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Weekend Drinking thread [22nd June 2018]



What are everyone’s drinking plans this weekend??Or plans in general?? The weather up north is pretty good right now, but I don’t tend to hold my breath :sweat_smile:
I’m off to a party in a park on Saturday, complete with two livewires under 5 so that should be fun, however tonight I have a friend popping over so I have a bottle of this in the fridge

What’s in your fridge or decanter for over the weekend??


Loved that Saumur Rose last week. Good stuff.
I fell over on the Long Mynd yesterday and damaged my drinking elbow…still the other one is working.
Compensation was opening Majestic’s Porto 6 Vinho Verde. 9.5%, and quite spritzy .
Weekend yet to be decided. Saturday is a no wine day as at a BBQ for grandson No 1’s 7th birthday and have to drive home. Just had a delivery…including the pair for the July tasting…so might try
Les Vignes Retrouvees from Saint Mont. (can’t get the link to work!!)


Got it this time.


The Saumur Rose is one of the few styles we didn’t try during our recent trip. Sure that’ll be lovely in the garden later!

We have some wine loving friends visiting so had a whip round and have pushed the boat out a bit. We have a 3 course meal (and aperitif) planned to go with these:

Firing up the Big Green Egg again to smoke some salmon which will go with cream cheese, dill and pea shoots. Mains will be sous-vide duck finished on the egg (seared tuna for one pescaterian) with crunchy salad, asian dressing and noodles, all finished with sesame oil just off its smoking point. Blatant cheat of shop bought chocolate fondants for dessert

I’ve written a slightly nerdy wine quiz so each bottle will be presented blind and more revealed about it as the evening progresses

I’m a little concerned that the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are on the young side (especially the Chardonnay) so both will be decanted well ahead of serving

Looking forward to this!!


I don’t think you need to be particularly worried about the Pinot. 2013 California PNs I had in the last year (admittedly only 3 types) have been drinking very nicely.


Love nerdy quizzes!


This weekend some Chave Mon Coeur 2013 and Beaucastel Coudoulet 2014,
A curry tonight, so a drop of Stella, yes I can do Philistine!! lol


I am looking for suggestions this weekend! I have a date with a young laydee person and I’m taking her to a cool thai cafe and it’s a BYOB place (yes!!!)

What red would you pair with Thai? - I don’t reeeeeeeally want to open this (from TWS, no longer stocked) as it’s not ready. I don’t have any other drinking whites in. This will be remedied on Monday/Payday next week :slight_smile:


I am looking to try these two over the weekend…

Though contemplating keeping the Hofstatter for a few more years and opening maybe another bottle of the Vina Sanzo Verdejo…


That’s good to hear, I’d hoped it would be ready. Fingers crossed!!

The Chardonnay is meant to be kept and is from a vintage “good for long term ageing” so we’ see how that goes…


Being that is just such a lovely day, this was the best reason to have to stay in… ever…
A mix of EP, VCP and basket delivery :crazy_face:
WRT Vinsobres 420, I’ve just put some Magnums of the 2014 into the cellar, so I’m going to wait and hear how @szaki1974 finds the 2015.


But do let the Pinot air for 1-2 hours, the ones I had always shined well into the dinner


I like the neck labels…


I was a Cub Scout… “Be Prepared”…


Well this depends how subtle you want to be. Maybe start off with this

And if she doesn’t get the hint then crack open one of these?!

Or as a serious suggestion, I’ve heard a lightly chilled Beaujolais can go well with spicy food


Ooooo I’m so glad you said that i was thinking some sort of pinot/gamay. I have a couple of nz types so i shall crack one of them open. Cheers @NickP!


This might help:


I would have thought that drinking the Vinsobres '15 might be infanticide!
I really look forward to hearing how it performs.
Sometimes wine can be terrific in its youth and then go into hibernation, to re-emerge who knows when.
I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.
I did buy the Jaume Vinsobres 14 and the 14, 15 & 16 Perrin Vinsobres EP, so do have a little skin in the game.


Luckily I have 11 more halves in storage, so can sacrifice one for the greater good…


We’ve had a quick conflab in the office, and @martin_brown, @Paul_Trelford and yours truly are on our way …