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Weekend Drinking Thread [21st-23rd September]



Just after 12.30pm on Friday and I’m sure we are ALL looking forward to the weekend. I for one am. My 3 year old has started nursery properly this week:

He is more than ready and I am more than happy to offload him for a couple of days a week to the kind ladies and gentlemen at his nursery. (Since turning 3 he has embraced the “terrorist” three’s with vigour :open_mouth:).
I really should be opening Champagne :sweat_smile: but because I’m totally loaded with a cold, will just be enjoying something quite easy drinking for a small glass tonight, I think it will be this :slight_smile:

What are your plans this weekend? Celebrating anything?


The recent TWS Decanter awards success of course!

I’m think of opening:

which will be my first Cote Rotie. I’ve liked other Northern Rhones, St Joseph is possibly my favourite Rhone, so I’m hopeful I’ll like this!


I’m on holiday in Sanlucar de Barrameda so we are drinking manzanilla en rama, from the barrel, at €4.30 a litre. Delicious, mouth filling and long. From the excellent Albariza wine shop in the town centre.


The Adega de Pegões is one of my favourite easy-drinking (but definitely not ‘simple’) white wines! Hope you manage to gauge its delicate fruitiness despite your cold, @leah! Get better soon!

Dry night in the Galinsky-Johnson household, as per usual Fridays, but tomorrow thinking of opening this:

The plan is to make some spaghetti Bolognese with minced venison, so hoping this would be a good match. Though things can change by tomorrow!..

Happy weekend, one and all! :clinking_glasses::grinning:


This is absolutely fabulous. Glorious perfume, sweet fruit, a delight. It’s a good thing it’s sold out or I’d have to buy a case.


Yes I noticed that, I guess I got lucky as I only ordered it 13 days ago! :smiley:


This weekends comestibles are some barramundi steaks, lamb shanks and a steak pie the quality of, I have never, ever encountered anywhere else. BTW if you know of one that is phenomenal then I would be delighted to order one, if they do a UK delivery service.

For the lamb shanks, I thought:


2011 Ulysse Pauillac

The steak pie:



For the Barramundi:


2014 William Fevre Chablis

If anybody has a better suggestion, them please help me out.
Wine styles rather than specific wines.
Have a terrific weekend.


And so begins my favourite thread of the week…

My 4 year old started reception full-time this week - so similar vibes, and I empathise! Last weeks “staggered entry” was trying, but thankfully she’s taken to it like a duck to water.

I just popped out at lunch to buy a couple of bottles for the weekend:

A claret I’ve been fond of for many years:

And something I’ve been planning to try in 2018:

So, will enjoy drinking these whilst browsing the latest offer through the post:

:clinking_glasses: chin chin!


It is our anniversary today, so looking to open this… in the hope that it will also appeal to my wife.

Nyetimber Demi Sec NV

Also to finish the last bottle of this Riesling over the weekend.


Happy Anniversary @szaki1974, hopefully she will like it , enjoy your weekend :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:


We’re also going to be celebrating progress with our 3 year old. This Sunday will mark the first week of successful potty-training for Jenny. She’s done brilliantly! If only that meant the end of nappies, but we’ve got another 2 or years of them ahead of us… We’ve also just booked in for visits with the local primary schools to try and decide where we’d like to send Jenny next September. Scary stuff!

I have one of these open, and the rest of it will probably go with sausage and mash this evening - if there’s any left then it’ll no doubt be finished with leftover bolognese tomorrow night:

I’ve enjoyed an earlier vintage of this, but I wasn’t too impressed last night. Maybe it’ll be better today after a little air.

Roast pork belly on Sunday, I think! I’m never quite sure what to pair with pork - I’ll probably go with one of these two:


I hope that you have a terrific time. :smile:


Happy anniversary!


I think a Sangiovese is a good choice. For me, pork works best with lighter reds, as it’s quite delicate compared with red meats.
You could go all Alsatian and have it with a Pinot Gris (but I would say that, wouldn’t I?) :wink:


Let us know how that goes. I had it about three years ago and while the quality shone through, it was tannic as billly-o and seemed like it really needed more time to settle down. Classy stuff though.

I see it’s back on the list and I’m wondering whether to get a couple more…


This maybe…


Fallen into the trap of apples with pork?
OK so Gloucester Old Spot pigs were kept in orchards and got high on fermented windfalls, but for me the Sangiovese or a Cabernet Franc would be fine.


Ha ha! You would indeed. Sadly I don’t have any Pinot Gris, or anything else Alsatian, at the moment. I did think that would work though - I had pork loin with Weissburgunder last winter and that was a great combo :+1:


How about a nice Riesling from Alsace?



Nothing adventurous tonight, either on the palate or the wallet.