrus fruit, and backed with minerality from the terroir - there are declassified Grand Cru grapes in the blend, and it shows. Well worth trying if you get the chance.


The wine delivered, Bath didn’t.:cry:
Tonight I’ll be continuing my budget bottle exploration with…


Interested to hear your thoughts about the Chilean merlot. I had it for the first time a couple of weeks ago after recommendations on here (I know @tom’s an advocate) and thought it was great, ripe fruit but loved the touch of green/herbal note keeping it fresh. Dangerously drinkable for its abv though!


What were your thoughts on this? I have it in my Christmas basket currently.


A good dinner celebrating a friend’s Birthday in Norwich last night. A first visit to Benedicts and we thought the quality for the price was very good

Nice to see plenty of English wine. Nyetimber to start and an interesting local sparkling rose to finish (I didn’t realise they made wine this far north - very acidic but matched desert well). Other highlights were a nice Croatian Malvasia and a clean crisp Fleurie

Celebrations continue in Cambridge tonight after a visit to the butchers for some ingredients


Benedicts, missed you by 24 hrs ! although local this was the first visit, for Norwich it is very decent and not a bad wine list, not a city exactly overflowing with good restaurants.