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Weekend Drinking Thread [22 dec]



Arguably this could be called a Christmas drinking thread, as this weekend culminates in Christmas Eve. What will you be opening to warm up to Christmas? We have started the holidays early so the last week and a half was already spent in the holiday spirit in Hungary. No TWS wines in sight, but plenty of Hungarian discoveries to compensate.

First society purchase

HA! Yes, I assumed there might be a few posts with Chistmas celebration wines so didn’t think about a pre-planning thread, but if anyone has some non/pre Christmas ideas, please do share.


I’m on a sobreity spell between mid December catch-ups and the big day. Christmas Eve I believe will be mostly snowballs and mulled cider, then onto the Society’s Samur Brut Christmas morning…


Liking the idea of a snowball…
I’m creating a pork, prune, walnut and Stilton casserole with a spiced apple and red cabbage accompaniment for Christmas Eve.

Variety and contrasts to go with it.


Wrapping done, and a Cotes du Rhone to celebrate!


Continuing from last week, we have “tasted” some more Hungarian wines, still sticking to the Szekszard region…

Tabu is a Cabernet Sauvignon that does not normally make it to retail, because some top restaurants in Budapest just snap up whole vintages. You can still buy it at the cellar if you spend enough on other wines. Accordingly the label is not EU compliant and the back label with the vintage is missing… It has ‘15 written on the bottle with a gold marker, it just about starts drinking now. Very restrained on opening but beautiful ripe Cabernet Sauvignon after 4 hours double decanted.

Patina is the top Cabernet Franc of the same producer, the 2013 is great now, very nice and true to variety without the greenness of cooler climate examples.

The Cserszegi Fuszeres is from Tringa, a family friend. The grape sometimes appears on TWS, is a cross of certain aromatic varieties related also to Gewürztraminer. 2015 is still nice and spicy with enough acidity, but would not wait much longer to drink up.

The last bottle is a very curious one I chanced upon when visiting the Schieber cellar the other day. The label says Dornfelder Beaujolais Noveau (sic), no vintage indicated, also specifies Szekszárd as a DOC though… The vintage is I am guessing 2017, and my guess is that it is a single varietal Dornfelder made (quite obviously on tasting) in the Beaujolais Nouveau style. It is actually rather good considering the £5 paid.

I should have created a separate topic with more of these to come…


With some afternoon treats we are opening up this (now on a lower price! Very good for an Auslese, this is at the higher residual sugar end of Auslese as far as I remember from the last bottle)

Later with some fish we are going for this. Love classic Loire Sauvignon, not had this particular wine before:


Starting Christmas celebrations at my sister and brother in law’s, with two marvellous and agreed wines

The sparkling was definitely agreed with interesting oxidation and more than a hint of volatile acidity to add honeyed, nutty complexity (see the colour)

Then this marvellous, perfectly aged beauty


Merry Christmas!


For the main event we shared this, good Burgundy with a few years left in it!:

Earlier we opened presents with this

and with Xmas pud we drank some 6 Puttonyos Tokaji from Lidl (£19.99 bargain!)


Oops, posted my Christmas drinking on the Christmas Wines thread. But im enjoying the vicarious pleasure of reading about all your wines. I think we’ve all given it a really good go and should be proud of our achievements in making space for new wines in our racks!


A little belated in posting, but these were ours for the main event:

All double decanted and an absolute treat.