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Weekend drinking thread [20-22 Sept 2019]



Been itching to taste this, came well recommended. Very dark out the bottle, nose vanilla, wood, dark berry, smoky, delicious silky mouthfeel, berry and slight spiciness, tannins still evident ending in a nice dryness which appeals to me. Took a chance by buying 2018 EP and will certainly buy 2017 if I can find it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. :grinning::sunglasses:

What is in your basket [Sept-Oct 2019]

Enchiladas tonight with this full bodied pink.

Strawberries and cranberries with a creamy finish. As a review suggests this would appeal to Tavel lovers. Very good vfm.


I opened this yesterday:

It has enormous shoes to fill and isn’t quite managing it at the moment. The flavour profile is similar to the 2006 but it’s just a bit unbalanced. The alcohol is a bit too noticeable on nose and palate and it’s just not quite as smooth. It’s not bad at all, but not hitting the heights of its predecessor. Maybe it needs longer in bottle or longer in the decanter. But maybe the 2006 was just special. Time will tell.


I’m back in Normandy and back drinking box corbieres from Carrefour and it’s delicious with bread and butter and the sounds of the countryside.

Although by the looks of it my dad’s got some Nyetimber on hand to raise the bar. Enjoying the tail end of Summer!


Back on the toned-down NZ SB from Craggy Range. Lime, nettle, grass aromas and a pleasing soft acidity in the mouth. It’s all quite gentle and restrained with a suprisingly long finish.


A cold bottle of Brooklyn Special Effects provided immediate refreshment after work. Lovely resinous notes providing lots of interest and flavour despite the 0.4% alcohol.

Now that taxi duties are over for the evening a small glass of m&s lustau Oloroso with some Fourme d’Ambert cheese. Great value at £4.


Negroni o’clock here at the end of a very long week at work


First go for me at the Burlotto Barbera d’Alba 2017

It packs a punch! Massive cherry/kirsch nose, this is a spicy mouth-coating fruity monster. 15.5% ABV, but with enough ripe fruit to carry it off. I wouldn’t want to drink it every week, but it’s cracking once in a while. Look forward to seeing if it calms down at all on day 2.

Happy weekend one and all!


Decided to cook Japanese food tonight - teriyaki salmon and tempura prawns. Drinking a wine which I bought off the back of the March press tasting - Thistle & Weed Duwweltjie 2018.

Pears and a light woodiness on the nose. Green apples, quince, grapefruit and a lively acidity to taste, and mild bitterness on the finish. It cut the slight fattiness of the fish nicely. I was impressed at the tasting at how it stood up up after the aged albariños (my 2009 still awaits), and I’m still impressed. It’s on my wish list for my next order.


Drop of this tonight after my daughter’s swim club. Still a bit young with a bitterness on the finish so will keep the other bottle a while longer before diving back in :+1:.


Really love this wine! So much texture.


Starting the weekend with one of my favourite Torrontes from Salta. The El Esteco Old Vines gives an extra dimension to this grape variety.

My notes were: Clear and bright. Pale with green hue. Clean nose. Medium/full intensity. Honey, stone fruits. Hint of asparagus and spice. Clean palate. Dry. High acidity but balanced by fruit. Rich, mouth filling. Spice, honey, pink grapefruit, lychee, apricot. Long finish. Lovely example of a serious Torrontes. Great with goats and sheep’s cheese.


A rare evening out and against my usual rule (the choice of beers was really poor) had a glass of this in a pub:


Surprisingly good - medium bodied, balanced, no obvious oak and a good graphite note as well. Impressive although even one glass has left me with a bit of a sulphite headache this morning.


After a nice tromp up Mount Caburn, near Glynde, we stopped in Symposium in Lewes for a bit of cheese, cured meats and wine. The other half had a 2015 Cabernet/Merlot blend from Plantagenet, and I had a 2016 Pecorino by Ciù Ciù, followed by a 2016 Plantagenet ‘Three Lions’ Pinot Noir, which was surprisingly fragrant and well structured.

This evening we decided to open the fourth bottle from our vertical case of Chateau de Beaulieu. This is the 2008 bottle:

So far, we loved the 2011 and 2010 and were less enamoured with the 2009, which we found quite underwhelming. The 2008 is probably closer in profile to the 2011. It seemed a little reticent at first, but slowly beginning to reveal developed notes of dried berries, tobacco, cedar, incense, black pepper and balsamic notes too. The palate – like the nose – is quite ‘shy’ and restrained, but there is still good amount of acidity, coupled with smooth and slightly grainy tannins. Finish is medium.

This wine is probably at its peak now – despite the lively acidity, I don’t see it developing much more. I would love to see how it matches with our lamb hotpots! I sense the husband is more enthusiastic about it than me, although it is growing on me slowly with every sip. A slow burner, then, like the 2011.

Happy Saturday, all! :grinning: :clinking_glasses:


We are having a night off the cooking and dining at a local restaurant. Nothing fancy and it won’t be a fine wine evening either. Tomorrow will be fish so a nice white beckons. Possibly this


Really enjoying a bottle of Patatsblanc Montegu this weekend, a South African blend of 90% Colombard and 10% Chenin. Day one it was quite Chablis-esque, very clean and mineral, not much fruit. Day two the Chenin much more apparent, with more honey and green gage coming through. Very impressive wine anyway, and a bit of a bargain


Punjabi samosas and daal with a bottle of this:

Lighter than the 15’ and 16’. Delicate light, steely and charming, very slight residual sugar.


$4.99 from Trader Joe’s.
Superb table wine. I tend to drink it in the garden, though.


This with steaks (beef and venison), ratatouille and other veg.

Beautiful. One of the smoothest wines I’ve tasted for a long time. Fruit and acidity in great balance. Tannins not really noticeable, but with a high grenache content that makes sense. Alcohol 14.5% so a lighter CndP :wink:

23C today in SW Scotland. Son playing rugby and I am wondering why the cricket season ended 3 weeks ago!


I’ll be interested to see what you think as i have a bottle waiting in my rack and not sure when to have it.