Weekend Drinking Thread [21 to 23 February 2020]

This last night with Tom Kerridge’s monkfish coconut curry

These planned for the rest of the weekend


Will be interested in what you make of the 2009 Angelus. I’ve got the 2012. Not sure if it should be kept a few more years or to try it this year?

Will be interested in what you make of the 2009 Angelus. I’ve got the 2012. Not sure if it should be kept a few more years or to try it this year?

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After a couple of days of restraint we had this with soup and bread for lunch.


Really good Viognier with lower alcohol and a fresher finish than usual. Glad that one of Serol’s wines is on the next Community tasting, as I rate them pretty highly.

Then we are going to have a real treat tonight with Chinese as we are having a quiet weekend thought the boat should be pushed out on the wine front:

Have had a lot of Prum wine over the years and it has never let me down yet!


Another Raveneau Chablis 2008. Made the foolish mistake of admitting how much it costs now to my better half. I really should have learnt by now that the avoided cost argument doesn’t work :yum:


Upped the ante on tonight’s TV dinner. Crab risotto with fennel, peas and leeks (from a recent Waitrose Food mag)…

…with a bottle of Alsace Riesling ‘Brandluft’ 2017 from Boeckel. I’ve posted about the wine before but it was fab with the food, both seemed to elevate each other. More of the same tomorrow.

The purple stuff on top of the dish is dehydrated dulse seaweed which was a present from a friend. I’m not sure if it added anything to the food but it didn’t detract and it did look pretty.

I’ll be cutting out the recipe for future days.


How was it? I’ve got one of these tucked away and always hesitate to open it, given the potential life (improvement?) ahead of it.

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Thanks, I was going to ask the same question too !

Its lovely, but still very youthful. No harm in resisting and holding on as long as you can. I had the 1995 a couple of years ago which was as good as it gets.


An unusually substantial pub lunch today and have just decided to eat a cheese sandwich this evening. To ease it down I’ve opened a Berberana Viña Alarde Gran Reserva 2004. It’s still a bit cool, and not long open, but lovely dark fruit and soft oaky aromas. Quite a dry fruity taste with a long and gently dry tannic finish.
Probably deserves better than last-minute opening and a cheese sandwich! There’s always tomorrow!


The Turkheim coop grand cru 2014 was very good indeed. Golden colour, amazingly decadent nose of tropical fruits and promise of oily richness which it sort of delivered in the mouth. I loved the mouth feel and the flavours and the underlying dryness. Good buy. The German PN is lovely. A perfume of violets and raspberries. In the mouth a light but flavoursome wine that complemented our baked ham beautifully. Definitely a food wine with flavours of raspberries and cranberries. Happy Saturday night everyone!


Opened this tonight to go with salmon. My first and only bottle.

Was very surprised by this - I think it out Burgundies many Burgundies! Starts with oak followed by apple and hint of melon. It reminds me of a very good Saint Veran or Macon. I prefer the Kumeu Hunting Hill, but it is more expensive than the Crystallum.


With a buttery roast chicken. I was worried it might be getting a bit over the hill, but absolutely not. Lovely balance of richness, citrus fruit and subtle, beautifully integrated oak. Just so drinkable. Looking forward to the remaining two.


We ate out this evening, at the Ginger Dog pub in Brighton. Excellent food, which was accompanied by a 2017 Quinta do Vallado Touriga Nacional - an ode to spice, bramble, prunes and violets. Delicious stuff!

With dessert, we had a delectable Petit Guiraud Sauternes, with lovely notes of honey, apricot jam, orange peel and a nice kick of ginger, which matched the ginger cake perfectly!

Happy weekend, all! :wine_glass:


Two bottle supper!


I picked up a few bottles from reserves first thing this morning and straight into one this evening:


I thought it was going to be a little rough around the edges when I initally opened it to accompany a lamb steak, but it’s softened up nicely as the evening has gone on. No rush.


A lot of menthol and raspberry coming through now.

Never had the Crystallum Chardonnay, though love the Pinot, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

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The '09 was drinking very nicely last night. Rich and ripe with those minty cassis notes that I enjoy.
2012 is a superior vintage to 2009 so I would suggest your drink dates would be longer than my 2009.
I guess it depends how many bottles you have?
If you have 6, I would space them out between 2020-2032. If just the 1, I would probably opt for some time between 2024-2027.
Hope that helps.


Thank you. Unfortunately I’ve only got one bottle. So will keep it a year or two. Good to know the 09 was good.
I’ve also got a D’Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz 05 to try. Again don’t thing there is any rush to open that either!!

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