Weekend drinking thread [20th - 22nd November 2020]

Wow this is pressure - my first time opening the weekend thread - better not mess it up!

All this talk of Rhone this week made me want to open my one and only Cote Rotie to go with a beef pie tonight.

Just decanted this - still very closed but a hint of raspberries coming through already. Should be delicious later.

What’s everyone else having?


Opened up a bottle of the Bin 006, first glass I wasn’t impressed with. Not much on the nose and didn’t get the fruit on the taste. However, put it in the fridge for 30 mins and it’s much improved. Quite sweet fruit tasting, much better suited to a warm summers day than a dull autumn one.


Some fondue with a glass or two of this…


On offer at Waitrose. Pale and perfumed. A decent Nebbiolo experience at a decent price (£10).


Billi Billi Pinot Gris to kick Friday evening off ( nice classy crisp glass) probably followed by Perrin Gigondas 2015 found in a cupboard with 5 other Perrins ( CNDP, Vacqueyras, Vinsobres, Rasteau and Cairanne) I had bought to compare some time.


With the rest of last night’s fish pie

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Decided to continue the German Riesling theme started last weekend… first bottle of this, will see how it goes.


I opened this by mistake. Quite pretty already, I will edit more note in later.

Edit; There is something about the 2015s which makes me all misty eyed, in Burgundy, Rhone, Bordeaux, and now in Barolo. They seem to share a beguiling ease with themselves. A sense that, though they might not take themselves as seriously as the 2016s, they are certainly as beautiful. Like comparing Italian tailoring with English. And I think the Italian is distinctly more wearable.

This is a new producer to me and if this is typical it is worth trying.


Mdm. Lapin has expressed concern at Chateau Lapin’s wine consumption, so tonight I aim to cut back on the wine. Fortunately an enterprising local pub is now selling 5L of Magic-rock ‘Ringmaster’.

Needs a day or so to ‘fall bright’ , straight from the brewery and not pasteurised etc. Quality control requires a pint or so for tasting purposes and I can confirm it is just right for a Friday evening (and a few more evenings besides).


Abstaining tonight, however Mrs A is drinking this, no idea where I bought it. Apparently it is delicious, blackcurrant, sour cherry, and strawberry. Silky smooth.

Thanks to @inbar’s suggestion, goat curry tomorrow and game roulade Sunday.

Enjoy whatever you are drinking this weekend.


Let us know. I have a bottle tucked away.

Just opened one these, freshly delivered:

Needless to say it’s young, but also lots of perfume, and sweet, harmonious dark fruit.


I think if you press enter after you paste the link to the wine on TWS website, you will end up with a box post, rather than just the link. Saves lazy rascals like me from having to click it and navigate from the page!


Is a lazy rascal one who can’t be bothered to let us know how many bottles remain in stock?

I’ve just polished off the dregs glass of a 2009 Tempier (standard cuvee apparently before they started calling it Classique). Full of blackcurrant juiciness and just beginning to develop a hint of secondary tobacco and spice. Lovely.


Ah thanks. I always wondered how you did that…

:+1::+1::+1: to the advice


My favourite wine label, opened for this weekend. The white… I seem to recall an indifferent review, to me it is just great.


That might have been my review :confused:.

In complete agreement on the labels, there are no better! But I’ve had a few vintages of the white now and haven’t really loved it, I seemed to miss some of the fruity opulence that I would expect from the blend and instead find a lot of struck match reduction that gets in the way of any fun.

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Tonight with my other half’s Bolognese Ragu (50:50 steak and pork, she can’t remember who it’s based on it’s either Nigella or Jamie) we’re having this (all apologies for quality of photo, energy saving bulbs are not conducive to fine-art photography)…

There are times when I think for a moment I needn’t buy anyone’s wines but those made by Valter Fissore, and that a case of Cascina Nuova is a better bet than a couple of bottles of Ravera. And then I drink some Ravera, or some Marcarini (or indeed Jurancon, or Sauternes, or Rioja), and remember that life is far from simple, or cheap :smiley:


Snap! Loving my bottle, smells like blueberry muffin to me. Wishing I had more.


@Andrew20 the WS description is spot on, it’s an absolute joy and drinking beautifully now. That said, I think it’ll will age well. I’ve another bottle so will put it away for a few years.