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Weekend drinking thread [22-24 February 2019]



GF is out this afternoon and evening, and my dinner for one shall be accompanied by the second to last bottle of something I bought from Lai******es when I was still with my ex wife (different times!!) It’s a proprietary bottling of a 2005 St EmilIon. Can’t remember the last one I had, would have been 5+ years ago and at the time it still seemed closed. Not sure what tonight will be like, it might be passed it, might be lovely, or might just not be that good a wine?!

My mature dodgy claret will be served along side the below culinary wonder, very British. Again I don’t know quite what to expect, but the steak pie version last year was surprisingly good.


Some lagrein is more serious, and ages well too. I like this graoe!


We all make mistakes ! I once arrived to a wedding late and missed the Champagne! :see_no_evil::rofl:


Would have that pie any day of the week.:yum:


Enjoyed this last night. I don’t know too much about Rioja but it was very quaffable. Very different from my comfort zone of the Rhone! Mrs.B was a big fan compared to my usual delivery and I’ve been instructed to source more Rioja


Friday nights drinking was the remains of a bottle of 2015 Envinate Ribeira Sacra Lousas Vina de Aldea. Really very good and the comparisons to Morgon Cote du Py are bang on. Pure fresh raspberries with a twist of black pepper with a refreshing finish. All too drinkable. The wine was virtually unchanged from Thursday night with a rest in my wine fridge. Tonight its probably a glass of Vadio branco with some mussels then 2001 CVNE Exhibition Rioja Gran Reserva which was coravined last week with some pork. So Iberia all the way!

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At half time in the rugby had to resort to a glass of this with some olives. First time tasting a manzanilla, well impressed. Pity the rugby didn’t improve.


Some Qvevri wine from M&S to go with Sri Lankan garlic curry.


First meal my (second) husband cooked for me when we started seeing each other was a Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie. The people at work burst into laughter when he told them (we worked in the same office at the time), and I thought “geez! hope I’m making the right choice of a man!” :scream:

It’s a story with a happy ending :sweat_smile:


Totally underestimated culinary delight.


Not by me, I absolutely adored them (before I turned to the dark side and went veggie!)


Off topic: why’d you go veggie and do you stick to vegetarian wine? Only out of curiosity, I’m passing no judgement.


No worries, no offence. These days I’m more honest with myself; I went veggie when I was a hippie university student. I kidded myself it was for moral reasons but really it was because, as a wannabe hippie, it was ‘cool’! However it stuck and now over 40 years on I can’t really imagine switching back. I no longer have any pretensions of moral reasons, though if I did switch it would be exclusively free range, and I do occasionally eat fish, but on rare occasions when I have tried eating meat it has always made me very ill (vomiting). Needing to be weaned on to it again or psychosomatic? I have no idea, but happy to continue as I am :grinning::wine_glass:

Just to add that in no way means that I think moral veggies are in any way pretentious, just that I’m pretty certain I was 40 odd years ago :joy:


Oh and my continuing Savoie exploration has moved on to this:

A slightly strange one this. A blend of 3 grapes; the main one is douce noire which in the books I have is described as simply the French Savoie name for dolcetto, but wiki claims dna has proven is unrelated to dolcetto and is native to Savoie. I don’t know! The other two are alternative names for persan and mondeuse which I have mentioned previously.

But after all that, and despite being the most expensive local wine I’ve tried so far, is rather disappointing; sharp cherry on the nose and frankly very acidic. Might end up in cooking :frowning:


Dodgy label too :laughing:


Have 3 or 4 of these so wanted to try it out before leaving it a while.

Lovely soft Syrah. Very slightly funky on the nose, but in a good way. Needs some time but it’s all there now. Lovely and French, one to savour.


I don’t think they have any real meat in them. Just connective tissue. I loved them when I was a student. Hmmmm…

Might be worth stockpiling a few before the end of March. Lean times ahead, and they keep almost as well as a Grand Cru.

Thankfully I have enough French wine to keep me going for years…


I also opened one of these the other day. Not bad at all. Quite robust and heady, and as you say should keep well.


Um yeah the pie is good, as is the claret!! The wine’s in a really good place, with damp cellar on the nose and some tertiary flavours coming through on the palate, intermixed with ripe black fruits. There’s a freshness and persistence to the finish, and it’s all very polished with really fine tannins, almost imperceptible. Actually quite pleased I’ve got one bottle left.


So, to get my brain into gear for the Barolo offer, I opened this as yesterday’s Plan B:

This seemed really rather closed and grumpy yesterday evening, reluctantly giving up some sharp red fruits on the nose and not much else. Meanwhile, it was gum-batteringly tannic. The finish, on the other hand, was full of life and length, and suggested a very good wine fighting to get out. Today, it was better, quite floral and more balanced on the palate, but it still feels like it needs to get its act together to show its best side.

As a Saturday night follow-up, and to compare, I went all out:

Whoa. Compared to the Langhe Nebbiolo, this is a new level of confidence and power. Way too young, but fragrant and intense and full of exciting things like Turkish delight, violets and orange peel, while the oak acts as partner rather than boss. Stunning, even at this early stage.