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Weekend Drinking Thread: 22-25 May .. Bank Holiday!

Last night, we enjoyed some chicken in a red wine sauce with rather a pleasant Beaujolais Villages 2018 from Lidl.

Surprisingly nice with strawberry notes. Rather pleasant and very good value.

Also enjoyed a little digestif of Cunard Queen Elizabeth Gin with cardamon seed and lemon grass botanicals. :yum:


Ooh, I’m keen to try it out too now, @MarkC !

When we were in Cambados last summer, the lady doing the tasting in Palacio de Fefiñanes told us that it was very uncommon to ferment Albariño in oak. However, the wine we ended up buying from them was the oak fermented one - there was a real depth of flavour to it, but the oak was very restrained:

The one from Lidl is also from Cambados… Might have to taste them head to head! :grinning:


Yes I’ve had mixed results on Bordeaux at this price point, I have found a couple of cheaper Bordeaux that I rate but, inevitably, they lack the structure and complexity normally associated with the region, but are, at least, smooth and easy drinking. So far my best successes have been:

The Monconseil was £8.50 when I last bought it.


Had a bottle of 2014 Reserve de Barton last night. Very ordinary, acidity masked fruit, wine lacked any depth and was rather one dimensional wine.

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That’s sad, I’ve usually had great success with Bordeaux second wines :frowning:

Friday 22 May

with plaice, boiled pots, peas and mixed salad
2019 Tiki Ridge Reserve Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand, Marlborough)
bought from Waitrose.

Saturday 23 May
with Waitrose southern fried chicken goujons, boiled potatoes and home made spicy baked beans
2013 Beyerskloof Pinotage Diesel (South Africa, Stellenbosch)
Bought from winery

Sunday 24 May
N.V. Lanson Champagne Brut Black Label (France, Champagne)
Disgorged Mar 2016 (Bought from Sainsburys)

with roast lamb, roast parsnip and potatoes, steamed cauliflower, carrots, & broccoli, home made mint sauce and gravy
2012 Château Tour St Bonnet (France,Médoc)
Bought en premieur from TWS.

Bank Holiday Monday 25 May *

with penne, cherry tomato & basil sauce with crispy grilled aubergine slices and mixed salad.
2018 Casa Vinicola The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Abruzzio)
bought from TWS.

I have no idea what is ‘reserve’ about Tiki Ridge, being it’s an invented name on a UK bottled bulk-shipped wine on which producing winery presumably didn’t want their own name.

The Beyerskloof is the winery’s top and most expensive wine and it was superb, and while drinking delightfully now, would have aged many more years.

I like to keep sparkling wine, especially Champagne. I bought this Lanson in 2016 and it was disgorged in March 2016, so it’s had four year in bottle and should be perfect now. Lanson is my favourite among the big house Champagnes, probably because they didn’t put their wine through malo, but they do a proportion now I have heard.

*The Bank Holiday will make no difference to us retired two in lockdown, nor to our youngest son and his partner whose essential jobs means they work shifts thoughout weekends and holidays. Our eldest has been working at home since mid-March so it may mean he doesn’t have to log on, but his partner was furloughed at the same time.

Hope those who have heeded Boris’s call to return to work enjoy the day off commuting and those who are working from home stop bashing their keyboards on their work site and instead do it on this Community.


I should add to this comment that it was a lot smoother last night a day after opening.

Thank you for your kind words Mike! I shall choose something else tonight with the roast Sunday Chicken. Not sure what it will be.

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We should have been in St Emilion this weekend to start a week’s tasting tour and short break but for obvious reasons, that idea was scuppered, so the best we could do was to try this (another early broach of the difficult but decent 2014 vintage) instead.


To save me writing it again. The first bottle was the first from my recent fine wine lockdown/bin end case

The second was from an Insatiably Curious Mixed Dozen. I picked up in January.

Fitted the description here for the first glass, but by the second it’d lost all the freshness and gained a soapiness that left it tasting like mid-90s Body Shop smell.

All in all a night of OK wine that delivered so much less than its early promise!


How is the Liberator Sangiovese blend??

A great Châteauneuf sadly no longer stocked by the Society. Evolved deliciously over 24hrs.


Always a pain to be on the receiving end disappointing wine. Had the same experience with the 2015 which TWS gratefully accepted back for a credit.

I did buy Ch Reynon in the 2015 EP offer and this has been much more satisfying. A little plummy, but well balanced fruit medium length and easy early drinker from the vintage.


Your understanding is quite correct.

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And an early look at an en primeur purchase, lots of potential.


Just with simple roast chicken today. 2004 Savennières-Roche Aux Moines Chateau De Chamboureau Cuvee d’Avant. Some people say that German wines have complicated, long and sometimes indecipherable names! Well anyway, pale golden colour, not much bouquet, very dry. Would probably have had a bit more fruit 5 to 10 years ago.


Thanks and sympathy to @Alchemist for the review of the dreadful wine. Not that it’s any consolation but you did the impossible in provoking belly laughs from me within 30 minutes of getting up . I hope you have better luck today !

Thanks also to @Inbar and @MarkC for the notes and the heads up on the Lidl wines. I’ve just returned with a bottle of the wine mentioned + a Monterrei Godello and an Alto Adige GV which I’m looking forward to trying over the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, I thought I’d give this a go yesterday with a lamb shank braised in a rose harissa and tomato sauce, salad and some mildly spiced couscous…

…a 2015 Earth and Sky from Thymiopoulos. Opened at lunchtime to see if it needed decanting. Unless you enjoy bright acidity with a decidedly malic twang it most certainly did. Four hours later it had mellowed into something more to my taste. Complex nose, red fruits, wood smoke, herbs and a vinegary balsamic note. Similar impressions on tasting, tart red berries, redcurrant, thyme and bay and a touch of spice structured by high acidity and discreet tannins. Despite its distinctive character I was rather ambivalent to its qualities. I can see why others like these wines so much but I found it a bit of a struggle. That said, the last glass was very much better than the first and I probably should have decanted it earlier.


Have decided that tonight we will stick with 2014 but leave Bordeaux behind and go up to Burgundy for one of the wines from my favourite grower.


SUCH a great wine!!!

Last nights fresh and zippy Nerello from Sicily , pretty uncomplicated, quite tangy but easy enough drinking . Not the best example I’ve had but pleasant all the same :star_struck:.


You had me at bright acidity with a decidedly malic twang! :grinning:

It’s a wine right up my street (See also the 2005 vintage across Rioja, or Nebbiolo from high altitude sites etc).