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Weekend Drinking Thread [20 April 18]


This bottle has been catching my eye for a couple weeks now and I’m thinking maybe it gets opened Friday.

On one hand, a big red can be viewed as a fireside winter drink. However, right now I’m envisioning the sunny Barossa valley and gnarled old Shiraz vines with berries dark and ripe from the heat.

Steak is the obvious choice, but maybe bangers? Or some smoked kielbasa from the polish shop? What do people think? What else could I eat?

Who else has started considering their weekend tipple? How many of them are rosé?


Some family came to visit the other day, spending the afternoon (after a long-haul flight) with my folks but then popping over to ours for the evening. I asked if anyone would like a drink; at the same time, I ran through a quick inventory of the house’s booze in my head and concluded, correctly, that we had pretty much every alcoholic drink known to man except for…

“I’ll have a white wine, please.”

I know, I know - how on earth did we run out of white?? Anyway, I checked the garage just in case, and then snuck off the the dinky little Tesco across the road. Nobody noticed: the perfect crime. Grabbed the least sickly-looking sub-£10 wine they had:


Awful, awful label, but not a bad drop (okay, with low expectations) in a floral/citrus kind of way. Surprisingly flabby though - doesn’t picpoul usually have a bit of zing to it…?

I’ll have to open something better later - guess it’ll have to be anything but white though…


Firstly @danchaq, I love that you’ve started this on THURSDAY and applaud you loudly, making a very smooth transition from yesterdays Wine Wednesday.:rofl:
Also, WOW, that wine looks fantastic. I haven’t really thought about the weekend YET… but Rose may be on the menu.:+1:
Secondly, @Herbster, I feel your pain. Everday drinking wine is running extremely low in this house… its nearly the end of the month… isn’t it?? Must plan an order for around the “payday” :joy:


I quite like the Tesco Picpoul, though it seems the labelling has changed for the worse since the last time I bought some.


The label definitely used to be better! I think it’s just a few days old - sure it was better when I first opened it.


@danchaq that looks glorious. Definitely worthy of a chunky piece of charred meat.

My parents are staying on Saturday so I was thinking of opening this

Has anybody had it? I don’t know if I’d be committing an awful faux pas drinking it before it turns into dusty leather, but it would be the first of my 6 and I’m impatient.


Guilty as charged, I have promoted this rose from not to touch to to be opened.


Did someone say Rosé…???

Ooooops :grimacing:


I’ve had it, and I have vague memories of thinking it wasn’t ready, comparing to the 2001 Rioja Alta. However, I don’t recall when exactly that was, so I feel you should help us all out and try it :grin:


Will give it a bash and let you know. It may well have turned to jam in this heat anyway!


We’ve settled on dinner al fresco with smoky polish sausages, potato salad and cold roasted broccoli. Now unsure of the wine.

The Octavius is still in the running, as well as some other special friends in the rack. This is my only bottle of wine for the week, which might explain the extravagant bent.

What do YOU think I should drink?

  • The Octavius
  • German Riesling Auslese
  • English Sparkling
  • German Rosé

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I have a huge craving for ice cold Lambrusco with my first BBQ of the year tonight.

Maybe I should go see a doctor.


Only if it is someone like Dr. Loosen :wink:


Yes! He’s known to prescribe wine for any ailment! :wink:


It’s young but absolutely stunning - '04 is an outstanding year that’s really only just hitting its stride with the gran reservas. Typically the wines are fuller, denser and more alcoholic than the '01s so keep that in mind. Also, I’d describe CVNE is on the more modern side of traditional so their wines do take longer, as opposed to La Rioja Alta (who make our reserva rioja) who are out and out traditional… As you’ve got more I’d say get it open and see what you think - or perhaps on Sunday after they’ve gone :wink:


Lined up for this weekend are these two…

Roll on 5 o’clock!


The Massif d’Uchaux is very much on my radar at the moment - it’s had glowing reviews on the main site and I’ve seen it mentioned here once or twice as well. Please let us know what you think of it!


I just received a call that the wines from my 2016 Mark Haisma order are being delivered tomorrow. That means these two might just get opened.

Most will go to London City Bond though.


Thanks, that’s really helpful. Will see how we go on Saturday- if it’s scorching hot it may not be quite the right time for it. But if it’s raining on Sunday after they’ve gone…


This weekend is looking like a bit of red (lightly chilled), a bit of white and a gentle fizz…
Tomorrow we’ll be opening a Zweigelt from Kamptal. Planning to cook some wood pigeon breast and Jersey royalls to go with it:

On Sunday we’ll have the Cour Cheverny we postponed a couple of weeks ago due to being unwell:

This should hopefully work nicely with a baked sea bass.
Inbetween, we shall relax in the garden with this light and delicate companion

Hope you’re all enjoying this glorious weather :sun_with_face:
It’s certainly warm and lovely here in Brighton! :grin: