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Weekend Drinking Thread [20th Oct]



Feels wrong to post this at 8:30 in the morning, even for me … but I failed to post this yesterday, so I just must stop thinking about my impending Pilates class and focus on wine for a moment.

Most schools are off for half-term, so maybe you’re a parent with the chance for a well-deserved break. Or maybe you are just happy it isn’t Halloween yet, so you don’t have to drink your claret in the dark to avoid the trick-or-treaters.

If you’ve got a special bottle that you are planning to open, or are heading to somewhere exciting, let us know (and how it was).


I’ve got my eye on a bottle of the Liberator ‘Blood Brothers’ and I think it might have to be investigated in greater detail this weekend.


I’ve got a bottle of this that I’m considering opening this evening:


Just need to work out what we’re having for dinner!


I opened this last night. The combination of the impending half term and hallowean costume demands of a four year old prompted an earlier than usual opening. (Who’s ever heard of a rollerskating Viking?)
Anyway, this has been sat in between the “everyday” drinking bottles for a while with no particular attention given to it until I thought id give it a try last night!
Well WOW,!! I was NOT expecting this wine to taste like it did.
It was rich in a classic white Burgundy way but with no heaviness, high acidity and bone dry with a creamy oaky mouthfeel that made you feel like you should be sat in a chesterfield in front of a large open fire in a stately home . The fruit was there too with a little pear, some peach and with marzipan, honeysuckle and a little bit of spice. It was rounded and balanced and very smooth and I drank it (not all of it :joy:) on its own. The oak is definitely there but not overpowering.
This wine surprised me , it shouldn’t have been neglected and banished to the everyday drinking rack, it is far superior to travel in economy class. There will be more purchased for Christmas and I’m sure Ill be sharing too much of it…:joy:
I am already looking forward to tonight when the kids are in bed to finish it off. I will have survived 2 under 5s parties and bathtime by then, so totally deserve it .:thumbsup:


Let us know how that is drinking @Jonesy … I’ve got some 2011 Pomerol as well that I’ve not broached yet and am curious how it’s getting on …


No wine last night, but did enjoy these Northern Monk beers from the ever increasing offerings from TWS.
Both of these are excellent refreshing beers, very easy to drink despite the ABV levels.
Both TWS descriptions are spot on.


Going to have a crack at a bottle of the Rostaing Les Lezardes VdP 2014 with the US F1GP qualifying, whilst attempting to being attentive to my GF. I like this wine, really good, classy Syrah - silky without being heavy or over-concentrated.
Must admit that I am pleased that the Exhibition Hermitage 2010 has been released to the membership, I for one squirreled away a minor dod into reserves. I would imagine that it may next be the 2015 to be Exhibition(ed!), but I do wonder if a 2009 Exhibition Hermitage was commissioned, time will tell? We have of late had the 2005, 07, 10 released ; so we really have no cause for complaint.
So far reports indicate that Northern Rhone may be a step behind 2015, but still well worth buying. Hopefully Marcel will have some terrific goodies up his shirtsleeve after his tasting/ buying trips up and down the Rhône Valley, and after the brilliant 2015 offer; his bar is set very, very high!?! LoL

The Lezardes 2014 was as good as ever.
Tonight, a bottle of the Society’s Pauillac Ulysse 2012, which always benefits from a couple of hours in the decanter. Roast beef, Yorkies etc with the US F1GP with a side order of the new series of Robot Wars. The makings of perfect Sunday!!


@danchaq we had a change of plan and ended up having a non-descript 2016 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

It wasn’t very good.


Last weekend of my mother’s visit from California and I’m roasting a rare beef fillet and bone marrow with a bordelaise sauce. Calls for something special and I’ve been waiting for the right time to open this



The Volnay was ready… Silky textured but with most of the young fruit left behind and a hint of freshly wet leaves. A nice treat with the beef.

Based on that, I’ve got a couple bottle of a lesser 2009 premier crus somewhere that I might consider opening soon.


I brought some Marcillac over to my parents over the weekend for something a bit different (current vintage is 2015) - it has both wild berry flavours as well as an earthy and really quite smokey finish, there is quite a bit going on.


Some day your Plince will come … #getscoat