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Weekend drinking thread [22nd-24th March 2019]


Here we are again, another week down, weather is getting somewhat warmer if not windier.

What’s everyone’s plans for the weekend? A busy one here but at some point I would like to try this tannat rosé from Uruguay :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ve ever had a tannat rosé before.


I am planning on using my new Eto for the first time this weekend. It will have to be a decent bottle to celebrate so I think I am going to go for a bottle of San Vicente Rioja I think. A personal favourite.


Oooh, how long did it take for yours to arrive?? I’m still waiting.


Birthday weekend here so have taken today off work to chill out before the “big” day tomorrow. Off for a run in a minute to earn the right for a nice big dinner

Sous vide roe deer shoulder with mushrooms, red wine sauce and trimmings. Not sure if the wine will be too big (opened one last year and it was pretty chunky) but it’s one I’m keen to give another go. 14 years post vintage and a good decant should be enough!


This weekend kicks off with a snap mini tasting for a 2 new ws members with south america as the theme… They’ve been so impressed with tws, especially the recent rhone tasting!

For the SA tasting, The 2015 vintage of this…


Then tomorrow braised beef with the 2005 version of this…

  • polishing off a couple of lidl wine tour bottles with the family


Let me know how the Tannat is, I had one delivered yesterday :wink:


I ordered a silver and a copper one from Indiegogo Feb 2018. They arrived last Thursday, I was away for the weekend at Twickenham and couldn’t stomach a drink until now. I already love them just from cleaning them!


Just bought a bottle of the new vintage of the Amon Ra, so will be curious how the 2005 is… then only 11 years to wait :slight_smile:

Sous vide… I WANT


Just popped the cork on this for tonight


I’ve got Tannat on the brain too, @Leah - as planning to make a cassoulet tomorrow. I got a 2014 Madiran in the wine fridge, which I bought over 2 years ago whilst visiting my sister-in-law in Brussels, so think it will be just the ticket. But the die is not cast just yet… :thinking:


We’re going to The Church Street Tavern tonight, and here is there desert island red wine list, there’s a main list too https://churchstreettavern.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/A5-DR-Wine-List-2019.pdf,
but what would you pick from the DIL…

620 2006 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva, Cantina di Montalcino, Tuscany 70
621 2010 Brunello di Montalcino, San Polo, Tuscany 52
628 2001 Serpico Irpina Aglianico, Feudi di San Gregorio, Campania 70
652 2013 Barolo Margheria, Massolino, Piemonte 80
654 2013 Cepparello, Isole e Olena, Tuscany 74
655 2011 Roda I Reserva, Rioja 50
635 2010 Hayes Boy Grenache, Clos Clare, Clare Valley 40
654 2012 Our Fathers Shiraz, Thistledown, Barossa Valley 54
642 2011 Morey St Denis, Domaine Des Lambrays 55
643 2011 Marsannay, Méo-Camuzet 45
644 2009 Volnay 1er Cru Les Fremiets, Comte Armand 72
645 2010 Vosne Les Chaumes, Domaine Francois Lamarche 75
647 2011 Chambolle Musigny Cras, Michel et Paul Rion 58
655 2005 Langoa-Barton, Saint Julien 80

Really looking forward to it.


You’re not short of good options here, but I’d find it very hard to look past that 2010 Brunello. :drooling_face:


I also have a bottle of Amon-Ra (2010) so would be keen to hear your views @NickP
Also, biding my time and wondering:
a) when to open
b) what to drink it with
From all reports it’s a big’un but I’ve never tried.
I’ve also got the 2010 Anaperenna. Not sure if I should broach that first because it’s half the cost? Or after because it’s got Cabernet in the blend? Decisions decisions hey!
Sous vide going on the Xmas Wishlist!


I’ll had it, its lovely and a local independent sells it for more than this!!!

in fact we drunk it with the couple we’re going with and thought we’d had it all. Bet we end up with it.

Still interested in any other views.


Opened this last night

Delicious, an easy drinker with complexity that’s stunning value at the price.

Going to finish it tonight with a pizza.


It does seem really well priced for a 2010 in a restaurant, so much so that I’m tempted to move to Colchester.

The Rioja and Chambolle would be my alternates I think. Also very kindly priced!


That really is an excellent list, and very keenly priced!

Depending on food, would probably steer towards Burgundy and either the 2011 Chambolle Les Cras or the 2009 Volnay Les Chaumes


It’d be the Chambolle for me

@szaki @winechief - I had 2 of the 2005. Opened one last year and it was great but I held this one for another year to see if it has mellowed further. It’s a huge wine

I also have some 06 and was torn about which to open tonight. CellarTracker reviews suggest the 05 is more ready now

From what I’ve read, 10 years or more are recommended for Amon Ra. We’ve only otherwise tried his Wallace, which is excellent for the price and obviously ready much younger. Would love to get hold of some Annaperenna

The sous vide was a Christmas gift last year. I love it but you need a bit of time to play with it

The venison is being finished over coals tonight. Can’t wait!


First bottle of this this weekend, was curious how / if it rewards ageing. First sip very promising…


Looking forward to tucking into my beaulieu case when I get home!