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Weekend drinking thread [21-23 June 2019]



The weekend starts with this crowd pleaser that has evolved beautifully in the bottle. Buttered brioche, just great. Good I bought a case after the tasting

What is everyone looking forward to this weekend?


Opening a bottle of the Maurer Fodor orange wine tonight. Curiously the wine society website called it Serbian but the bottle claims Hungary… anyone here tried it?


Let’s just say that geographically the wine is produced within the borders of Serbia from wines grown there, by a family whose first language is Hungarian. The back label is in Hungarian, I am assuming… same as for their Kadarka. Haven’t tried it yet, but has been on my radar…


You’re right, reading more carefully it gives a Serbian address before the Hungarian importer’s address



My wife’s grandparents grew up speaking Hungarian in Romania and I heard an interesting item on R4 not long ago about Hungarian speakers in the Ukraine getting very upset about their language rights.

this map helps I think:


Consequences of being on the wrong side in WWI.


I think Victor Orban would call that fake news


We probably should get back to wine.


Alcohol free couple of weeks so this weekend we will be sampling the delights of Nanny State beer and this bottle that we picked up as part of a Waitrose meal deal a few months ago
image https://s7e5a.scene7.com/is/image/waitrose/CellarProductDetailMainImage/796704_a_leitz-eins-zwei-zero-796704

Happy weekend folks and enjoy the real thing (and I don’t meant Coke if you are old enough to remember that ad)


Starting this tonight:

Already decanted. Partly trying to decide whether to get this one EP. Have a couple of others to try before the closing date as well!


Trying to get the last rays sitting on the garage step before the sun disappears over the wall :rofl:


Hadrian’s? …


@MarkC… Pretty much :rofl:


Happy summer solstice…


Update: Nanny State excellent. Right smell, right taste just not the fullness and body of an alcoholic beer. A good alternative. Eins, zwei, zero on the other hand scored nul points chez nous. It is a Riesling so we had it with a curry as we thought that might go. Well it smelled something like Riesling but didn’t taste anything like it. Last mouthful was just awful, sickly, slimy.


If you ever want to invite us for a picnic, we are in.


This is a pleasant change:

Perfect for a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“If we shadows have offended, think but this, and all is mended,…”


A humble Touraine Sauvignon Blanc for us tonight, as I’m working tomorrow. For £5.50 (or thereabouts) this was an absolute cracker, though! Goosberries, grapefruit, freshly cut grass and nettles, racy acidity and a fresh, lingering aftertaste. Sometimes only a Loire SB would do…


Happy weekend! :clinking_glasses: :sunglasses:


Was out at an English wine tasting at the Avon Valley Railway Heritage Trust. Some decent wines, but none of the absolute superstars of the English wine scene.

Some of the wines we picked out were

Oatley Vineyard Jane’s 2014 Madeline Angevine. Surprised its 5 years old still light fresh and grassy
Oatley Vineyard Leonora’s Kernling 2014 Delicate just off dry quite Riesling like.

Chapel Down Bacchus Sparkling (may find some in Waitrose) Fun aperitif style fizz, better than sparkling Sauvignon Blanc (which is usually awful)

We also enjoyed the Camel Valley Atlantic Dry and Bacchus which are on the W/S website. The Atlantic was a bit bracing for most at the tasting , but I think it comes into its own with fish and chips on the beach!

Finally an honourable mention to Sharpham Vineyards. The off dry Bacchus was delightful, similar to German version of this variety we will try and the New Release 2017 (Madeline Angevine/Bacchus/Pinot Gris) had a nice touch of spritz and freshness.

There were other less successful wines and the tables were staffed by no expert volunteers (I helped confirm that one vintage of a wine was quite badly oxidized (whereas the previous years bottle was fine.)

Shame there was no top class fizz, no decent English Pinot Noir etc , but a fun and inexpensive tasting.


Watching with interest having picked a bottle up last week :slight_smile: