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Weekend drinking thread [22-24 February 2019]



Unless France is suddenly more than an hour ahead of the uk, it’s 8pm on a Friday and there’s no weekend drinking thread yet. What are you all doing?

I’m enjoying my last of 4 nights at the Disneyland Hotel in Paris. Bloody knackered, I am. However I greatly enjoyed finding this on the wine list at a pretty reasonable (well certainly for Disneyland, where it’s entirely possible to pay €7 for a Coke, and my father in law’s G&T yesterday cost €18) €43.

Not much of the tertiary about it, despite its age, but some subtle hints of mushroom and muck mingling with pretty strawberry flavours. Beautifully balanced, and a pleasure to drink.

Weekend Drinking Thread [22nd-25th February 2019]

Gosh, I’ve never created the Weekend Drinking Thread before. Amazed that I’m the first! Anyway, here goes…

Last day away, and the butcher is selling ENORMOUS entrecötes. What are you going to do? Gratin dauphinois, mushrooms, tomatoes, courgettes, and a nice burgundy, that’s what.
The wine was inherited from my Dad - Louis Latour Aloxe-Corton Les Chaillots 2008 - and has been sitting in the cellar for nearly 5 years. A little bit barnyardy (bret? But only a little), a little bit Pinot-cabbagey, a bit oaky on the nose. Very smooth, medium bodied, red fruit (strawberries, redcurrants), not that tannic, and just the compete package.


Chateau Trignon Sablet 2010 was perfectly decent and nicely balanced, good fruit, some herbs and a nice acidity. Last bottle of a six pack and the best (I recently had a bottle where the fruit tasted rather over-ripe and a bit raisined, although that could have been my impression on the day rather than the wine).

Giacomo Fenocchio Barbera 2016 is rather delicious; bright black cherry fruit and lots of energy from plenty of acidity allows it to carry off its 15% ABV without seeming hot or out of kilter.


Opened the 2014 of this Zinfandel tonight

Just as TWS describe. Big bold blackberry & black cherry fruit, sense of sweetness due to the oak & ripe fruit, but enough acidity to avoid it being too jammy. Pretty long & chocolatey finish. Went very well with our fajitas.


Well nothing quite as grand tonight home off the train and tried this white Graves just arrived today on TWS van. Bought on the 2015 EP offer.

Absolutely delightful and has legs …grilled Trout for dinner perfecto…


Chaotic 3 weeks of a kitchen refit, followed by a couple of days looking after very energetic grandsons. Managed a trip to nearest Waitrose today (25 miles) and was seduced by a label!

Not a bad wine at all, very pleasant and easy drinking.


Brought round by my mother several weeks ago, this…


…helped make a ragu (of sorts) yesterday.

This evening, we tried a glass. On the nose were pink-flavoured Petits Filous, Colgate and a distant hint of Tipp-Ex. On the palate… …well, at this point the other half declared that it was “not worth the alcohol units” and I was happy to go along with this analysis.

There’s still some left for cooking, so all is not lost.

I’ll go and dig out a Plan B wine…


We are finishing the wines from the Thursday online tasting this weekend. The red is not such a good match with filled pasta as it was on Thursday with our sausage casserole. Tomorrow we will finish it with duck breast and blueberry/port sauce and hope for normal service to be resumed. The Riesling awaits our scallop starter on Saturday and our fish dinner on Sunday.


Ahhh, I always look forward to these treasured insights of stuff I wouldn’t go near. Taking one for the team!:crazy_face:


Still in Belgium :belgium: :wink::wink:


I really love your reviews of the wines your mother brings round :rofl::rofl::rofl:!



First of six bought EP, really happy with this. Wholly authentic northern Rhone with lots of bright berry notes, a stemmy and peppery nose and nicely integrated tannins. What is does best though is ‘buvabilité’ straight out of the bottle, it drinks well straight away and opens up nicely, possessing balance and approachability throughout. The kind of N Rhone Syrah that appeals beyond established fans. About £12-13/bottle EP, retails at £26 now.


Last bottle :anguished: of the much-loved Lammerhoek Chenin Blanc 2013, as moreishly saline and fresh as ever. Likely better still tomorrow, I think.


Not strictly rhe weekend end as it was a couple of days ago but I’m only just back in contact after finishing our 6 day ski tour in the Dolomites. At one of the very nice huts we stayed in on route we had a bottle of 2017 Lagrein. My first time drinking this NE Italian grape and I was quite taken by it for a light eady drink. Pepper, spice, pencil shavings and light tannins. Probably best drunk young. I notice TWS has one on the list which I might try sometime.


Couldn’t resist trying one - turned up during the week (my wife says that the man painting our house has seems two TWS delivery vans in the last 2 weeks and also the Eurocave, so he’s starting to wonder if we have a problem…yes I say, too much wine, not enough evenings!). Anyway, back to the wine, deep purple, a tight nose of dark red fruit, a rich palate and glorious fruit. Tannins kept in balance by the ripeness. I think the remaining wines could easily take 5 years to gain some bottle development. Yum.


Jealous, love Belgian beer. Have a friend who stays just over the border and have been to Mouscron lots of times. One night we were even stopped by the police at gunpoint.


I had TWS Lagrein last week Mike and here is my review “Very dark in colour, slight marker pen on the nose, can’t identify other smell, sour cherry, grippy tannins and acidic but not in a bad way. Very enjoyable, thought it was better without the pizza !!. Can recommend”


Aldi had a red wine from Toscana…Lot 8 I think, but it sold out 12 months ago…
it has reappeared under a new label…Toscana IGP 2014. the fiche details are just the same as the Lot 8, but the price is now £4.99…a fine example of value for your lira !!!
Scarlatto is the new name


It’s a favourite in our house. Light, peppery with crunchy red fruit… What’s not to like. The Hofstätter on TWS list is great - definitely give it a go!

If you’re looking for a slighly weightier example, look for a Lagrein/Teroldego blend (TWS used to stock a delicious example, but haven’t seen it for a while).


Following @szaki1974 comments on the Rhone tasting I bought these:-

Had this last night, red fruit, liquorice nose, juicy, drunk over a few hours and the longer it was in the glass the more silky the tannins became, not much spice on the finish. Enjoyable, wonder if it will be better in a few years?

Decanted this for tonight, immediate thought was the very dark purple colour, was tempted to get stuck in.