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Weekend Drinking Thread 23 - 25 October 2020

What a treat! Legendary wine


We had this with a sort of veggie paella with sea bream and king prawns.
I admit that there were a few occasions when I was underwhelmed by some of the TWS wines and I wonder if it’s just me, a bad bottle or I style I don’t appreciate.
This Greek is none of it! Less than £9 a bottle this is great sipping wine. Fruity and very rounded palate. Recommended


I’m drinking this beautiful Cali chardonnay from Santa Barbara. Chanin 2015 Sanford and Benedict.

This is much more Burgundian than Napa in style. Really lovely and getting better with age.


A strange melancholy feeling made us break our usual dry Friday habit, and so we opened an Alsace Pinot Gris from Aldi, made by the Cooperative in Hunawihr:


This accompanied Katsu curry, and for £7.99 was surprisingly good, with varietal notes of pear, peach, spice (cinnamon?) citrus blossom and mellow honey. Despite being rather quaffable, the other half suggested that really these were two wines - one medium sweet, rounded, with ripe stone fruit and honey, and one quite sour, with rather sharp acidity and citrus pith on the finish. The two haven’t quite been introduced to each other, so there was a slight disharmony going on… But maybe this is asking for too much. It was enjoyable and a fantastic match to the Katsu all the same.

Finished the evening with a glass of Marsala, and a penultimate Monty and Gardeners’ World… Life’s little pleasures :fallen_leaf: :clinking_glasses:


Last of my two bottles and both were cracking.

To paraphrase Andrew Jefford from the new France (about a very different wine) “the wine slipped down with the gratifying ease of a billiard ball rolling serenely towards its pocket”. It disappeared way too quickly. It would have been great to have had more than two bottles, however I’m more than satisfied to enjoy the moment.


While you lot were all on Instabook salivating over the next Bin series, I kept this train going by cruising through a heterogeneous but happy-together batch last night, including;

  1. calvados vsop pays d’auge L DuPont
  2. Somerset 10 year old cider brandy
  3. mas de daumas Gassac rouge 2009 and 2010
  4. domaine de lá condamine l’eveque x2 cotes de thongue

Barely alive on a rainy Saturday morning in Somerset as I type this.


Opened a bottle of this intriguing white last night…

Amazing aroma that you smell from across the room of pineapple and tropical fruit. Leads you to believe that the palate is going to be something sweet and tropical, but is actually quite different. A palate of rhubarb compote and pink grapefruit with some proper acidity.

The bag of pick’n’mix in front of a Star Wars movie with the kids probably wasn’t the classic food pairing :rofl:


as long as it wasn’t episodes 1, 2 or 3 then it sounds like a great pairing! :joy:


Some people just have that bit more class than others. :joy: :+1:

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The 09 Gassac Rouge is drinking very nicely at the moment. It really pays to wait a decade for this symphony of a wine to develop. The nose is a thing of beauty and the maturity gained from bottle age has imparted a degree of finesse and suppleness that is very much to my liking. You can easily go through 2 bottle of this with your better half before even noticing. In retrospect, the 2010 is flatter and maybe not worth the wait, but still very good nevertheless.


I trust you’ve watched the ultimate takedown of the prequels:

Far more entertaining than the films themselves.


Love your description of the Gassac. I have a case of the 2014 in reserves. Should I wait until 2024 to withdraw them, would you say? Assume I’m happy to wait.

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If it’s a case of six, then I’d start trying around year 10. Open one bottle every six months or so and it will give you a solid 3 years of pleasure. I have now gone through all my 07s and 08s, and have little left of the 09s. I have some Gassac Blanc 07 left, but I prefer that wine when drunk a lot younger.



I blame @Brocklehurstj @Herbster and @Inbar for this. I was forced to go and buy it after Thursday’s community tasting and the chat about wine maps. Was expecting to have to order it but the local bookshop had one in stock. It was clearly a sign and now I know what I’m doing all afternoon!


It’s a great book. I have the last 4 editions. My advice is: don’t throw them away when you buy a new one.


Heck of a line up…almost hard work…ending with the Calvados i assume…Time for a cleansing ale perhaps?

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Ta v much - that plan could work nicely given the timings on some others in reserves (ie to pull them out as mixed cases).

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Brilliant, not seen this before. Thanks for sharing

He does all three prequels. Amid the brutal humour it can be very insightful. I’ve probably watched them more times than the films themselves now…!

For Friday evening we enjoyed these wines with dinner. The champagne was the aperitif and was as good as previous bottles have been. Our first course of butternut squash spiced with Chinese five spice needed a little sweetness which it got beautifully from the Vouvray which had held its colour and retained its acidity. For mains there was pan-fried salmon fillets on a bed of Puy lentils with a little double cream and some fried pancetta pieces. The Otago pinot noir was a slight disappointment (the 1st bottle of 3) because it was rather more elegant than has been my past experience of pinots from the south of S. Island. Nothing wrong with the wine, it just didn’t quite suit the earthiness of the lentils. Some S. Rhone of no great note went well with the cheeses.