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Weekend Drinking Thread 23 - 25 October 2020

What, it’s 6pm and still no thread?

Just opened this, never knowingly tried the Aglianico grape before. Black cherry and some spice, need to see how it develops over the next couple of hours


Yay. We are starting the half-term weekend with this

Have a great weekend

#007 Now released:


Patiently waiting for this one.


Ooooh, how much longer? Hopefully not tomorrow!

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Been open for about 5 hours now. Will be interesting to see how it is tonight, or whether it’ll need another day.


So… envious…!


Yes, very exciting to see what that one is like.

Nothing as exciting here, but I have been looking forward to it as it is my first try of aligote. I have listened to the excellent IDTT podcast about it, and also watched the TWS YouTube with Sylvain during the work day today (shh - background noise!).

Friday night here is “every man for himself” night. The two teenage boys usually cook up a frozen pizza or two. The other half has a supermarket curry and I get to indulge my love of aubergine (no one else likes it) - tonight it is a stack of fried slices with smoked cheese slices and tomato with some greens and aged balsamic. Five minutes and happy days - goes with the wine well too!


It feels a little ‘After the Lord Mayor’s show’ following an '04 Mascarello, but to free up some space for the incoming Vina Real (I am weak), we opened this…

Fairly easy collateral damage for me - I’m not really a fan of the '08 - but it’s perfectly serviceable. Not sure whether it’ll be a good pairing to go with the Shakshuka that the other half is concocting right now, but we’ll see :smiley:


First bottle of my case bought EP. Tried this straight out of the wine fridge and to me it was at the perfect temperature.

Nice golden colour
N: melon, floral
T: starts of sweet, honey, buttery, followed by peach, nice dry finish.

Have to say this is probably the best chardonnay I have ever tasted. Just shows that you don’t need to buy expensive wine.

Have a good weekend everyone. :+1:


First bottle from a case of 12 recently withdrawn from reserves. Opaque centre. Deep red rim with violet hints. Fine legs. Young. Medium minus nose. Opens with movement in the glass. Black fruit - black currant, plum. Herbaceous notes. Restrained vanilla and cedar. Full palate. Fresh acidity. Firm but light tannins. Dry. Blackberry and black plum. Earthy. Hints of fig. Vanilla. Pleasant claret needing more time.


Decided it was time to tackle the bottle of VCP Vintage Reserve 1998 I recently found I had. Delicious - rich, creamy, toasty, fruity. The fizz does not last long in the glass so I suppose it’s not at its absolute best, but it’s still pretty darn good. To compensate for the short-lived sparkle I just have to drink rather quickly but this is a hardship I am willing to tolerate. Courage mon brave!

Going nicely with some cheese twists.


Admirable dedication :star_struck:


Some lovely wines tonight so far. Must say autumn is the best season for opening the good stuff !

This here…

…a 2011 syrah from Boekenhoutskloof, and it’s a cracking wine. Dark crimson fading to brick at the rim. Aromatic savoury berry fruits, some prunes, spice, leather and integrated oak on the nose. All of that and more on tasting, fresh, complex, super balance for a wine with 14.5% ABV. Savoury berry fruits once again, black olives, peppery spice, seamless integrated flavours ( some vanilla when first opened has now disappeared ) with ripe tannins providing grip on a long and beautifully fresh savoury finish. If the intention was to make a South African take on Hermitage then mission accomplished.

Food-wise it was paired with a large lump of steak and triple cooked chips, it was a beautiful match…

…er, for which I earlier spend two and a half hours at the leisure centre burning a calorie hole to partially accommodate.

Have a great weekend everyone !


Looks totally worth it. Wine sounds amazing as well

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We opened this on Wednesday night with ribeye, chips and bearnaise. Still going wonderfully well tonight.

Pintia is generally a wine of some power (as many from Toro are) which seems to get more sophisticated as it ages. 2012 is perhaps a little more nimble than other vintages - 2010 is a real bruiser, for example - but shows well for it.

Less overtly sweet than Numantia, I find.

Pintia back vintages are hard to find and the EP price is creeping up, sadly.


I have a couple of 07’s bought quite a few years ago and still haven’t broached. The more reviews I read on CT, the more I’m scared to open one!

Is it really as big as everyone says?

Thanks, the reward was more than worth the effort !

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Is this a reply to me?

If so… yes!

To be honest, I don’t think age is going to do all that much to the overall heft of this wine so maybe time to get into one?

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Yes… and thank you! I have a terrible, sinking feeling that I’m going to hate having paid £40(ish?) a bottle for them :smiley:

See my edit above. If you hate it I would certainly be up for a negotiation on rehoming the remainders.