Weekend drinking thread [22-24 November 2019]

Hooray, Friday night!

Been a beast of a week for me but just got home and immediately cracked open a big red to compensate.


Big and bold, black fruit and tapenade, probably needs some red meat :cut_of_meat:

What are you having?


Well done Tom. I have an image of lots of members waiting for someone else to open this topic, but perhaps not.

I’ve just opened my first 2015 bottle of this


and very good it is too. It’s fairly dark coloured for a PN; probably still a little cool but rich earthy, farmyardy, meaty aromas (though haven’t eaten meat for 40+ years so may be wrong). Initial sweetness in the mouth with dark cherry and raspberry flavours, with a gradually evolving gentle tannic dryness. Very rounded and smooth. Only a few sips down and looking forward to a glass or two more.


Big reds clearly the order of the day

Ripe dark fruit and chocolate notes, loads of grip and just sufficient acidity to liven it up. The alcohol is not subtle but on a wet cold evening the warmth is welcome. Just a hint of dark chocolates on the finish.


M&S Clearance Chablis with baked Cod in breadcrumbs, chips and peas (fresh, not mushy!)

Very tasty it is as well. £11 well spent :+1:


Like @winechief we too are not going for big reds, but a bone dry white. Pan-fried bream with courgettes, tomatoes and radicchio, and a basil and garlic purée, and drinking Léon Beyer Rare Riesling 2008.

It’s got lots of evolved aromas, flavours and complexity, but still manages to taste remarkably fresh. Well structured from the vintage, from vines on the Eichberg GC before Beyer started to use GC labelling. Extraordinarily long, too. Really very satisfying.



This with veggie shepherd’s pie. Good high end CDR from Jean-Louis Chave.
Bright but maturing fruit; sloes, blackcurrants, leather, tobacco and spice. Drinking really nicely now, but think it would have a few years if you are lucky enough to have a few bottles.


It’s been a tough week, an unexpected bereavement and still chasing my car insurance people :see_no_evil:. Just waiting for Mr. Leah to come back with child no.1 from swim club so have opened these two …


The following bargain from Tesco went superbly well with venison steaks served with a mustard cream sauce and green beans. Part of the offer of buy 6 get 25% off.



Bought this from TWS recently

I’m not keen on it - starts off well with gooseberry and gunflint but then quickly turned quite sharp. I used to drink a lot of Pouilly Fume but I found most were quite sharp and struggled to find a balanced wine. The search goes on …


Sorry to hear that you’ve had a hard week. Hope you have a better weekend.

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Perhaps it needs some bottle age?

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Blimey, @leah, you really do need to find a way to break your run of bad luck.



For medicinal purposes, ahem.

Lovely toffeeish sweetness on the nose.


Had one last year, wasn’t ready, kept one back…maybe now?

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Finished the Pataille Marsannay from last weekend with another partridge :smile: tonight, would be rude not to when they are such a good price right now…daughter and wife had this

I sneaked a glass…I think @laura that the description is actually their Marsanne, not the Viognier, which is all white peach, flowers but dryish and really very good… but I think for drinking young.


Working through the remains of a case of 2014 white burgundy. This is good but either slightly lacking in acidity or maybe just past its peak.


Couldn’t resist the Champagne offer! Plus 6 other treats, definitely last purchase (apart from presents!)
|MX19297|The Christmas Champagne Case|£169.00|
|JU1271|Cotes du Jura Savagnin Domaine Chevassu Fassenet 2013|£19.00
|FC29451|Madiran Domaine Pichard 2009|£16.00
|GE12201|Wachenheimer Riesling R Burklin Wolf 2015|£16.50
|LO15081|Vouvray Demi Sec Domaine de Pouvray 2000|£24.00
|WY861|Glenfarclas Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky 15 year old 46%|£49.00
|PW7161|Granja Amareleja Moreto Pe Franco Alentejo 2015|£18.00


Not a whisky drinker myself, but somebody gave me a bottle of this a while ago and it seems somehow to have vanished completely! I believe it was rather good.

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It’s going down a treat! I think this bottle was slightly hidden at the back of the drinks cabinet, otherwise it would surely have disappeared sooner…!


Oh, I love discovering Narnia at the back of the drinks cabinet…! :+1: