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Weekend Drinking Thread: 22-25 May .. Bank Holiday!

That is an awesome tasting note :yum:


To celebrate finding a bottle of the 2000 vintage of this that I thought was long gone I decided to drink this 2002

It’s quite a high acid style of Burgundy and would not appeal to those expecting ripe fruity characters - it does have some fruit but it’s of a cranberry/wild strawberry nature and plays second fiddle to that acidity. It’s the sort of wine that cries out for food (duck tonight) that’s likely to only really strut it’s stuff when accompanying rather than as a solo artist.


Catching up on yesterday’s TWS Zoom call with Michael Brajkovich of Kumeu River.

Have been a fan since my first Coddington chardonnay a few year back (an excellent 2010) and preparing for the Estate releases by TWS due start of next month.

Rude not to have had a glass to hand. Would have struggled to do that with the live call at 10am!


Clearly dan- thingy wins this thread. Sadly I only have a culturally misappropriated Thai ish laab sorta supper. With an excellent S.A. pinot noir. No regrets. Please note the pineapple plant struggling to survive in the background.


This seems to happen to me when I reduce the image quality when attaching the image. Original size always the right orientation.


Bollinger LGA 2012

Excited about opening this one so decided to try it in 2 different glass styles :slight_smile:

I was perhaps naively expecting to see something different in the glass…rather timid in colour almost sad and asking for forgiveness.

On the nose, fairly typical LGA Bollinger style and def pinot dominant. Immediately its apparent I’ve opened this way way too early, years too early in fact. Citrus and apricots, quite focused with a lasting refreshing finish. Really needs ageing in the bottle, I wont be opening another one for at least a couple of years. Natural cork, 7 years on lees, disgorged May 2019.


Liking this tonight:

Raisin, potpourris, plenty of acidity.


Staying with Sicily tonight (despite souvlaki on the bbq). 2013 Etna Rosso. Beautiful dried strawberries and red currants with a lick of acidity, some gentle spice and wildflowers. Nebbiolo like fragrance. Further proof that these wines really can age beautifully.


No photos outside here, as it’s blowing a hooley and temperature struggled to get to 13c at best…at least it stayed dry, unlike a few miles north of here.

Anyway, we had this with a pork, beansprout and noodle stir fry.

Excellent. Lychee with a hint of mango. Quite intense yellow colour, but pretty dry for a Gewurz. Went really well with the food. It is rich and intense as it says, and pretty long finish. A great one with many Chinese dishes I would imagine, and others.


Just opened a bottle of this with what the WS calls gourmet burgers… fruity blackcurrant nose, good tannins, the finish is a wee bit harsh…perhaps I whould have left it even longer.


This with some very good Turkish takeaway


Red fruit, tannins, hint of orange, slight bitterness - great food wine, wouldn’t want to leave much longer but a good example of a relatively humble Etna over delivering


A strict midweek drinking ban meant I missed the Oz tasting last night. So this weekend I will be playing catch up.

Been a while since I tasted the 2006 Vat 1. I thought it was all gone but found two more bottles right at the back of a Eurocave. I think this will be the oldest Oz Semillon I’ve tried.

According to Peter Gago’s notes on the Penfolds website the 2001 Bin 707 is right at the end of its peak drinking window. Another wine I’d all but forgotten about. Smells amazing in the decanter…


Cantonese food tonight - steamed bream with ginger and spring onion, salt and pepper squid, and what Mrs Robertd has taught me is siu tong choi and not pak choi.

The wine was Zen - an Alsace field blend biodynamically produced by Jean-Paul Schmitt from the granite slopes of the Rittersberg. When we bought it they weren’t letting on the varieties (it’s all about the terroir :wink: ). Dry, a noticeably floral nose making me think there must be muscat, acidity suggesting some riesling, and a definite twist of the gewurztraminer pepper mill to finish. Made for food, and a good start to the long weekend (and I’m taking next week off work :slight_smile: ). Happy Weekend!


That is 100% my kind of food and wine combo, and it looks delicious.


Never tried the Gulfi white. They are of course a Nero d’Avola specialist, in fact probably the NdA terroir experts!

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Agreed, true masters of their terroir and I absolutely love the Nerobleo and the Nerobaronj. This is small yield 100 percent carricante, which has kept super acidity whilst developing salty, nutty notes.

There was evidence of winemaking in these parts well before 750 BC, and even artistic depictions of female winemakers dating from that time- so perhaps a nice synergy with the preeminent winemakers and dynasties of Sicily today.


Yep, me too. Maybe just pipped by Feudo Montoni as my favourite NdA producer. Pity the good stuff isn’t easily available over here.

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A return to one of my favourite Argentine whites this evening - the El Esteco Old Vines Torrontes. Enjoying it with picados (cheeses, hams and salami. Made in the north west province of Salta, which is where the better wines of this grape still come from. Some of the vines are 70 years old.

My notes were: Pale lemon, green. Aromatic nose - medium plus intensity. Rose petals and spice. Musk. Dry palate with hint of sweetness. Rich but with fresh acidity. Honey. Lychee. Apricot. Touch of banana. Long finish. Continues to be a great example of Argentine Torrontes.


Robert, the food and wine looks delicious as ever.
I hope you are on commission from the wine board in Alsace! :joy:

Do you mind me asking which wine glasses are those? They appear very sleek and elegant.

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Thanks! Now there’s an idea :thinking:

The glasses are Lehmann Grand Sommelier 29. It’s quite a common style in restaurants in Alsace - inspired by the classic shape of the region, but much better at capturing aromas.