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Weekend drinking thread ( 21st to 23th May 2021 )

This may need merging if someone beats me to it. Anyway here goes, opened yesterday and on the go now…

…an Uhlbach Gotzenberg Riesling Kabinett 2019 from Wurttemberg producer Aldinger.

Despite drinking hundreds of bottles in this style I usually struggle to nail the aromas and flavours, this is no exception.

Blossom, white currants possibly ( I’ve never eaten one ), blackcurrant leaf, and minerals on the super fresh nose. Young, vibrant, piquant riesling flavour with diamond bright and sharp acidity perfectly offset and balanced by residual sweetness on tasting. Bags of minerality, so much so, it’s making my forehead tingle and glow. Light in body with incredible, and literally gobsmacking, depth of flavour for a 7% ABV wine. If tasted blind I’d have probably guessed it came from a top producer in the Middle Mosel or the Nahe.

No development whatsoever in the last 24 hours so drink now, if you enjoy the explosivity of young riesling in this style, or leave five years plus for it to soften a bit and let some complexity develop.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy drinking !


welcome to the weekend.

Now that your picture’s in the paper being rhythmically admired… etc.

Starting the weekend with a recent delivery - Simonsig’s Cuvee Royale Blanc de Blanc. A very pleasant way to start the weekend.

Medium lemon, gold. Persistent mousse of small, fine bubbles. Medium nose. Yeast, lemon, buttery. Medium plus palate. Quite firm - very dry? Fresh acidity. Burnt toast and lemon. Brioche. Biscuit. Long finish.


Working on this one tonight.


Friday fish night, Salmon, Jersey Royals ( don’t seem to taste the same), :uk:Asparagus with this…

We’re halfway through this case and never disappoints especially on the offer price…crisp, grassy and some subtle weight from the Semillon.



They seem to have lost their buttery yellow colour too ( or at least the ones I bought have ).

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Our daughter is home for the weekend, and one of our sons is arriving tomorrow, so we’re very happy :slightly_smiling_face: This evening, I cooked prawns and scallops with a seafood and ginger broth seasoned with X.O. Sauce, water spinach, mushrooms, and bean thread noodles. We drank Hans Wirsching Iphöfer Kronsberg Silvaner Alte Reben, 2018.

There’s a feeling of a bit of spritz on the palate (bottled with a bit of carbonic acid?), which serves to lift the fresh apples and zest. A little bit of residual sugar, too, but overall it’s a light, mineral and very fine package. We’ve still got the rieslings from last year’s 6 bottle case, but that’s the last of the silvaners, and the scheurebes are gone too. I will certainly be buying the 2019s if and when they become available.

Happy Weekend! Anyone ready for Eurovision?


With a great sense of mourning for the departure of our iconic Nuno Espirito Santo from wim Wolves, I’m wrapped up in a bottle of this tonight - Lysa Verdelho 2019. I say wrapped up, because that’s what this wine does to a person - envelops the soul in a delicious fruity-minerally viscous dense haze of orange blossom, orange fruit, orange skin and orange pith. Or it might be tangerine. Perhaps very ripe yuzu. Either way, it is a gorgeous, deep & layered wine, that much is for sure, with plenty of minerality and acidity to keep things clean. Not a grape I’ve had before, but on this evidence, I shall certainly be on the lookout for more of this. Very very nice indeed, and probably one that would get even more interesting with a bit of additional age behind it. Likely to be one of my wines of the year I imagine.


A lovely start to the weekend here with my first trip to a restaurant in 6 months, if I have a better meal this year I shall consider myself very lucky indeed…


Not half, come on Finland



Stunning looking menu and wines.

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Christened my cheap as chips Ikea decanter this evening. Decided at long last to take on board the advice that certain whites are better decanted. Worked well with this modest offering. Not sure photos of white wine in a decanter ever look that inviting though!

All good with a baked cod and chorizo.


I love a menu with matched wines (or a full tasting menu with a wine flight, and isn’t that a lovely word for it?).


Kir Yianni Ramnista Xinomavro 2016

With all the new Greek wines available I thought I’d open a bottle of this. Very polished and varietally correct Xino. Balsamic and spicy flavours with very decent length. Will try to hold on a while to other bottles, as this is still very young although very drinkable now! Very nice spicy nose sprung out of the bottle even before its time in the decanter.


The Somm there is currently writing some really interesting blog posts about matching wine with vegetables as matches rather than the main protein which are excellent (although for full disclosure, he’s a mate).

I also went to a restaurant. The wine definitely wasn’t the stand out. It was a quite nice (but maybe not £14 a glass) red fruit forward champagne, a very green apples young Alsacian riesling. Given that we were eating raw fish this was all fine, but didn’t blow me away. Flip side to this was prawns bigger than my face and a metric ****tonne of raw fish.


As it happens was drinking the Scheurebe earlier.
Delightful it was too.
Again a subtle tingliness/spritz. Grapefruit & Pineapple dominating.
Bit behind you working through the case here with a Sylvaner, Scheurebe and both Rieslings left.


We are very fortunate that the restaurant kindly accommodated our wines and the sommelier Donald (who is fantastic) agreed the food with the chef to match our wines. We also added a cheese plate and a bottle off the list (a very good Condotti Capanelle 2007 - a lovely mature 100% sangiovese from Tuscany) because we are greedy…


The 2018 vintage of a regular staple in the fridge. I’ve had the 16 and 17.

A Sangiovese blend. This didn’t quite live up to the previous vintages. Nevertheless good value at under £10. Medium ruby, rounded fruit, no noticeable tannins and a medium finish.

Edit picture.

No longer in stock and I will be interested to see if a new vintage arrives on the list or if the buyer feels the variety has lost some lustre.


Good wine, fruit and acidity in balance, plenty of weight and depth, but - no discernible gamay notes.


Did you have to choose twixt the Sassicaia and Lytton Springs ? and if so which did you go for ?