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Weekend drinking thread [21-23 June 2019]



Okay so softer on day two, better integrated and now definitely a very good wine but, I think, still rather young and unruly. The TWS drinking window closing year is 2030 which is probably fair. I’ll buy again but only a moderately mature bottle. Very good but hasn’t blown me away the way I need to invest over ten years of storage, so not EP.


Despite the disappointing lack of sunshine, it’s still warm and muggy enough to suit a Spanish combo of Paella and this 2017 Val do Salnés Albariño:

It’s not the most memorable Albariño we’ve ever had, but it’s nevertheless a well-made example. The nose starts with grapefruit and lemon, and then mellows into peach, white blossom and a honeyed background note. The palate is alive with citrus and stone fruit, with good amount of acidity but very much in balance, and ends on a zingy saline note. We’ll be in Galicia in August, and expecting to drink many more examples of this fantastic grape!

¡Salud! :clinking_glasses:


Update on the Maurer Fodor, just in case it’s of interest - had a third of the bottle left, on day three (day two we were out) it’s delicious, far more interesting than the evening it was opened. Stewed apple, honey, quince, and sorachi ace hop (a very particular hop flavour which I’m not normally a fan of in beer but worked in this wine). Definitely one to give plenty of time/air to, ideally a couple of days worth!


This sweetie with its friend…

A small glass to send off the week. From TWS, was pretty reasonably priced. Does not blow one’s mind, but pretty decent port lookalike.


Hooray! It’s warm enough to get out for a long-ish bike ride, and then finish the day with barbecue and Vacqueyras.

I thoroughly recommend this wine - TWS comments are pretty spot on. Lots of lovely ripe, dark fruit, some herbs and liquorice, nicely structured, and slips down oh-so-easily with the lamb rumps.


The Chenin blanc was quite understated - surprising given where its from.
The PN was fantastic for a sub £20 burgundy. Red cherries, bright and a mild bite to it. I had a Barthod Bourgogne Rouge 2012 from the TWS a while a go and remembered how disappointed I was with it - dull in comparison to this.


Trying another English sparkling wine this evening:

Not tried Seyval Blanc before. Very refreshing indeed.


That’s just up the M1 from me - Almost the Yorkshire border and very much out of the Sussex to Dorset area that most English wine comes from. We’ll all soon be living next to a vineyard at this rate!


If you liked this one, try Breaky bottoms Seyval blanc , it’s good too :+1:


about 130 miles up the M1 for me! I think the vineyard has been there since the 70’s so presumably quite well established.

@Leah I’ll look out for it!


Made a start on my ‘prize’ wine gift.
Quite dry, but full of interest particularly on citrus notes. Elements of pineapple too.
Does not respond to over chilling
Worked well with a chicken BBQ, and a soft cheese.
However have given daughter in law half of the prize as she is more of a white wine person than I am…and she does feed us well when we visit!g


Where was the photo taken?


Belated update on weekend bottles. Away umpiring on Sat, long day in the sun. Away all day Sunday too…

This on Friday night with lamb and mint meatballs.

Superb wine, worth the money. Lovely balance, fruit had a touch of sweetness but also herbal overtones and great tannin counterpoint. Compares very well with Burgundy or Barolo at this price point. Finished it on Sunday with some cheese.

This on Sat night with grilled sole and new potatoes. Finished on Sunday with fish and chips.

It’s a decent wine, but not quite my taste. The Vermentino is a bit too scented for me in it. I preferred another Provence version of this mix I had a few months ago. Good value for money though, and I can see why others like it, but probably not for me again. Not quite bone dry either as is suggested.


The recent fine wine listing of this inspired me to open one of mine last night.

Had with some slowed cooked lamb shoulder.
A better wine than the 2006 Yalumba Octavius Shiraz from the night before. Fresher, more tannin and structure, a longer, more complex finish and continued to evolve and improve with air.


Concluded my recent exploration of South African chenin blancs this weekend with these two examples

Both really good wines but I thought the Raats the preferable and at nearly half the price certainly the better value.

I have been impressed with the quality on show here but starting my little tour the previous week with the Alheit Cartology probably set the bar too high for what followed! Will certainly be looking to buy more Cape chenins in future.

Sticking with the South Africa theme, the weekend also included this

Absolutely loved it and bitterly disappointed to see its all sold out. The 7 years of age here has produced a wonderfully integrated, fully mature wine. Secondary aromas of sandalwood, spices married with gentle blueberry yumminess made this a serious but hugely approachable bottle of wine. I would guess that a glass of this would please both wine geeks and casual drinkers alike. Couldn’t believe this was purchased on a bin end offer too. Wondering if a couple of slightly off reviews has put people off. Sad I only had the one bottle but if you are sitting on any of these then lucky you.


Hi, it was taken in Purmamarca, north of Jujuy in Argentina


Thanks I did wonder… Have travelled and lived all over the Hispanic world, but that’s precisely the corner I haven’t made it to yet. Amazing light!


Yes, absolutely stunning province and well worth a detour although not in summer Dec to Mar, when the temperatures are ridiculous. The intensity of the sun and very clear air is contributing to a developing reputation for Syrah. Some more photos for your interest:


In order:
Colonial church near to the Bolivian border
Mountain of 7 Colours (Sorry about quality!)
Grand Salinas Salt flats

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