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Weekend Drinking Thread: 22-25 May .. Bank Holiday!

A return to one of my favourite Argentine whites this evening - the El Esteco Old Vines Torrontes. Enjoying it with picados (cheeses, hams and salami. Made in the north west province of Salta, which is where the better wines of this grape still come from. Some of the vines are 70 years old.

My notes were: Pale lemon, green. Aromatic nose - medium plus intensity. Rose petals and spice. Musk. Dry palate with hint of sweetness. Rich but with fresh acidity. Honey. Lychee. Apricot. Touch of banana. Long finish. Continues to be a great example of Argentine Torrontes.


Robert, the food and wine looks delicious as ever.
I hope you are on commission from the wine board in Alsace! :joy:

Do you mind me asking which wine glasses are those? They appear very sleek and elegant.

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Thanks! Now there’s an idea :thinking:

The glasses are Lehmann Grand Sommelier 29. It’s quite a common style in restaurants in Alsace - inspired by the classic shape of the region, but much better at capturing aromas.


I bought a new electric smoker at the end of last year’s summer season when our third hand old one gave up the ghost and blew all the fuses in the house :scream: Only it’s second outing today (first last year was a bit rubbish as I followed the instructions and incinerated my trout). Pleased with the result. To be consumed with a Languedoc Vermentino from La Combe St Paul.


This happens when the device used to take the photo has embedded the orientation into the image EXIF metadata. Then devices that take note of this data will re-orient to the way it was taken and devices that don’t will leave it as it is (generally landscape by default). The only sure way to be certain is to remove the EXIF data and then see how it displays. I’m guessing (and this is typical) that the app used to view it on the computer will re-orient it to portrait but the website displaying software doesn’t.


10 points to @MikeFranklin for his specialist knowledge!

I feel like, while channel hopping, I’ve stumbled upon an old episode of Star Trek TNG where every solution to a problem ends with the line, “Try re-routing power through the main deflector dish!” :nerd_face:


I was a little disappointed by this last night:

I tried it at a TWS tasting a couple of years ago and though it had promise but it is now at the end of its “TWS” drinking window and is still rather unbalanced; the tannins are not particularly well integrated and are still rather over dominant. It didn’t have much of a decant so I’ll see what happens after 24 hours in the eto!


That piece of fish looks estupendo

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Very simple lunch today, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and this.

It’s full of sun and sand between your toes, slightly acidic, a light and subtle fizz, light citrus finish and very drinkable. Will get some more and await the sardines.


Thanks! That’s because I haven’t hacked it to death yet in attempt to serve it up. Unlike @robertd my presentation skills are a little wanting to say the least. Apparently my very late maternal grandmother used to say you eat with your eyes first. In which case she’d starve at our house :flushed:


And if you took too much, “Your eyes are bigger than your belly!”


A mixture of pizzas tonight; fishy and meaty.


Continuing the Sicilian theme tonight with some bbq ribeye. Ten year old Nero d’Avola, waiting patiently.


A 2018 Domain ‘Alzipratu Corsican red blend from Corse Calvi this evening:

On TWS website it cites Sangiovese (aka Niellucciu in Corsica) as the grape, but having looked at the Domaine’s website, it is actually a blend of Niellucciu, Sciacarellu (which apparently means ‘crunchy’ – a grape that thrives on granite soils), Grenache and Syrah.

I tasted this at my French wine scholar a few months ago, and was really taken with it. Glad it’s as good as I remember it, if not better. This is the sort of red me and the other half love, one that is fruity (red fruit in this instance), but that ultimately has a savoury edge.

It is a very pale ruby in the glass, and the nose has notes of cherry pie, wild berries, dried herbs, dusty gravel and mocha. On the palate, the initial attack is fruity and smooth (red berries, cherry) but then savoury, more herbaceous notes creep in, as well as a touch of black pepper. Tannins are grainy but smooth, acidity is medium + and the finish lingers, with notes of bakewell tart, spice and dried herbs.

It has definitely got the capacity to age - there’s good structure and enough acidity to keep it going for a few more years, so I’m tempted to get a couple more to see how it would taste with a bit more age to it. Fantastic value for money, if you like this sort of red! :+1: :star_struck:



I too was disappointed with this. See my review in 2019.

I struggle with Bordeaux at this price point. I maybe have 1 success for every 3 or 4 failures.

My palette seems to appreciate a higher price point for this region but my wallet doesn’t!


The Gulfi Nerobaronj is gorgeous. Flavours of ripe figs and plums dried in the Sicilian sun, dipped in molten dark chocolate, before a whiff of Arabian spice drifts across the warm evening breeze. Blissful.


With the main event shortly( Rib Eye roast).


We had an order tonight from a high-end Valencia restaurant and were looking forward to their rabbit paella. Cue a great wine. We bought this in Tenerife last November (remember travel). 70% Listán Negro, 30% Tintilla.
2014 Pale garnet in colour to a very pale, almost watery rim. But still nice fruit, blackberries then loads of blackcurrant. Smokey, peppery, tons of violets and rosemary. It was perfect with char-grilled polpo and smokey paella.


Thanks for the TN.
I have the 2008 and 2012 awaiting my attention.
The 1976 RD was not singing until around 1989.
My thinking is around 5 years to wait.
I have some well cellared Bolly NV and a box of Roederer 2012 to keep me occupied in the meantime! :open_mouth:
Bolly NV when made with a base of 2018, should be a wonder to behold!! :+1: :+1: :wink:


Can’t work out which is making me salivate more - the wine or the steaks :yum: