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Weekend Drinking Thread 20th - 22nd August

First drink of the week and I was looking forward to it.
Trying the Portuguese red blend tonight.
Happy Friday all!!


I have opened this, my final bottle of 6

When it is ON, it is great.
Tonight = no cork or oxidation issues so I’m very happy :grinning:

2019 available currently


Interesting to hear what you make of this - I had a 2019 a few weeks back and was really looking forwards to it; I usually really enjoy Clairette. Although it was okay, I found it just a wee bit too "flabby & “gloopy” for my tastes / its accompanying food. But I may have opened it too young I wonder.


Opened last night for my SIL, who is staying with us. I didn’t have a glass. Only a small taste - my God - I should have read the reviews first, for this and the previous vintage. Not very good at all, regardless of price point. Thin and acidic and just quite poor. I felt quite bad offering it, but SIL didn’t seem to mind. She only had one glass, so we’re having the remainder tonight. I gave it a vigorous decant and now at least it works with food and is inoffensive, if not very characterful. Actually worked fine with the steak piazzaiola made with the best pave rump steak I’ve ever had. Rare of course and as buttery as fillet. Kale and new potatoes from the allotment cooked with garlic and herbs also from the allotment. Goes to show how a great meal can elevate a poor wine!


Sticking with the Rhône, I had a bottle of 2013 Vinsobres Cru des Côtes du Rhônes last week which I enjoyed but felt was just a bit lacking in the middle. Tonight I’ve gone up, or down, in the world with a bottle of 2015 Tesco Finest GSM from McLaren Vale, and made by D’Arenberg.

Initial impression is that they are remarkably similar, with lots of dark fruit aromas. The GSM has a bit of clove and medicinal hints. The CdR had a bit more leather, tar, and chocolate. Both feel very fresh. Back to Tesco and I think it’s rather good. Fruity and fresh, with a long slightly dry tannic finish. In fact a very long finish. But at 14.5% I think it would be a good idea to eat something before drinking much more, so it will soon be accompanying a veggie cheeseburger.



A glass of

On the nose sharp, almost vinegary, then green apples and citrus and brioche. Taste is dry, apples, pears and lemons. Very tasty and hitting the Friday night spot nicely.


We visited Saint Clair in the north of the South Island and loved their restaurant and flight of wines. Spotted this in Sainsbury’s a while ago and slowly working through a case.

Very pale with slight green hue. Intense nose. Floral, gooseberry, freshly cut grass. Herbaceous. Black currant leaf. Medium palate but with intense flavour and acidity. Dry. Lime, gooseberry, green apple. Hint of cream toward finish. Long finish.


Interested to hear your verdict - I’ve got one I bought to try but haven’t got to it yet.

This tonight, actually opened last night.

Last one was a 2014 from a mystery case - which was lovely. This is obviously a little fresher and fruitier, but still thoroughly enjoyable. Best PN <£15 PN I’ve found to date.


The sequence went like this tonight:

  1. Read Toby’s posts on the Burgundy thread.

  2. Become thirsty.

  3. Open a bottle of 2017 Oncle Vincent and decant half.

  4. Cook pasta with sea food, garlic and chilli.

  5. Yum.

Proper white burgundy, this. Bursting with ripe fruit, a bit of richness and sharp enough to balance it. You’d know exactly what this is if you blind tasted it.

As it happens, I bought a case of this on Toby’s recommendation so it seems very appropriate.


Many thanks to the community for this recommendation and apologies for not finding the original author (my search skills weren’t up to the job). Anyway this Portuguese red is fantastic. Ripe red fruit. Great depth and fully integrated. Certainly notice the Syrah


Still in Hungary, really spoilt for choice here. Had a barbecue at my brother’s this afternoon.

Started with a Pinot Noir PetNat from Posta in Szekszárd from our tasting weekend recently. Lot of growlers grow Pinot Noir in the region, but not many make it into a red wine. Most is Rosé and this one a natural sparkling, such a delight. We lost a quarter on opening, but all well otherwise. This is a grower I would advice one to seek out if ever in or around Szekszárd in Hungary.

Second, a Zöld Veltelini (aka Grüner Velteliner) from Mór (of Kamocsay Ezerjó fame). Very easy drinking white, could have more.

We did a little Bijavér comparison to end. Merengo from St. Andrea, whose ‘lesser Bikavérs, Áldás and Hangács have previously been listed by TWS; and the szekszárdi Bikavér from Heimann to compare. Latter has a small percentage of Sagrantino, which you can definitely taste.



I opened a bottle of this last night, and am on it again this evening - Collioure Rosé, Côté Mer, Domaine de la Rectorie 2019.

Loving strong Rosés as I do, and fearing it might disappear etc, I put a case in reserves a few weeks back, and bought a single additional bottle this week to check it out.

This is certainly a proper hardcore Rosé, no doubt about that - intense, rich & powerful; surprising tastes of caramel on the end. Quite “hot” in the taste to me, and I’d say it needs a bit of time yet to settle down yet; for my tastes at any rate. I can certainly see it going well with very strongly-flavoured foods as per the WS blurb. I shall have the rest with some BBQd stuff tomorrow, and see how it goes with a bit of charred spiced-&-unamied flesh.

Not quite sure yet if I like it or not, but it certainly makes an impression; certificate 18+ :~}


We were again given some sorrel from a friend’s garden, so I just had to make a sauce with some of it (the rest is destined for soup this weekend). I cooked some seared scallops, and served them with roasted Baby Gem, new potatoes, samphire, and a seafood and sorrel cream sauce. We drank Bruno Sorg Grand Cru Florimont Riesling, 2016.

This is a wine that always drinks young, and is already showing a lot of petrol and mineral character. The floral notes of its youth are less pronounced, but there’s still citrus there, which has morphed from the lemon and lime of childhood into something rounder, and closer to grapefruit. Really hitting its stride - I think it would have a long way to go, but actually we only have one more of this vintage, and now seems like a very good time to be drinking it.

Happy Weekend!


2nd bottle of this 2015 Brunello (not both tonight!) and it’s drinking really well. Have a good weekend all.


my first ever EP. This is the best bottle so far. I definitely tried the early bottles too young but I guess that is all part of the learning and enjoyment.

Huge change over the years. So closed and disappointing with the initial bottles. Accessed way too early (before this community). Early bottles carried a little cherry cola, fruit, no nose.

Now, the nose is transformed, thick with a developed more complex version of what lay before. The length is huge, fruit vibrant with floral coffee notes


Light, savoury, moreish.


I think this wine deserves to be called ‘Oncle Toby’ :rofl:


Sadly this seems to be my experience of most barberas; it seems to be a grape I just don’t get on with. I have tried many at different price points and they all seem to make much the same impression on me. Just me though I suspect!


I suppose it’s down to individual mores, as I really struggle get on with Dolcetto - I find it cloying and ‘unrefreshing’ from it’s low acidity - whereas Barbers is something that tends to push my buttons more often than not (although I really wasn’t taken with the Ciabot Berton Fisetta that TWS were selling, for precisely the reasons I’m not keen on Dolcetto).

However, a casual glance through the cellar and consumption history more than suggests I favour high acid and/or high tannin wines.