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Weekend Drinking Thread [22-24 Jan 21]

Early entry here as things will get busy later on. We are having a FaceTime wine tasting with some friends. We’ve all been to Waitrose and bought:

Chapel Down Flint Dry 2019

Leftfield Rose 2019

Primitivo di Manduria Paololeo 2018
Seems to have disappeared from the online store.

Our first non TWS on line tasting and looking forward to ‘meeting’ friends we haven’t seen for ages. We will be eating some nibbles then homemade pesto with pasta to accompany these wines. Happy weekend everyone!


Bit early for us at the moment, but I’m going to take this opportunity to ask the community hive-mind for some advice on tomorrow night’s drinking…

It’s my birthday and I have a large chunk of Galician milk-cow which will be grilled on the BBQ:

I’ve created a shortlist of bottles to go with it, but can’t make up my mind. The choice is:

I bought the Cornas fully intending to have this, but a cellar tracker note mentions Pinot Noir (!) which made me doubt if it’ll be robust enough. Not something I normally worry about with Cornas, but I don’t have much experience to go on.

So, maybe I should stick with the Spanish theme? I haven’t tried the 2001 CVNE yet, and I’m worried the steak might overpower it? In which case the Ardanza might be a better bet.

Finally, the Raspail. There seems to be evidence to support trying one young, and a fatty steak with a bit of char should work well - no danger of this being overwhelmed!

Any help narrowing this down will be gratefully received.


Happy Birthday @MattH ! I would definitely go for the Cornas which has maturity on its side.


Hi Matt. I fear the Gigondas is young. I only have the 2017 and am told it needs to slumber a bit longer. @Taffy-on-Tour may have a better idea than me on this though.

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I’d go for the Gigondas if it’s bbq. It’s drinking nicely at the moment (in its young phase), just decant for a bit first.


Bought from TWS in 2012. Lovely.


I bet this is delicious. Btw, I always find myself slightly distracted by your coffee machine, it looks like a serious bit of kit and makes me feel a bit inferior with my little Dualit.


Thanks, it’s a Quick Mill Verona, made near Milan. Dual boiler, plumbed in. From Bella Barista. Lots of shiny machinery to look at if you ever consider upgrading.

After many years I’ve replaced my Mazzer grinder with a Eureka Atom 65 (out of shot) which is a big improvement, being capable of much finer adjustment and accurate dosing.


A probably past it Hermitage and something cheap and cheerful in reserve for tonight.


Thanks Tom, I think this might be the way to go.

I’m keen to try the 2016 and I have 3 more which I’ll hold onto for a while so it might be the safe bet.


Magical Mosel tonight.


My last bottle was mid November. My very amateur notes say:

Gorgeous. Still young but lots of lovely fruit, a bit floral, sweet red cherry, tea leaf, fennel, lavendar etc. Great stuff.

If that helps at all!

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Pizza wine tonight is this

I get the tapenade tasting notes now. Also some lovely ripe fruit, a touch of smoke and pepper.

Made it through another week.


That’s good to know - I saw Marcel’s video, and I knew a couple of people on here had already cracked one, but wasn’t sure how long ago.

Just a shame there will be no guests which would give me more of an excuse to open more than one bottle.

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It’s your birthday. Have the Ardanza with your starter :wink:


If not the CVNE Rioja now, when? :grinning:

I see a Cellar Tacker tasting note on this wine from a certain @danchaq. May be he could offer some advice?


This is surprisingly good and fresh considering it’s age and lack of (to my knowledge) serious pedigree. I expected it to be dull and past it but actually still lots going on and a pretty fresh - if slightly thin - palate.


One of my favourite producers! Enjoy

This is a good point. I got 3 out for a Christmas that never happened and I do need to start drinking them.

This with some happy British fish tonight