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Weekend Drinking Thread (23-25th Aug 2019)


Thought I’d kick this off. We are eating some spicy Indian snacks with salad and a bottle of this, steely Ruwer. Only a tiny bit of residual sugar, has the “electricity” of the best Ruwer(and Saar) Kabinetts. was a bargain! :


Homemade pesto with pasta tonight with a glass of this

Actually the 2016 vintage. Lovely wine and match to the pesto. Almost soothed our troubled souls after watching the cricket horror show low lights.


Thank you for posting this, I didn’t really know what feinherb meant until I read your post!


A nice trip to the showroom today to pick up some reserves. Broke up a long journey!

Trying another community recommendation this evening which has a wonderful mushroom and earthy nose. I’ll be interested how the palate develops but enjoying it so far


I have yet to taste a bad wine from Kooyong! I just wish TWS stocked their beurrot Pinot Gris! For me tonight, we’ve made it to the south eastern part of the Loire, but have yet to hit any wine shops here so it’s a supermarket Pinot Gris … perfectly fine :wink:


Based on a relatively small sample, me neither! Got a few of it’s bigger brothers waiting for the right time as well

Enjoy the Loire. I’m jealous!!


Tonight after a unsuccessful tennis match(@NeilS I’m blaming you and your club) I’m home and supping a Prophets Rock home vineyard 2013 Pinot noir. It’s a big burnt cherry mouthful which is very good, although not perhaps for Pinot purists. Definitely a rebuy.


Last one of these:

I was originally going to save it for a comparison with a 2016, maybe a year or two from now, but sod it.

Very inviting on the nose - blackberry without the black pepper, a little floral and with a lovely sweetness. Some gentle grip still there, nice balance, very moreish.

Might not be able to keep that case of 2016s in reserves for much longer…


Relaxing with a glass of this after a long evening’s drive…


It must be the French white wine made from the most grape varieties (EIGHT - 38% Petit Manseng, 7% Albariño, 6% Verdejo, 12% Grenache Blanc, 20% Grenache Gris, 7% Marsanne, 7% Roussanne, 3% Maccabeu) that I’ve ever tasted.

Very good, fresh, but with some weight too… A very interesting mix and definitely unique. Great value too at just over a tenner.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!


You have reminded me that I still have one or two of these somewhere and by golly, it is delicious! Now, where did I put that particular bottle…?


Ah, yes. Sorry. We do have a bit of depth and I know it must annoy other clubs that we win every single thing, every blooming year. But I would ask for just a small amount of sympathy for us journeymen makeweights when I tell you that Club Awards Night is one of the longest and dullest evenings ever devised. My eyes growing heavy, watching others pick up awards, I remind myself that if I’d contributed to our haul of booty we’d be there even longer.

Glad you had a consolation prize waiting for you at home.


@Herbster I also have a case os the 2016 waiting patiently in the cellar which I haven’t broached yet. Would be interested in your thoughts if your willpower cracks!?


I feel your pain.

I wouldn’t mind so much but Steve your coach played, that’s a bit unsportsmanlike in my book in league 2 mixed. Apparently he wasn’t being paid as he was wearing a different shirt. Oh well :pensive: We’re not very good this year.


Ouch. That’s a bit low. Maybe this is why no one likes us. I’ll have a word…


And another one here. I expect I’ll be starting on mine (I had them delivered a few weeks back) in the next little while as it is supposedly ready to drink now until '26.


I think this wine is great. I had ordered 6, and we have drunk some bottles of these, also with guests. Everybody was impressed! I then ordered another 12…


Had these Friday night.

The Provence rosé was brought around by the out-laws and enjoyed with some snacks in the sunshine. So pale it was almost white. Not bad though and perfect for the setting.
Then we went on to the Rustenberg which I know has a few admirers on here. Lovely with a bit of age now.
Finally, we had tuna steaks for dinner in a ginger glaze and I thought the ETO should get its first use however we drank it all :astonished: so not quite what it was intended for. Beautiful Bojo all the same.


Summer’s back! Home made tapas with this…

Roses and lemons. Good dry aromatic white, a little bit of spice. Good summer wine.


Yes we are working our way through a 12 pack too! A really nice, flavoursome but dry white.


Stored in ideal conditions this wine would probably outlive me. Unfortunately it isn’t so I decided to bite the bullet and broach the bottle…

…not the best pic, it’s a 2011 Rangen Clos St-Urbain Pinot Gris. A few numbers give an indication to its style, 48 year old vines, 15.5% ABV (eek), yield=25 hl/ha, indice 1 with 5g/l residual sugar. Lustrous colour typical of the wines form Z-H. Powerful aromatics typical of the vineyard and its volcanic soil. Smoky mineral notes to the fore, musky spices, a truffle-y note, ghee and soft ripe pear aromas add further interest and depth.

The overriding impression on tasting apart from its massive, yet balanced, flavour are the smoky, slightly hot ( due to its ABV ? ), mineral notes derived from the volcanic soil. It’s very much a ‘vin de terroir’. Flavours are similar to the notes on the nose, its thick concentrated texture is thankfully cut and balanced by powerful acidity which also leaves a cleansing saline freshness on the finish. Incredible breadth, depth and length of flavour. A special wine and more than a bit of a treat.

Regarding the Rangen, it must be one of the most distinctive terroirs in the world of wine and the wines produced from it some of the easiest to recognise, Riesling and Pinot Gris especially. Someone smarter than me once described it as the ‘Le Montrachet of Alsace’ but I’ll have to take their word for that !