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Weekend drinking thread [20-22 March 2020]

Leeuwin was fine when we visited a couple of years ago, though I think they make a nominal charge for their icon wines. That happens increasingly elsewhere, but in my experience, if you obviously are interested in their wines and don’t sound as if you are there to neck as much alcohol as possible, that frequently gets waived.

We couldn’t get into Moss Wood though - it was either members of their cellar club, or long pre-booked appointments only. Cullen was great! - and followed by an excellent meal in their restaurant.

Oh yes, Pierro - well worth a visit. Though their chardonnays are rather too heavy for my taste.


I am reminded of a failed visit to Radford Dale (a.k.a. The Winery of Good Hope) in Stellenbosch a few years ago. I particularly wanted to taste TWOGH Pinot Noir being a regular buyer from TWS (and enjoyer) of their Chardonnay. I explained this to the guy who met me when I arrived. He politely told me that they didn’t offer tastings but presented me with a couple of bottles to take away and try. Needless to say, I have continued to buy not only the afore-mentioned Chardonnay but also the more expensive Radford Dale wines from TWS.


You Sir, got to experience the unfuzzy end of my experience.
I am delighted for you.
Over the years, some of my close friends have remarked on the depth of my stubbornness.
If there was a European Championship, I am confident that I would medal!!:+1::grin:


We had a similar experience at Clonakilla. We had visited it when it first started up and the tasting room was basically a garden shed and the owner wore a woolly beanie hat (it was winter and cold!) and was very friendly. The wines were lovely, he had time for us and the tastings generous. Five years ago we revisited to a completely different experience. Posh tasting room, ridiculously high prices for wines that were too young and so tannic as to be undrinkable served in minute portions by a snooty and well dressed employee. Pah, have never forgotten or forgiven.


I wonder how many outfits sell themselves short in this way? They really need to think through the effect of having the wrong person meeting potential customers.

On a cheerier note, we had several really excellent experiences earlier this year when in Australia. One example was when we dropped by Jim Barry (Clare Valley) on a Saturday. The tasting room was fronted by a young chap who explained his day job was as a builder, but he did this on Saturdays as he enjoyed it and their wines so much. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic - that’s what you need.


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