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Weekend Drinking Thread [20 Jan 2018]



Got any great wine drinking plans for this weekend?

If you are still looking for inspiration for your shopping and drinking this year, don’t forget to check out this comprehensive post by Head of Buying, Pierre Mansour - What to Drink in 2018. If you have any questions for Pierre, you can ask him directly in our upcoming AMA.

Something to think about while your wine is decanting maybe? :wink:


I will be opening a bottle of Society white Burgundy tonight - just to see why its the best seller, guessing this will be a fairly simple Chardonnay as its a sub £10 white Burgundy - will report back though.


I’m planning on the same grape, and a little bit more expensive, but a completely different location


I’ll be tucking into some riesling tonight from the exceptional 2015 vintage in Germany. Keeping my alcohol intake low (10%) as I have a big top of the table hockey clash tomorrow morning!


I am going to a Burgundy en primeur tasting tonight. As to actual drinking this might feature along some pan fried sole:


This one recently bought in the unmixed case sale :yum:


We’ve lit a fire and are sipping this. Delicious. All is right with the world.


All mine. Spot on.


Jealous here. Struck down with manflu so weekend tipples are hot lemon & ginger and Berocca!

Happy drinking folks.


I’ve seen that lurking on the list @JulianFox and have been tempted a few times …


Didn’t finish the bottle. It’s stil going strong having had a glass with lunch. I’ll finish it tonight.


Having some old vine Carignan (100%) from LR this evening (now with £2 off I see!):


I had this 2006 Macchiona at Lyle’s restaurant in London last night. It was lovely! It was complex and developed with age. It showed wonderful brighness on the nose with cherry and balsamic notes and elegant and silky texture.


Having run out of budget wines :open_mouth: and not wanting to open something “posh” (week ahead is going to be replete with quality bottles) I made a trip to my local Co-Op and found this £7.95 bottle.

And very nice it is too :+1:. Ripe dark fruit on the right side of “jammy”, soft tannins and a pleasant floral nose. The Co-Op buyers do seem to find some decent wines.
I’ve also endured Tesco today. In one of their large Xtra stores I couldn’t find a single bottle that held any interest, woeful buying of generic and branded plonk.


I’d be interested to know what you think of this. I’ve got an order coming in a couple of weeks and might be tempted to a add a bottle of this.


All the talk of Burgundy put me in mind to open this:

It was fresh, crisp and delicious! It defied any further tasting notes it was so much fun to drink.


I was at the Haisma tasting last week - lovely guy, lovely wines! Which one is it - the St Romain, Santenay or Aligote? (looks like a white)


A very good Caronne St Gemme 2009 recently liberated from reserves. Sometimes I worry that I have too much claret in reserve and sometimes I wonder if I have enough.

Prior to that, a sweet lambrusco from a large supermarket. Quite shocking until you get your eye in and then dangerously moreish.


Hi - yes very nice indeed. I had high hopes as have heard a lot about the producer. Decanted for 2 hours and needed it. By the third glass there were strong flavours of liquorice, plums and dry raisins. It had a lot of body and substance. A fine wine.

Will try the 2013 vintage on TWS I think next month. Would love to get a few to lie down for a bit. Recommended !


This was rather lovely with our Middle Eastern twist on Sunday Roast. Has been a long time since I have drunk Musar and it is a wonderful alternative to left bank Claret.