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Weekend drinking thread [20th - 22nd November 2020]

Disappointed in the quality of the reflection. You need to have a look at @strawpig’s Instagram account


Just to compound my Luddite credentials, but I wouldn’t actually know how to access an individuals Instagram account :grin:


It is horses for courses. I did not register the struck match thing, which I would have taken as positive anyway. There is an oiliness that appeals, but also fruit, primarily peach, but much more I cannot describe.


Absolutely love this from Olivier Leflaive.

Sadly number 12 of 12, and drinking perfectly right now. Am savouring the moment because the TWS EP allocation fairy hasn’t smiled on me since for this wine, so no more recent vintages stashed away.


Enjoy! :grinning:

Super. Super rare and super exquisite. Lucky chap.

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This is just so smooth, it could be in a Sade album.

With 5 years of age and made with 100% estate chard, I bet it could beat several of the grands Marques on a blind tasting.

A real find at a very attractive price, as pointed out by @japcraw.


At £16.50 a bottle could be an excellent find. :+1:


I’ve opened my first bottle of this 2017 Galinot ‘Silex’, Sancerre, Domaine Gitton.

Dagueneau cited Gitton as his inspiration. When interviewed, Dagueneau said:

“I wanted to make single site, terroir focussed wines like great Burgundy. There was only one person in Sancerre doing this at the time – Monsieur Gitton – so I discussed the philosophy and methods with him and then starting making my own Silex cuvee.”

The Gitton family discovered and pioneered single-site, terroir-focussed Sancerre; they had planted vines on what became the famous ‘Silex’ flint slopes. These sites have since become celebrated thanks to the likes of Francois Cotat and Didier Dagueneau.

It really is an excellent wine. Lots of tropical fruit, perfectly balanced acidity and a full mouthfeel. The weight and complexity will only grow over the years. This is a wine that can age for decades and I’ll try to keep some of it for 10-20 years.


It is!


Finished off the remaining half glass of Wakefield Shiraz, which was giving strong blackberry flavours, with a slightly medicinal tinge.

Then a (whole) bottle of Cauhapé Chant des Vignes

Featuring a grape I’d never knowingly heard of - Camarelet - with a lemony, floral, herbal taste and with a quite rich, almost thick texture. I’d happily believe it was denser than most wines, though it isn’t. Very good with a fish pie and sugar snap peas. All is well in this little corner of south-east England!


After a tricky week we decided that this weekend needs to be a bit less intense. So it’s cava and Beaujolais nouveau for us.

The cava is TWS and lovely with yeast and apple. Really lovely and sad we don’t have another bottle.

The BN is from M&S (Julien Desfetes) and is really upbeat and fun. From the fridge. Bubblegum, rhubarb and custard and strawberry laces on the nose. The palate is the same but with added tree bark. Very pleasant and will go great with pizza. Cheers everyone


Cheers and enjoy!

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Once again, some lovely wine being drunk already tonight.

I cooked John Dory, with roasted fennel, mussels, crispy capers, parsley purée, anchovy beignet and the juice from the mussels finished with butter. We drank Rémy Gresser’s Grand Cru Kastelberg Riesling 2013.

Not quite the only schist terroir in Alsace, but the only Grand Cru, and with its own distinctive character. It’s starting to develop nicely. Fine, mineral, petrol beginning to show itself, an intense acidity, and a cutting edge to the length which is kept in check by just a little sugar, which fills out rather than sweetens the palate.

Very pleased that it’s Friday. Someone in our wine group is organising a distributed tasting of Spanish wine tomorrow, so it should be a good Saturday, too. Happy Weekend!


I buy a case of Olivier Leflaive’s Saint Romain Sous Le Chateau most years from Haynes Hanson and Clark. They are still selling the 2019s.

Saint Romain is situated next to Mersault. I’ve still got a few bottles of the 2014 wine - a delicious buttery wine with a mineral streak. I’d recommend it if you can’t get any Auxey from TWS.


Cheers @Brocklehurstj, this has been annoying me for the 6 months since I’ve been on here, kept thinking I was missing a button somewhere along the top, didn’t realise I just had to hit enter :roll_eyes:


Thanks @Drblues. I’ve been casting about for an alternative and will take a look. Appreciate the recommendation.

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Pinot should be served cool…very few exceptions. I just serve straight from cabinet at 13c.


On my menu tomorrow night…bought a whole one today, filleted it off, made fish stock.


Snap! There’s a lot of bone on a John Dory, and I wouldn’t want to waste it. Stock in the freezer…